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17 Nov 20
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Thrifty achievement in Rogue Company


Win a match without purchasing a primary weapon

18 November 2020 - 3 guidesOnline Game ModeVersus

How to unlock the Thrifty achievement

  • WhackaneseWhackanese189,100
    31 Jul 2020 05 Aug 2020 05 Aug 2020
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    *Thrifty* "Win a match without purchasing a primary weapon"
    This achievement is self explanatory win a match without buying a primary gun

    The best mode to do this on is Strikeout as people are not as much of a try hard in this mode.

    The best rouge to use is Dallas as his LW6 Revolver is OP at 36 damage a body shot 3 hits and their down.

    To start off in Strikeout I upgraded his revolver all the way for 4k and bought Berserker (Gain the ability to reload while sprinting) which is 4k

    next round I spent 10k on Replenish (downing an enemy reloads your currently equipped weapon and restores ammunition.) if you have enough get Stalker 6.5k (Removes aim down sights movement speed penalty.)

    and than we won but I would have gone Padded Steps next and Incendiary grenades next.
    I done this multiple time as cause every time I'm Dallas I only use his revolver.

    You can also go on a trolling game and just use your melee weapon with any one with Bats or Katanas

    As long as you have 2 good teammates this will be no problem to get

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    UNDEADZ3LD4Can I pick up a gun?
    Posted by UNDEADZ3LD4 on 19 Oct 20 at 01:22
    but +1
    Posted by TendedFatback on 25 Oct 20 at 23:39
    Veketibuggy achievement didn't pop for me
    EDIT: with this new update it unlocked for me
    Posted by Veketi on 27 Oct 20 at 13:26
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  • DJanusDJanus140,859
    21 Jul 2020 22 Jul 2020 22 Jul 2020
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    1.) Legit way - I recommend Dallas as he has a very powerful magnum that can be pretty reliable all game. You could also try one of the characters with a machine pistol.
    2.) Currently in closed beta this achievement is bugged. As long as you don't buy a primary weapon, you can quit out of the match and the achievement will pop after the match has concluded. It doesnt matter whether your team wins or loses.
    *Note - losing the match w/o buying the primary will not work, you must quit the match.
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    ArvakI've unlocked this a few times, I have the in game award but my achievement is still locked 🙄
    Posted by Arvak on 06 Oct 20 at 11:53
    xNSHDdoes this glitch still work now? EDIT: have just done this legit we won 7-1 on demolition and it didn't unlock. it says the achievement is unlocked in game in the awards menu under your profile but i don't have the achievement.
    Posted by xNSHD on 08 Oct 20 at 11:20
    xNSHDcan anyone who has unlocked the achievement recently give any info on how they got this achievement to unlock.
    Posted by xNSHD on 12 Oct 20 at 11:26
  • IceCreeper0007IceCreeper000735,004
    31 Oct 2020 31 Oct 2020 31 Oct 2020
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    I saw someone else say this but I don't see it anymore so here you go

    This achievement is glitched so if you have done it and it is not giving the achievement to you, then do this:

    Go to this link and link your Xbox account to an epic games account.
    Once you do that then hover over the epic games account and click make a primary account.
    Once you do that, restart your console or reload the game.
    Once you are here just go do the achievement and it should work perfectly fine.
    It will be fairly easy with newer players that you are playing against.
    To get your main account back you can go back to the link and make the Xbox account the primary one again.
    You could also use this method to get other achievements that are too hard to get on your main account you could just go play against newer players (while the account is still a low level)
    Hope this helped you and good luck!
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