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Operation: Anchorage

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Operation: Anchorage

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Paving the Way

Completed "Paving the Way"

Paving the Way0
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How to unlock the Paving the Way achievement

  • JayourJayour878,885
    26 Oct 2009 17 Oct 2010 17 Oct 2010
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    Once you’ve been debriefed on the mission, talk to Morgan and he’ll give you some items that you’ll need for your squad, now head over to the terminals and choose what you want your squad to be, you’ll need to use both of the terminals before you’re allowed to leave.

    Now head North-West toward the goal that states you have to destroy 2 fuel tanks, once you get there just plant explosives on the 2 tanks to finish up this part of the quest, after that you’ll get warped back to the room you were briefed in earlier, choose another command set at the terminals and prepare to leave.

    Now head up to the Listening Post, be careful though, there are loads more enemies in this area and some will have heavy weapons like rockets, they’re not hard to take out, but it’s easy to die here if you’re not careful. Follow the train track and go through a broken building, you’ll come to a set of stairs, head up them and enter the building.

    Once inside just follow the path all the way though killing enemies as you make your way up to the top, when you get up there you’ll clear the quest, get teleported back to the briefing room again and the achievement will pop!

    If you're still having trouble, try checking out the videos below!

    *Credit to MahaloVideoGames for the videos
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    27 Jan 2009 27 Jan 2009
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    Get debriefed on the mission and then talk to morgan. He will give you stuff you need for your squad. Now go to the terminals and choose what you want your squad to be. You need to use both terminals before you can leave. Once out head to your right to pick up your guns and ammo. Now head to the North west towards to the goal that says destroy two fuel tanks. Once there plant explosives on 2 of the tanks to finish that part of the quest. After you will be warped back to the mission briefing room. Choose another command set at the terminals and get ready to go. [personally I chose the Fire equipment because it was easier] Once that's done head to the Listening post and be careful there are a ton of guys and a lot of them have rockets so watch out. Once you make your way through the train track and through a broken building you will come to stairs. Climb those stairs and entering the building once inside follow the path all the way through and at the top killing everyone you see. Once at the top you will clear this part of the quest and be taken back to the mission briefing room where the achievement will unlock.

    Cred: Y0UNIK0RN of x360a
  • EnemyOfTheFleshEnemyOfTheFlesh82,201
    28 Aug 2010 26 Aug 2010
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    Listen to General Chase's briefing

    General Chase congratulates you on your success in The Guns of Anchorage. You are promoted and put in charge of your own strike team (formerly led by the now deceased Patterson). The General explains that 3 tasks have to be completed before the assault on the Chinese headquarters, a refinery, can begin. You have to destroy the fuel tanks at the enemy Chimera Depot, clear a Listening Post of all Chinese presence, and disable "their damn Pulse Field". According to Chase, you should not try to disable the Pulse Field before you have completed the other assignments.

    Chase then refers you to your intelligence officer for this mission, Lieutenant Morgan, for the details.

    I got this from Fallout Wiki
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