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Operation 4: Brothers in Arms

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Operation 4: Brothers in Arms

Covering Fire achievement in Gears 5

Covering Fire

Get 50,000 assists in Versus

Covering Fire-7.3
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How to unlock the Covering Fire achievement

  • CRO5573YCRO5573Y625,639
    23 Mar 2022 03 Apr 2021 09 Apr 2021
    22 2 14
    This is the 1 controller each method. Slower but so much easier to set up.

    Private (Custom Online) Arcade Deathmatch.

    Bots... on
    Bot difficulty... Beginner - Same running speed on all difficulties.
    Rounds... 20 (750 kills/Assists) Rotate roles at start of round 11.
    Round score... 75 (Kills)
    Execution rules... off
    Respawn... 5
    DBNO... 6-7 (Gives you a chance to throw a fresh flame on them.)
    Friendly fire... off

    Make sure to LOCK the slots on your team so it's just you and no extra friendly bots.

    The method is simple. BLOOD DRIVE! 1 person goes as Lizzie or Mac because they carry shock grenades. The other person goes as Kait as she carries Incendiary grenades. Work up to about 10 Skulls each hiding and gunning down the bots running in. If you die twice in a row without a kill or assist you get a skull anyway. Once you're both good on skulls. Throw a shock grenade as Lizzie or Mac at the most inner doorway of spawn covering the whole inside area of the 2 door ways then throw an Incendiary grenade as Kait at the doorway too. The bots will charge in the doorway to attack you but will get stunned and take damage from the shock grenade. They will go straight down and the Incendiary grenade will kill them. Resulting in Kait getting a kill and Lizzie or Mac getting an assist. Keep the throwing reasonably consistent but space out carefully so you don't run out of grenades. Once you hit 75 kills the round will end. Repeat over and over every round until you finish the match or rotate roles. Easy 750 kills or assists. Switch roles and do the same for another 10 rounds of 75 kills and you are both even. The best part about this method is your skulls carry over into the next round so you can start throwing immediately without having to fight for them. Each round should take 5-6 minutes. Each match of 10 rounds should be 1 hour long so 20 rounds should be 1 hour 50 mins - 2 hours. Keep away from view of the window and doorway, you will get shot through it. This is a great method for 2 people to work on together.

    You can also work on kills and damage towards the 100,000,000 damage achievement by just playing as Lizzie or Mac throwing shock grenades solo. The bots keep getting downed if you cover the doorway. After their 3rd down they will die. This is great for grinding damage and kills but takes slightly longer than the method stated above. You can boost kills solo as Cole or Benjamin with flame pools they leave behind after each kill but this will not boost your damage as much as the shock grenade only method. Good luck and thanks to everyone who I boosted with to make this work.

    Shout out to Sijore X51 & Groznia. clap

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    GB6 KazuyaCheckout this thread on the Gears of War forums for a solution to your Versus tracking issues. I can confirm this works:

    Posted by GB6 Kazuya on 17 Jun at 07:37
    Dr ShwazzLooking for a partner to boost this method with or the other one. GT - Dr Shwazz. Aiming primarily for assists.
    Posted by Dr Shwazz on 02 Aug at 02:30
    PridedGlue92247Can this be done under LAN or no?
    Posted by PridedGlue92247 on 01 Oct at 03:29
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  • RemovedOrange5RemovedOrange5415,567
    06 Feb 2022 21 Feb 2022 21 Feb 2022
    17 2 4
    Hi all, this is probably the fastest (25 hours) and least amount of work way if you have the following:
    6 controllers total, at least 2 xboxs and a friend.

    Game type: capture the flag
    Fill with bots : off
    Map: Speyer b/c the spawns are close
    Spawn protection : 0
    Respawning time: 7 (explosions delay if 5 seconds)
    Swap all weapons: Relic Retro Lancer

    Put all 4 dummies on the swarm team and you and your partner are on cog. Run over to the other side as soon as the match starts and the teammate going for kills is on the right while the assist person is on the left. I was the assist person and found that shooting the thigh of the middle left swarm would hit all of them and count for the assist (see clip). A thousand kills (30 mins roughly) you or your teammate should claim the flag start the round. At 2000 kills you should claim the flag so that the dummies don't disconnect and make you have to set the lobby up again (They would still crash after 2 hours for me). This took roughly 25 hours to complete but you will need a partner and 4 dummies if you want to be most efficient.
    Thank you to Bri for helping me and all the other people that have posted their tips and tricks.

    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed

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    StormxGrohlGreat solution !! Did this solo with 2 consoles and 3 controllers. 1000 assists every half hour I was getting. Thanks a lot RemovedOrange5
    Posted by StormxGrohl on 15 Mar at 16:08
    RopeADerpThis is a great solution. I've found that changing the individual respawn option off to use wave based respawns causes the bots to spawn faster and all at the same time. I've had no issues with setting the respawn time to 5 secs.
    Posted by RopeADerp on 16 Mar at 04:20
    Piyi PiyiIf you are doing this alone (2 Xbox), I found that is easier to share ammo from the account who do the kills to the one for the assists because you don't have to move the assist account and you don't lose the spot for shooting.

    Great solution smile
    Posted by Piyi Piyi on 11 May at 07:46
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