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Update #23

Stay Home achievement in Forza Horizon 4

Stay Home

Purchase the Sunflower Meadows Player House.

Stay Home-110.1
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How to unlock the Stay Home achievement

  • KinectKid333KinectKid333634,478
    18 Jun 2020 15 Jun 2020 23 Jun 2020
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    This achievement is very glitchy. As of right now, it may or may not unlock if you had already purchased the house prior to Update #23. It also won't unlock at all for some people, even if they hadn't purchased the house prior to Update #23. We have notified Playground Games of the issue. They haven't yet commented about it, but in the past they've had a good history of patching broken achievements in Forza Horizon 4.

    Update, June 23: An update was released this morning and people are now reporting that the achievement will unlock if you already owned the house prior to the update. If the achievent isn't immediately unlocking, you might have to set the house as your home or sit in the house for 5-10 minutes before it unlocks, but the achievement seems to be fixed.

    The Sunflower Meadows house is near Ambleside and can be purchased for 200,000 credits. It becomes available to purchase after you qualify for the Autumn festival for the first time and are given The Gables house for free.

    Drive to the location shown in the image below and purchase the house, and the achievement will unlock.

    If you have never driven past the house before and don't have the treasure map enabled, the house won't show up on the map until you arrive. Don't worry, once you get there you will be able to purchase the house.

    Purchasing the house will also unlock Horizon Promo which is required for these two achievements:
    Forza Horizon 4First Promo-tionThe First Promo-tion achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 49 pointsTake your first picture for Horizon Promo.

    Forza Horizon 4Picture PerfectThe Picture Perfect achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 293 pointsTake photos of 200 different cars for Horizon Promo.

    Unfortunately, if you already had the house purchased before Update #23, this achievement might not unlock. I already tweeted at Playground Games about the issue. Right now all we can do is let them know and hope for a patch. Playground Games have been doing a pretty good job at fixing some of the other broken achievements in Forza Horizon 4, so I'd expect they'll fix this one as well. If not, I have an idea of a workaround method that involves deleting your save and playing offline. I'll write it up and post it if we don't get a patch (or notice of a patch) within the next week.

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    AtedeateResolved. For me, I had to set the house as my main house, leave and then re-enter the house and the achievement popped.
    Posted by Atedeate on 23 Jun at 20:27
    The Last FlightIt unlocked for me last night. I did the steps outlined by Dokter V but it didn't pop right after the last step. Went into another room to look up more solutions and when I got back, it was unlocked. It's just random, I couldn't explain it.
    Posted by The Last Flight on 23 Jun at 23:42
    Rocco96It unlocked for me. I didn't need to do anything, my game is set to start in Lego DLC, and it unlocked after a few minutes while I was going thru messages and doing my free wheelspins.
    Posted by Rocco96 on 29 Jun at 07:08
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  • Throni360Throni3601,402,365
    17 Jun 2020 17 Jun 2020 18 Jun 2020
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    Offline workaround if you already bought the house! You also get to keep your save!

    Go offline and delete your save (local only - no other option). Start up the game and go through the tutorial and start of the game until you qualify for the autumn festival and get your first free house. Now you need 200k through races or wheelspins if you get lucky. Buy the house and let the game save.

    Now quit the game, delete your offline save (to avoid it overwriting your cloud save). Go back online, start the game and the achievement will unlock during the synchronisation (or a few minutes later).

    I post this to make the method more visible. This solution will be useless if they patch the game to make the achievement retroactive.
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    Catatonic NaliYup, this also just popped for me. I had owned the house before the title update and tried to get the achievement to pop before now, without any luck.
    Booted the game up this morning and it popped randomly after a few minutes of messing about.
    Posted by Catatonic Nali on 23 Jun at 09:34
    HITOEven though it looks like today's update fixed this, I'm giving a thumbs up for taking the time to test this and share it with the community. Besides, the solution may still be useful as a fallback, if the update doesn't work for whatever reason.

    On a side note, my guess as to why the solution got so many downvotes is the classic "it's not the way you're supposed to unlock this, so you're basically cheating" non-argument, or that it takes more time to unlock it with this method than people wanted, essentially a "shooting the messenger" situation.
    Posted by HITO on 23 Jun at 12:24
    Deep RevenantGuys fortunately I get back all the credits and cars thanks to the Forza Support.
    See ya on the road ;)
    Posted by Deep Revenant on 04 Jul at 15:04
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