Completionist achievement in Afro Samurai


Complete the game on both difficulties.

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How to unlock the Completionist achievement

  • Kronic VapersKronic Vapers64,042
    20 Dec 2009 18 Dec 2009 11 Jan 2010
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    I just bought this game and have been playing it like non stop. What I would say is the easiest thing to do is, For the game itself. Don't even attempt hard with no stats. If you do I'm about 95% certain you wont get far. Play on normal 2 times, each time you start a new game make sure you say YES when it asks you if you'd like to keep your previous stats.

    The Father's Legacy combos like yyyxxxyyyx+a or xxxyyyxxx. These both do a lot of damage, so you must (I Can't Emphasize this enough, It will help you a lot trust me) get all the mementos. The skills you get from your father is a major part of completing this game on hard. Now for the bosses. And Easy way is to before the boss fight. Quit and then reload so you have full focus. and at the start use RB and slash away dealing massive damage.

    Besides number 6, you can block and then have a chance to hit them 4 times with just x x x x or 3 times with just y y y then go straight to block and try to do a perfect block again.

    As for number 6. During the first fight when he was the flame thrower. Run around him as he wastes his fuel, but keep your distance. Once he has to refuel. run up to him and hold LT and Do 4 Perfect horizontal slashes, and then run back. I only need to do this process 3-4 times and he was dead on hard.

    During the last encounter of number six (Not the rocket one because it's very clear what you must do......) When he his the ground with his star Run up to him and slash him 4 times with x and he will push you away. Once you do enough damage he will jump in the middle of the platform and do a AOE=(Area of effect) attack. Before he does this he swings his pole-arm around. You have a chance to run behind him and hit him again 3-4 times with x. Continue this process and he will be defeated. There are also 2 bears in this room to replenish health if necessary.

    Now for the very last boss, Number One. Block the bullets and then reflect his last bullet (you can tell it's his last because there is a 2 second break after he finish his 4-6 shots) and shoot it back at him. After a few times he will go inter the ground and start talking crap. You can attack the black shadow and deal damage for only 1 hit. When he pops back up continue this process. Then he will transform.

    Form 2: He will Put his arms into the ground and they will come up under you. Run around and avoid them hitting you. Soon as they are up out of the ground run towards them and do a running slash. Do this about 6 times and he will come out of the "Wall" and start attacking you up front. He has two attacks. If you get too close he will swing his arms wildly. and the second is he will get black fog around him and put his arms in the ground again. When he does that, I attacked until he got out and swung his arms backwards or in your direction. You then have a split second to attack him. If you do a roll to your left (LT +RT then move analog stick to the left) You can do a focused horizontal slash on him. Repeat this until he starts doing his second part of his transformation.

    Part 2: He will then start chasing you on his hands and pounding the ground sending waves in your direction. The only way to avoid this is to go into focus and jump either to your left or right repeatedly until l he is done then run up and slash him 3-4 times. Repeat this when he does this attack. When you are done doing then he will swing his arms at you and hit the ground sending a shock-wave. Roll to your left and then do a perfect horizontal slash at him. Repeat this and he will be defeated in no time.

    Now for the big groups of peons and ninja's I used the fathers skill Afronador Category 7 Which is xxxyyyx+a xxxxxxxxxxxxx... It will do continues attacks on one enemy and if they try to attack from behind, you will hit them as you spin around. This will also raise your combo which will help deal more damage. It will also build back up your focus ability's. another good way is to parry and pounce on the enemy and hit either x y or b killing them instantly. It Should not take you too long and dying is inevitable, so don't worry when you die. It just gives you full focus and health back at the beginning of the fight. :D!!!

    I really hoped this helped. If you guys need any other help send me a message on XBOX live or on here.

    -Edit- Sorry for not realizing this when I wrote the guide. But when you are facing the final boss. Half way through he will get down on his hands and knees. He wont attack for like 5-7 seconds. If you Perfect vertical/horizontal slash him it will end the fight automatically. If you don't you have to fight his second part which is a harder form of his first.

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    South Park TFBWThis was incredibly easy.
    Posted by South Park TFBW on 16 Dec 13 at 12:38
    WebDevil 666Your advice for the flame thrower boss is just plain useless. There is some good advice in the comments though regarding the use of dash an Y.
    Posted by WebDevil 666 on 11 Dec 17 at 23:12
    Bashemgud 03Comments more helpful than guide.
    Posted by Bashemgud 03 on 13 Jun 20 at 20:12
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  • Kid IcarusKid IcarusThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    11 Jun 2011 12 Jun 2011
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    For the most part, Number One difficulty isn't that hard, just a few minor frustrating parts and 2 irritating boss fights. If you made it to this difficulty, then you shouldn't have an issue with most of the platforming and normal fights. That being said, I only really got stuck on Justice, but it was for a good long while, so that'll be my highlight for this solution.

    Fighting Justice on The Number One difficulty can be a huge pain, so here's the best way that I found to beat him.

    Original Justice:
    When the match starts, run around dodging the bullets and focus on getting a single hit on him. Don't forget that you can click in the left stick to sprint because I absolutely did for about an hour and it really helps get close and away. He will then dodge into the ground and do about a 30 second speech. At this point, one of 2 things will happen. He will either
    (A) Have a puddle of darkness under you, from which he will teleport undo you and try and surprise you from behind

    (B) If you are in a far area and he cannot find you properly, he will not do the darkness puddle, and will then spawn in the ring of trees and slowly saunter over to you.

    Hide behind the trees as best as you can until you are able to get him at medium range which will cause him to run towards you. The most important thing to do is to hit him with a repetitive X combo whilst not using any focus attacks. It sounds stupid but what he will do is he will knock you back and do his fire 5 bullets, pause for a second and then fire the 6th bullet attack. Block the first 5 and IF YOU CAN, return the 6th bullet. Regardless, run up to him and hit the X button a few times until he does 1 SINGLE SHOT from one of his hands at pretty much point blank range. IMPORTANT! - After this move, the game/Justice seems to have an issue with his attack interrupt ability. What I mean is immediately afterwards, get up in his face and continuously tap the X button and he will block the attacks occasionally, but he won't be able to interrupt the onslaught and he will eventually either go into darkness or he will cause the first weapon clash. After which, a small cutscene will happen of him twiddling his guns. Hold block the whole time in case he fires his 5 to 1 attack after the cutscene. Majority of the time though he will run at you and your main objective will be to hit him while he is still trying to reach you, using the XXXX combos. He will continue to do the same loop over and over. Another important thing to note is that when he seeps into his darkness and when he does a mini-cutscene, the game will act as if no enemies were around, and it will cause all the blood to be off your shirt i.e. your health has regenerated. After a few times, a cutscene of you cutting his arms off will occur and then he will knock you away with a barrier.


    First Mutation Justice:
    The form is very easy and shouldn't give much issues. Try and stay in range of Justice, just for sheer vantage point, because you can watch his arms sink into the ground which is pretty much his only attack in this form. His pattern is simple as all it really pertains to is him sinking his right arm into the ground and popping it out on the other side of the barrier, followed by the single left, and then finished with both, sometimes twice in a row. All you have to do is run in a left to right fashion as his arms come out and then when you get both the arms out at the same time, hit them both with a horizontal perfect slice. The arms will get cut, he will regenerate them and then repeat up until what I believe to be the 4th time when he will immediately pop out about the arms repetitively. I got hit by about 3 of them and then was still barely even damaged so this shouldn't be an issue to much because he will then do the same pattern he used the rest of this form. The next cutscene will trigger and he will now have what look like 2 giant 3 pincered claws? Wtfe


    Pure Mutation Justice
    This form is a little more annoying than the 2nd because he actually moves around, but he is still fairly easy if you have a gameplan. He will basically just run around and try and get close to you and then he will do a large radius arm swing. It's easy to dodge if you just move to the right of him and then immediately follow with a focus/perfect vertical slice, or sometimes even 2 while he is recoiling and then run away. You can also if you feel like stalling him so you can get your focus back, hit him with the B button combo and then after he gets hit with about 3-4, interrupt your combo with a jump to avoid his knockback. This is his main attack for this form so just repeat until he goes into the trees and swirls his hands. He will now run around like an idiot sometimes when you do the vertical slash to catch you off guard, and the head at you with the swing attack. I like when he does this because it gives you time to have your focus attack regenerate. Sometimes he will do a strange and slow tornado like motion with his arms out and is fairly easy to avoid. Just keep the same move going and this should cause him to go into a cutscene where he walks on his hands... Now he will start shooting waves of darkness at you which do a small amount of damage, but for the most part mainly serve as a way of knocking you down so try and avoid these at all costs because if you get hit by about 5 of them, this fight is going to be more annoying. Try and get close enough where he will do any melee attack, of which are very easy to dodge. The two which you want him to do are either
    (A) Swing his left arm, then his right arm, then pound the ground
    (B) Pound the ground making shockwaves while you are close to him

    Both of these have semi-large arm radius's for him but afterwards he gives you a good amount of time, about 1 second as he is finishing his swings, and 2 seconds of leeway before he will try another attack. I found that he likes to eat perfect vertical slices this form, and circling to the side of him as he is attacking always kept me safe as he was attacking, and gave me ample time to move in on him as he finishes. This form while is fairly offensive, only takes about 2-3 vertical slices for him to die.

    I hope I helped at least one person, because I tried everything and this was the only way I could manage.
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    Tez DreddI found that when there are large groups (Ninja's etc) holding LT + RT until they strike then LT + X to strike worked better than trying for combos. I was rarely hit and always got the power strike on at least one enemy, sometime more
    Posted by Tez Dredd on 20 Sep 12 at 16:38
    The S bot 9000Your tips helped me finish the fight no problem! I will say that during the final form I ended up using the kick to stun him and then did a perfect slice instead and it did take around 6-9 slices rather than 2-3 for me
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 12 Apr 20 at 08:44
    Styles PluralHelpful strategy for the Final Boss. Thumbs up. toast

    I actually had trouble figuring out how to start a new game on Hard. The game told me I would lose progress and it made me think that meant I'd lose all my skills and statistical progress. But this is not the case!

    Here is how to start a new game on Number One Headband difficulty (Hard):

    After you beat the game on Normal, get to the main menu and select "New Game". The game will then warn you that starting a new game will overwrite your existing save data. Choose "Yes" to start a new game anyway and you'll have the option to choose "Number One Headband" (Hard) difficulty. Select it. The game will then ask if you'd like to carry over the skills you gained; select "Yes". You will then begin a new game from the first level (Prelude) with all of your unlocked skills and statistics being carried over.

    Note: Once you start a hard playthrough, all the stages you unlocked from Normal difficulty for level select will no longer be available to replay. You will have to beat the stages again on Hard to be able to replay them again under level select.
    Posted by Styles Plural on 12 Aug 21 at 08:21
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