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Superluminal achievement in Superliminal


Beat the game in under 35 minutes

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How to unlock the Superluminal achievement

  • CraigTMGCraigTMG
    14 Jul 2020 14 Jul 2020 14 Jul 2020
    This is probably the hardest achievement in the game. I’ll provide some tips and resources to make it easier for anyone to get.

    First and foremost, beat the game. Get familiar with it. I’d say play from start to finish at least twice before attempting.

    Practice chapters you have trouble on. For example, I practiced Induction and Dollhouse over and over because that’s where I had more trouble.

    The timer starts when you first see the left stick/right stick controls at the beginning. Time ends when you press the alarm clock at the beginning of Retrospect.

    Get a speedrunning application. I used FramePerfect on the Apple App Store. This will help immensely with understanding the pace you should be at during your run.
    When creating the splits, these are the ones I used:
    Induction - 2:58
    Optical - 6:52
    Cubes - 9:28
    Blackout - 13:15
    Clones - 16:23
    Dollhouse - 20:40
    Labyrinth - 26:50
    White space - 33:28
    Retrospect - 34:04
    When you finish the level, tap as the loading screen starts for the next one.
    Also, the loading times are accounted for in this timer. The game doesn’t count the loading screens in the final achievement.

    Learn some skips you can do. In chapter two, you can skip getting the second cube (by using the flower pot illusion) and use the original cube to get to where you need. You can climb on top the cube, press A and B quick, stutter a second, and press B again. The cube will be larger; it’s like building straight up in Minecraft. (Obviously, this needs a little practice. It’s not a “first try” trick.)
    You can see this happen in the video below.

    Get a visual aid. A user by the name of Clockwork d0rk has provided a video of him unlocking this achievement on PlayStation. This video is where I learned some of the tricks to get a better time. I highly recommend giving it a watch.

    Those are just the few points I can come up with at the moment.
    Hopefully at least one of these help you unlock this tedious achievement.

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    SunkenStyx23 min first try, no achievement.

    Force closed the game and tried again with no pauses, 22 min run and both achievements popped
    Posted by SunkenStyx on 15 Jun 23 at 19:30
    Hobbess253I thought this was going to be harder, but as a few others have said, this is very doable with no tricks needed. Key tip is doing the challenges first, that requires you to be very efficient in your movement and item usage, which then translates into a quick playthrough.

    My first attempt with no prep other than completing the challenges I did it in 36min, few too many hiccups on item placement. Second attempt was 34mins, achievement unlocked. No glitches, no skipping parts, no clever jumps, no pauses to read instructions, no video watching. I even messed up a couple of spots taking longer than ideal such as getting the door in the keyhole and I just did the elevators maze "normal" which takes a long way around compared to the direct route.
    Posted by Hobbess253 on 29 Oct 23 at 19:23
    AdamDG1998Is this achievedment bugged? Finished the game in 30:03.4 but achievement didn't pop?
    Posted by AdamDG1998 on 28 Dec 23 at 16:40
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  • MCPandagamerzMCPandagamerz
    11 Sep 2022 16 Sep 2022 12 Oct 2023
    The above guides are great, I just wanted to clear up a few things and give some tips that make this a lot more manageable.

    Firstly do this on pc or the newest xbox you have, I started the game on my original xbox one but the load times and frame rate made me switch to my pc to save the hassle. It's definitely still possible on old xbox ones but more annoying.

    You don't have to bother with an external speedrun timer unless you really wanna setup splits as goals for each section, there's a built in timer that you can turn on at the bottom of gameplay settings that'll appear in the top left every time you start a new game. The timer starts when you walk through the first doorway in Introduction and ends when you hit the clock in Retrospective. The timer also pauses when you pause the game so feel free to do so whenever you need a break or check something for an upcoming section.

    I got this achievement on stream with a time just over 18 minutes, but that was using some risky/hard tricks for certain sections. I made the video below as an easier guide to follow and it leaves plenty of room for error if you lose time in an area.

    Now I'll go over some tricks and if they're worth doing or not.

    Chapter 2: I do the trick that CraigTMG talks about in his guide at 3:44, you can practice this but in my opinion it doesn't save much time so you can just grab the second cube as normal.

    Chapter 3: I grab the side of a die and place it vertically to get past the puzzle at 7:06, I don't recommend doing this as it saves hardly any time and it's easy to mess up. Just hold it to the ceiling, drop it until it's big enough and use it as a ramp like normal. I also had some trouble with the part right after that but you can use the cube as a step without worrying about the smaller cubes it splits into.

    Chapter 4: You may have seen people do the dark section without the red light but it's not worth practicing, it only saves like 5-10 seconds and there's better skips later.

    Chapter 7: This is probably the easiest and biggest skip in the game. At 18:35 you'll see me clip through the wall into the elevator that's supposed to be blocked off, for some reason it's still programmed as a normal elevator and will complete the level if you can get in. You'll want to jump on the fire extinguisher, hold forward, and look slightly to the right. You'll know when you're in the right spot because your screen will stutter a bit or you'll feel like you can't move right any more, if you're not in the right spot look and move left then slowly look right while moving forward again. When you're in the right spot you just have to hold forward and TAP jump, if you hold jump you could hit the clip weird where the momentum will send you upward and you can't get into the elevator from there. If that happens just move backwards out of the wall and retry. You have a lot of time to complete this trick before it teleports you where you're supposed to go, but if that happens before you get the clip just pause and reload checkpoint. Even with the time spent walking back to the blocked elevator you'll save more time skipping the entire level.

    AzulaReigns in the comments also found this video with a consistent setup if you're having trouble:

    Chapter 8: This skip is a little harder to explain but is relatively easy, I do recommend you practice this a few times before your run though. You'll want to go through the first portal once, then make it somewhat small (shown at 19:12). Once it's around the size that you first picked it up, pick it up, make the door of what you're holding face the opposite way as you, and carefully jump on the ladder without putting it through the door you came out of. If you accidentally place it in the door just reload from checkpoint and retry. While you're on the ladder you'll want to jump then drop the building at the apex of your jump once you've seen it has clipped through the wall. (Feel free to jump a few times before dropping it to get a feel for the timing.) Once you've dropped it through the wall, walk back through the door, pick it up and you'll want to find the snowy looking area that's in an oval like shape with a few wood doors around it. If you've walked around for a bit and can't find the area just reload checkpoint and try again. When you're at the right area you have to make the building you're holding pretty small then hold it against the tiny black door (shown at 19:30). This will make you the size you're supposed to be for where you're at. Now you can proceed through the chess puzzle and the last few puzzles normally or you can do the 2nd clip (shown at 19:34). For this you'll have to look at the left side of the doorframe while inside of it, hold forward, and slowly hold right until you see the area to your left is black. Once you see that you can move left and you'll fall until you reach the zone that'll end the chapter. If you've passed the black area on your left just move left and slowly move to the right again by using the steps previous.

    After that, the last chapter will start and you just have to click the alarm clock to end the speedrun which will hopefully get your achievement. As long as you use the skip for chapter 7 and the first skip from chapter 8 you should save plenty of time to make the speedrun way easier.

    Upvotes are much appreciated and let me know how else I could improve this guide. Happy Hunting!toast
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    Leap Of Faith77Perfect video - those skips make it so so simple, got it first try 22mins.

    Also, for the snowy area where you may be too big for the door, if you walk around close to the doors while big for a few seconds, you'll get a checkpoint in the bottom right corner with the save icon. If you then restart from checkpoint, it spawns you in at the correct size for those doors!
    Posted by Leap Of Faith77 on 17 Jul 23 at 04:49
    MaceteurGreat guide .
    Posted by Maceteur on 03 Aug 23 at 10:11
    AzulaReignsSuperb! For those who need a better explanation of the skip in Labyrinth:
    Posted by AzulaReigns on 14 Sep 23 at 02:34
  • Bond OO7Bond OO7
    16 Jul 2020 20 Jul 2020 20 Jul 2020
    I was streaming when I pulled this off. I managed to do it in 33:09 (with load screens) and the achievement popped. So you have more time than you think. Here's the upload of my path in case it helps anyone. If people are interested in a fully fledged guide with commentary on exactly what I'm doing Vs just the path I'm taking then please let me know.

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