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Kunoichi Suicide Queens

Complete a Kunoichi Straight Flush.

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Achievement Guide for Kunoichi Suicide Queens

  • Molloy2006Molloy2006361,004
    03 Aug 2009 03 Aug 2009 03 Aug 2009
    31 9 22
    I just posted this guide on x360a, should be helpful (hopefully) for here also.

    After reading different posts etc for this ridiculous achievement nothing really stood out for a solution, ive managed to come up with a bit of a guide! Tho entirely luck, this got me the achievement after about 2 goes after finally getting my method sorted. I also done this on my hard playthrough of all things!

    1) Choose the doppleganger level.

    2) Immediately turn round and run and get the bear hiding behind the rock near the momento.

    3) Commence onto the bridge and wait for the cutscene to end.

    4) Run for the bear sitting on the right hand side, and also activate party poker on the way past.

    5) You now have full focus, go into it with LB, and make ur way to the first female ninja.

    6) Now make sure your standing still (u dont want to dash) and hit strong attack (y)

    7) From my experience this got me the head most times, and on the occasion I got the achievement i also got the hand from the next female.

    8) If youve got the hand and head, almost begin to rejoice, all you need to do now is parry and pounce the next female to get the leg!

    9) 10 glorious gamerscore points!

    Now I accept that this is still luck based, but after spending numerous attempts with perfect slices and getting no where it seemed to work really well for me! Also i have read that sweeping and vertical slice can get the hand quite easily, therefore giving a good method for each body part!
  • Gee C SquaredGee C Squared168,276
    08 Oct 2010 17 Mar 2010
    17 1 3
    I'm not sure anyone will still be out to get this as its an old game but i just got it and it was a long painful experience so if i can help one person i'll feel slightly better. Here is how i would suggest going for this,
    Head- LB stand still and press Y directly infront of one or carefully use horizontal slice and aim for the head (only worked for me if they ducked apposed to jumping)
    Leg- horizontal slash, i found this easiest to get and if anything got them too often
    Hand-(the bain of my life) i eventually got this using leg sweep (LT+B) then straight after that while they are still in the air vertical slash with the stick held to the far right. Good luck
  • McD76McD76293,346
    03 Aug 2009 13 Mar 2010
    14 0 3
    Don't do the Dopperganger level. The other enemies screw up the attemps.

    I used the part in the Empty Seven Story. You can focus on a whole group of female ninja's and they come in two waves.
    Still it took me about 3-4 hours to get it. So some luck (and probably skill...ahum) is involved.
    Good luck in getting this.
  • Trikke den 1eTrikke den 1e518,226
    08 Dec 2009 21 Nov 2011
    14 6 2
    I found this vid on youtube having all the "Poker Straigth Flush" achievements summarized in one vid.

    I'm only linking to make it easier for you, as you would've found it yourself on youtube anyways.

    Therefor, all credits go to hellchocobo85 for his youtube video
  • XxXxS8TNxXxXXxXxS8TNxXxX337,466
    23 Feb 2013 23 Feb 2013 11 May 2015
    4 0 0
    This was a very frustrating achievement. Gee C Squard had the right idea, only way I could get the hand was a LB slowed sweep with B then a focus vertical swipe with the left joy stick far right. Found going into slow mo with LB and then moving up to them was the best way to get the head when they ducked down, be prepared for it. Leg was easiest to get when they jump upwards and I would often have to quit by jumping into the side pits because I accidentally got two of them. Definitely go for The Empty Seven's Story part 2, you have to fight four waves of male ninjas and a giant sword guy to get to two waves of female ninjas while avoiding ninja ninja so you dont start body part poker early, but this can eventually be done fast enough about 2-5 minutes that it doesn't become to much of a chore to do.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    3 0 1
    This achievement is frustrating as fvck!
    (can be done on pair /w "Made Hand Ronin" achievement)

    By far the most practical way to get it is on "The Lowdown East Pass" where you meet suicide queens for the first time. After the cut-scene when angry lady screams: "..Cut that fvcker down!" you face a mob of ronins.
    (If you'd like activate Ninja Ninja Poker and get Ronin Straight Flush first)

    With few swift strikes cut all ronin down but leave one and only kunoichi for last: here's when the practice comes in action! Hone your head and hand cutting moves which are pain in the arss to master. And don't forget to activate Ninja Ninja Poker.

    Head: takes a bit momentum to master horizontal slash w/ bonus works great. They'll always avoid either by jumping or ducking, when she ducks aim just slightly down on her head.
    Hand: use LT+B to swoop opponent in air and press Y till the shine reaches the tip (some say you have to hold stick to far right, for me it was just a simple slash)
    Legs: the easiest of them all. Just parry slash attack, while she is staggered press: LT, A, X. Afro throws her in the air and chops the legs off.

    Action Plan Kill ronin leave one kunoichi, activate Ninja Ninja Poker and cut her head. Then when 2 red samurai + 3 kunoichi appear, cut the hand of first kunoichi that attacks you. Hallelujah! all you have to do is parry.

    "And that's how we play Body-part Poker!"
  • 11 10 1
    Same as Ronin except done on ONLY THE FEMALE NINJA enemies.

    FYI, the "Kunoichi Suicide Queens" achievement was HARD AS HELL, it took me four straight hours attempting it, and then finally getting it. The two best spots to attempt this, is on the level "Doppelganger". Right at the start of the level head across the bridge and here there will be 4 female ninjas, and 4 male ninjas, so you can attempt either, and the other spot is on the "The Empty Seven's Story" once your on the ground level in the big circular area there are waves of Male Ninjas, and after them are waves of Female Ninja's, and of course there is a Ninja Ninja Body-Part poker Challenge on that area, I prefer the "Doppelganger" level however harder to attempt at least if you fail, all you have to do is jump off the bridge to restart the section, opposed to on the other level taking 5-10 minutes to get back to the Female Ninja's.

    All credit goes to CrustyDirtDemon, Serious Ninja, KFZ Scubs for their guide on
  • 5 5 0
    When ever going for a straight flush be sure to get the teddy bear right after starting body part poker. this will enable you to perform one perfect slice after another without having to wait for the indicator on your sword to sparkle.

    After I realized this I was able to get this achievement in about 2 gos on (The Empty Seven's Story)

    Good Luck
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