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Around the world achievement in Skater XL

Around the world

Travel over 40.075 km in total

Around the world-5.2
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How to unlock the Around the world achievement

  • Bond OO7Bond OO72,382,845
    09 Aug 2020 30 Jul 2020 08 Aug 2020
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    UPDATE: Thanks to IVIVP NiGhTMaRE (BCarsonElite on PS4) we have a new glitch that appears to be SIGNIFICANTLY faster than any previous method You can find that method in this video. I'll leave the original guide below but this is the best way to do it as of right now.

    Here's a massive time saver from ricky kistler on YouTube (YMMV):
    [I have included his comment below but basically, as far as I understand it, you run the glitch for long enough to where an input will crash it. Once that time has come hold down either A or X (X or Square on PS4) and the game will crash but give u jump in %. YMMV on how much you get but its worth doing before u stop it. If you hold the button and it doesn't crash you need to leave it a while longer for it to get to that stage.]

    Okay so I did a lot of testing out stuff with this glitch and it appears that there is a faster way of getting to 100% as I have already shaved off about 2 days now so here we go...... For some reason this only seems to work at around 3% in so roughly 6 hours... so when you are at that point start holding X or square and you will start to travel at light speed and gain a definite minimum of at least 1% up to 3 or 4% at one time!... the most I've got was 8% at one time!... now please note that doing this does make the game crash every time but it is definitely worth it! I haven't personally tried doing it with it higher than 3% because that always worked for me and I was impatient but you could try waiting until it reaches 10% (20 hours) and then it might go up even more!... oh and you ps4 players unfortunately can't see the tracking so definitely use this at your own risk but personally I would do this anyway as it may unlock a lot faster but I would recommend waiting at least 10 to 12 hours before trying it like when you wake up... again it does crash the game but at that point it may crash anyway for some of you
    Since this has been uploaded people have found tweaks that have worked for them. Instead of making a new video everytime since the basis of the glitch is the same I will post them here for anyone who might need it! Let me know in the comments if there is tweaks that helped you and ill add it!

    Frank9080: "You dont have to use the sticks to get through the invisible floor, just hold/tape down RB/LB and you fall right through no problem. Makes it a little easier than trying to find the perfect ollie point."
    [I tried this method myself and can confirm its much more consistent. You will need to hold the bumpers down to maintain the grab however and if they arent you will be respawned back at your start point]

    Spooky MSc: I think the video makes it look way harder than it is. There doesn't need to be any messing around while you are invisible. If you clip just inside the wall, there is about 8 ft of visible ground inside the wall with the big abyss in the middle. Just place your marker on the visible ground and your skater (still visible) should spawn there. Tape down LT and RT, and then skate into the hole. Your skater will dissapear and you will continue to fall if you are holding LT and RT.

    One other tweak I'd suggest was that a couple of times I would get booted back up to the session marker up top, so I rubber banded "A" down as well to automatically skate back in, so only really a softlock will mess it up :)
    [You can find a clip in the comment below]

    ORIGNAL: Here's a guide for all the achievements in the game. As you probably already know from the other guide you can expect this achievement to take a long long time. I cover this achievement at 14:24 in the video

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    Spooky MSc@The Last Azn, there is no in game stats, but the Xbox Achievement Tracker works fine for it. Doing this through regular play will probably take close to 200 straight hours for 1%.
    Posted by Spooky MSc on 19 Aug 20 at 22:45

    No mention of Achievement hunter unfortuently :/
    Posted by ElDylto1612 on 20 Aug 20 at 02:26
    Ixtab LullabyI downloaded the patch, and yeah... no "Achievement Hunter" achievement.
    Posted by Ixtab Lullaby on 20 Aug 20 at 08:13
    Spooky MScDecided to finally finish up this achievement, was scared they'd patch something else and lose my progress before patching the Achievement.

    Here's hoping they ever decide to patch it.
    Posted by Spooky MSc on 23 Aug 20 at 00:45
    ElDylto1612@Spooky, well done, I’m only on 7%, but I did manage to find some tape, so hopefully this’ll go a bit quicker now
    Posted by ElDylto1612 on 23 Aug 20 at 14:56
    lyricsoflifeMy cheev tracker only just went up to 1%, but can confirm all of the above information still seems correct, and the bug isn't patched yet.
    Posted by lyricsoflife on 24 Nov 20 at 18:55
    Spooky MSc@lyricsoflife good on you for still going for this POS with the Achievement Hunter still broken.
    Posted by Spooky MSc on 01 Dec 20 at 20:25
    OCD ANXIETYThis is my last achievement to get (obviously before the ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER achievement) and it still shows 0%
    Posted by OCD ANXIETY on 21 Dec 20 at 23:43
    I DIRTGRUB Ithis still works after the latest patch, I recommend using the bumper method that is mentioned in one of the comments but you only need to tape down one bumper not both.
    Posted by I DIRTGRUB I on 31 Dec 20 at 16:56
    NeVsLeHcImThis does still work after the multiplayer update. It is slightly harder to get into the building and getting the infinite fall is also a little more tricky (In my experience).
    There's a green garbage container on the back left side of the building that you can get behind using your teleport. (Y-Button) once you fidget your way behind it so your mark is red. slightly move to the left with your mark and you will slide through the ground and have access to the original falling spot.
    Hope this helps :)
    Posted by NeVsLeHcIm on 07 Aug at 17:50
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