Bounty of Blood

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Bounty of Blood

Helpful Hunter achievement in Borderlands®3

Helpful Hunter

Complete all side missions on Gehenna.

Helpful Hunter-4.2
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How to unlock the Helpful Hunter achievement

  • ICE Faux PirateICE Faux Pirate717,856
    26 Jun 2020 26 Jun 2020 26 Jun 2020
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    WARNING: A buddy had one of his quests glitch to where he couldn't finish it. (The Quick and the Quickener) To avoid this, I recommend when you pick up a quest, complete it immediately instead of coming back later.
    If one does glitch on you, jump in a friend's game and complete it with them, that worked for my friend.

    There are 11 side missions in this DLC. All of them are completed in the areas in which you get them so no extra traveling required.

    The Quick and the Quicker (available after several main missions)

    The Blastplains
    Miracle Elixir Fixer
    Devil Rustlers
    Saurdew Valley
    Money Back Guarantee

    Ashfall Peaks
    Dirty Deeds
    The Legend of McSmugger

    Obsidian Forest
    Lost and Found
    Of Blood and Beans

    Bloodsun Canyon
    The Meatman Prophecy
    The Dandy and Damsel
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    CaptCalamityOn The Legend of McSmugger, I got to what was apparently the peak area (The Top of All Things), and there is a gate on the other side. It would not open for me, and I could not go down the other side. You can't backtrack from there, either. I can't complete it.
    Posted by CaptCalamity on 28 Jun at 00:51
    ICE Faux PirateI just had someone comment on a main questline achievement solution for this DLC that they had a similar issue. It seems like this DLC as a whole is pretty buggy. Sorry for the crap luck man...I wish I could solve it
    Posted by ICE Faux Pirate on 28 Jun at 01:55
    NoHeroes94As frustrating as it is for you guys, you can restart the DLC in the main menu, so it won't be permanently unobtainable.
    Posted by NoHeroes94 on 28 Jun at 11:10
    wolfzero01I noticed a weird bug that didn't keep me from getting this achievement and the one for doing all of the mission, side missions, and challenges but I thought I would share in case it happens to someone else. Whenever I opened the map, the quest The Dandy and Damsel was showing up on the Bloodsun Canyon Map and the Vestige Map. When I went Vestige the quest would disappear from the map, and when I went to Bloodsun Canyon both of the quests in the area no longer appeared on the map. I was able to fix it by traveling to another area, opening up the map for Bloodsun Canyon and looking at the area where the marker was, going back to Bloodsun Canyon and going to the area where the quest marker should be and I was able to pick up the quest.
    Posted by wolfzero01 on 29 Jun at 17:51
    Demon Slayer050If the msn The Quick and the Quickerer glitches on you, there is a way to still complete it and achieve the final 2 achievements.
    I tried multiplayer and that sucked as I kept getting paired with people that didnt even own the DLC.
    So, go to the main menu: change to TVHM, then you should see an option about playing DLC only. This will start the DLC at the beginning and you should notice that all your challenges carry over but mission completion does not. But, don't worry it will count.
    This takes about an hour to do. Run through the campaign doing main mission only. You will go to vestige then 2 other maps before returning to Vestige. After you return you have to a mission for the the big bulldog chick that the sheriff liked located in the jail. After that it will cue to the girl sitting on a box near the bar who will give you the quest The Quick & Quickerer. Complete the mission and the final 2 achievements will pop.
    This worked for myself and my friend who I invited in right before picking up the quest.
    Posted by Demon Slayer050 on 04 Jul at 18:17
    Death Metal JimThe Mcsmugger quest glitched on me as well. Because the freakin game froze right before I used the jump to get to area with the gate. Then of course when I loaded it up again I couldn't place the skulls in the caskets and the gate wouldn't open. Would be great if gearbox patched this so I could complete this horrible DLC.
    Posted by Death Metal Jim on 09 Jul at 02:22
    GabweThis one was positively glitched for me, it unlocked after I completed 10 of the 11 missions (Saurdew Valley was left).
    Posted by Gabwe on 10 Jul at 07:03
    Springbok NL^ same as Gabwe. Unlocked without completing Saurdew Valley.
    Posted by Springbok NL on 13 Jul at 21:43
    M3LANCH0LYM3L0NLooks like the game is patched. Had the same a Gabwe where achievement unlocked without Saurdew Valley.
    Posted by M3LANCH0LYM3L0N on 17 Jul at 15:23
    Death Metal JimJust loaded up the game and the Mcsmugger quest is still glitched for me and nothing unlocked. So it's not patched yet.
    Posted by Death Metal Jim on 17 Jul at 23:43
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