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Operation 4: Brothers in Arms

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Operation 4: Brothers in Arms

Absolute Carnage achievement in Gears 5

Absolute Carnage

Deal 100,000,000 damage in Versus

Absolute Carnage-52.6
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How to unlock the Absolute Carnage achievement

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    10,000,000 damage per hour is comfortably attainable using this method. This is the optimal way to rack up damage. However, it only works on damage and not kills or assists so it would of course make most sense to complete these achievements first (using the top voted solution by Lambent Lail):

    Gears 5Yep, I'd say they're deadThe Yep, I'd say they're dead achievement in Gears 5 worth 160 pointsKill 25,000 enemies in Versus

    Gears 5Nothin' but bits!The Nothin' but bits! achievement in Gears 5 worth 805 pointsKill 100,000 enemies in Versus

    Gears 5Eyes on TargetThe Eyes on Target achievement in Gears 5 worth 173 pointsGet 12,500 assists in Versus

    Gears 5Covering FireThe Covering Fire achievement in Gears 5 worth 748 pointsGet 50,000 assists in Versus

    Now, you should have about 35-40 million damage left to obtain this achievement, meaning you should be roughly 60-65% complete towards your 100 million damage.

    Select the map called AllFathers Arena (It should be the first map when you create a private versus lobby):

    You’ll need 2 Xbox’s and at least 3 controllers to make this optimal. If you only have 3 controllers then you can use the 3 controllers on your 2nd Xbox to sign in and select what teams you’ll be on. Then you can connect them to your Xbox with your main profile on it (this will disconnect them from the 2nd Xbox but that’s ok) and again, select the teams. You want to play 5 against 1. That 1 on the other team is one of your guest accounts or the 2nd account on your 2nd Xbox. You will be damaging your team mates.

    Game mode: King Of The Hill
    Weapon Substitutions: Everything must be changed to Incendiary Grenades

    Here’s your KOTH settings (I’ve missed out all irrelevant settings - these are the only important ones):

    Fill with Bots: OFF
    Rounds to Win: 1 (this will last 25 minutes so you won’t idle out)
    Friendly Fire: REDUCED (NO KILL/DBNO)

    You will now stand your 4 team mates bunched together at the location shown in the video and you will grab the closest grenades in a clockwise fashion and throw them at your team mates, maintaining constant damage by spacing out your grenades and keeping the fire burning. I show an example of the timing in my 2 minute video below. You will be getting 1 million damage every 6 minutes if you replicate what I’m doing in the video. Make sure to throw the grenades just in front of the group. The fire spreads forward from where the grenade lands. I knocked out this achievement in 3.5 hours after getting my 100,000 kills and 50,000 assists done by doing this:

    Edit: studlybambi says damaging yourself adds more damage. You can find his comment below or in the comments:

    “I would like to echo what other people have said about taking damage as well. I was able to get at least 7% every 25 minutes which works out to about 15%-16% an hour with loading times. So it's definitely worth jumping in the fire yourself on the first grenade and then throw the second one and go get some more.”
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    BigM666very nice method.i thought this will take hundreds of hours again but with this method its very fast.
    Posted by BigM666 on 12 Sep at 14:47
    PRmykey327can anyone confirm this still works? just tried it and my bar didn't move
    Posted by PRmykey327 on 13 Oct at 00:47
    PRmykey327can anyone confirm this still works? just tried it and my bar didn't move
    Posted by PRmykey327 on 13 Oct at 00:55
    JafethTheXtremeI think they patched it in the last update, Sad news, but clayton bug is still alive
    Posted by JafethTheXtreme on 13 Oct at 15:33
    SSgtRubberDuckyI can confirm that this method still works as I just farmed my last 35% and just got my final achievement currently in the game.
    Posted by SSgtRubberDucky on 13 Oct at 18:24
    SCOTTLAND1986Thank you for confirming it still works SSgtRubberDucky. I didn’t think they would patch it so I was going to test it myself on another account before reading your comment.
    Posted by SCOTTLAND1986 on 13 Oct at 20:05
    RedHeadMexican4They did something to this method because i wasnt getting very much done within a 3hr time period.
    Posted by RedHeadMexican4 on 01 Nov at 21:44
    SCOTTLAND1986How much did you get?
    Posted by SCOTTLAND1986 on 02 Nov at 18:11
    Blackout 4171The solution is still working so idk how redheadmexican did it because i was getting around 5% 6% each 25 mins
    Posted by Blackout 4171 on 07 Nov at 17:58
    SCOTTLAND1986Thank you for confirming nothing has changed and glad it works for you.
    Posted by SCOTTLAND1986 on 07 Nov at 22:03
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