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Update 1.16.0: Nether Update

Oooh, shiny! achievement in Minecraft

Oooh, shiny!

Distract a Piglin using gold

Oooh, shiny!-51.7
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How to unlock the Oooh, shiny! achievement

  • TheEnrichTheEnrich200,911
    23 Jun 2020 23 Jun 2020 23 Jun 2020
    18 1 4 New
    1.16 brought bartering into Minecraft. The Piglin’s trade by you throwing a gold ingot at them.

    For this achievement, throw an ingot at them when they are hostile towards you. This will “distract” them and put them into a barter. Wait a few seconds and they will drop their trade, and the achievement will unlock.

    This did not work for me on peaceful.

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    Homunculus FuryThis isn't working for me they just attack and pressing LT does nothing.
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 01 Jul at 00:38
    animalgril987IMPORTANT: It won't work if you use a spawn egg in the Overworld, as piglins turn into zombie pigmen almost immediately.
    Posted by animalgril987 today at 20:43
    Homunculus FuryYes they die within 20 seconds of being in the overworld, but how are you using a spawn egg in survival?
    Posted by Homunculus Fury today at 20:52
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  • ARAFF200ARAFF200558,191
    23 Jun 2020 23 Jun 2020 23 Jun 2020
    6 2 0 New
    Here's a quick video guide on how to get this easy achievement!! Hope this helps!!

  • JeeperCreeperMCJeeperCreeperMC71,970
    23 Jun 2020 23 Jun 2020 23 Jun 2020
    4 0 0 New
    Reccomend doing this on easy mode, so you won't get murdered instantly (also reccomend wearing decent armour) Follow these steps, and you will eventually pop the achievement, took multiple shots to do it for me.

    1. Find a (preferably lone) Piglin. These guys spawn in Crimson Forests, Wastelands or the Blue equivalent of the Crimson Forest (forget the exact name).

    2. Make sure you are NOT wearing any gold armour you usually would, or alternatively wear gold until you find a Piglin all on his lonesome.

    3. Remove your golden piece of armour, have a gold ingot in your hand, I reccomend more than one)

    4. Take a run at the Piglin, he will notice you, and he'll go after you.

    5. When he charges, barter with him by flicking the right trigger when it gives the opportunity.

    6. Move away from the piglin while he's distracted, and prepare for the resumed attack.

    7. Hopefully, the achievement should pop when he chucks out his product in trade for the ingot.

    8. If not, rinse and repeat until it does unlock, you don't need a new piglin each time, so keep trying with that guy.
  • CrazyCatManCrazyCatMan315,828
    23 Jun 2020 23 Jun 2020 23 Jun 2020
    5 2 5 New
    If you do not have any gold armor on you, piglins will try and attack you. While they are attacking you, throw gold and they will pick it up and the achievement will pop
  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi2,253,665
    24 Jun 2020 25 Jun 2020 25 Jun 2020
  • AH KazooieAH Kazooie824,840
    24 Jun 2020 24 Jun 2020 24 Jun 2020
    3 1 0 New
    Here's a video with commentary explaining how to get the achievement
  • UtG MistUtG Mist184,222
    23 Jun 2020 24 Jun 2020 24 Jun 2020
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  • SlightlyEroticSlightlyErotic1,087,668
    24 Jun 2020 25 Jun 2020 25 Jun 2020
    2 2 0 New
    Not a guide (apologies) but more of an observation. Whilst in “Showtimes” achievement realm, everyone seams to to be standing and dropping the gold for the pig man to pick up.


    Not only does it take up server space (limited to ten people at a time) it is also incorrect. You need to spawn a pig man, and with gold in hand press LT to hand the item to them.

    Will pop a few moments later.
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