Do it! achievement in The Touryst

Do it!

Fill the TO-DO meter to 100%

Do it!-1.0
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How to unlock the Do it! achievement

  • BlazeFlareonBlazeFlareon588,083
    30 Jul 2020 30 Jul 2020 05 Aug 2020
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    Here is the full list that needs to be complete. A lot of these you'll get just by playing, but the small descriptions should help. If you have any questions, feel free to comment.
    *Updated since there were a few down upvotes, went back and added spoilers and some descriptions*

    New update 8/4/2020 - Had the wrong islands for the cores, edited)

    Touryst Island
    - Monument Cores (Story related)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    - Picture it! (photo of each monument, one on each island except the one you get from getting all of the bottles and Leysure. This includes the one that
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    -- Touryst - stand on top of the Towa monument and take a picture of the pressure plates on the little island, thanks Jay Cowl
    -- Fijy - Only need the main monument, no pics of the Twins/pedestals used to open
    - Let's play (Soccer shirt from shirt store on Hawayy then return and do the soccer minigame)
    - Get the fruits (2 melons, 1 strawberry to smoothie maker, they are common around the island)
    - Thirst! (Give the smoothie from get the fruits to the elevator person)
    - and the beat goes on (finish party meter, then buy records from record store and return them)

    - Rat Attack (Enter the mine and help clear the rats, required for access to the diamond mine)
    - Get licensed (Rain lab at the top of the mountain (not the monument) and take a small quiz)
    - The coordinates (Get coordinates after finishing the cores,
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    Give them to the pilot across from the rain lab)

    - Let's go vacation (show the couple the fijy island guide)

    - Break the ice! (3 coconuts to ice cream man)
    - Surf's up (10k points in surf contest, check 540 degree trick achievement solution for more)

    - The Sound of Drums (Self explanatory, achievement for beating without missing a beat, replayable)
    - The Monument Scrolls (Hidden in breakable walls dictated by cracks then returned to museum, 7 in total)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    - Can you do the Canoe? (Talk to uncle inside house to help nephews and do the canoe course)

    Leysure Island
    - Faces and Phrases (10 pictures of different characters you meet for the art gallery. Must be done in order but you can stock multiple photos at once. Thanks Pickle Rick for the full list)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    - Pull up! (Purchase tank top from shirt store, return and do 25 pullups in 20 seconds, confirmed that you don't need to do the 35 pullups)
    - Break the Highscores! (Purchase tokens in the arcade then beat the top score on the 3 arcade machines)
    - Quadcopter Race

    Jazz Club (On Santoryn, need tux shirt from shirt store)
    - Ella and Duke (Take a pic of the front of art gallery)

    Unknown (Island reachable after collecting the 4 messages in the bottles)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    - the parcel (Open safe in plane, then return parcel to museum

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    BlazeFlareonIm always gonna be shocked how hard everything thinks these arcade games are when the hardest one took me 10 minutes max.
    Posted by BlazeFlareon on 24 Jan at 23:56
    default dot xbe"I don't know why everyone says rocket science is so hard" says the rocket scientist
    Posted by default dot xbe on 27 Jan at 21:18
    BlackTrackZThe high score challenge is much easier using a PC and keyboard. So is the 540 achievement.
    Posted by BlackTrackZ on 01 Feb at 15:33
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  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT236,860
    02 Aug 2020 10 Aug 2020 10 Aug 2020
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    Here is a video guide with English commentary and timestamps!

    Touryst Island
    0:36 - Monument Cores (Story related)
    0:57 - Picture it!

    1:29 - Thirst! & Get the Fruits!
    2:00 - Let's play
    4:24 - And the beat goes on

    Soggy Island
    5:14 - Get Licensed
    6:54 - The coordinates
    7:06 - Rat Attack!

    8:28 - Let's go vacation
    8:54 - Ella and Duke

    12:12 - Break the Ice!
    13:37 - Surf's Up!

    16:03 - The Sound of Drums
    16:26 - Can you do the Canoe?
    16:56 - The Monument Scrolls

    Leysure Island
    22:25 - Pull-Up!
    22:38 - Faces and Phrases
    26:18 - Quadcopter Race
    27:44 - Break the Highscores!

    35:23 - The parcel
  • FullMoonBeaverFullMoonBeaver1,063,848
    22 Sep 2020 30 Jul 2020 30 Jul 2020
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    Not my video, so credot please to Optinoob on YouTube for their guide. It is on Switch, but so far for me, I have seen no difference.

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    CuthredArkanoid was easy, but I suck a Fast. I just hate racing games. And shit like this usually ruins game for me.
    Posted by Cuthred on 11 Aug 20 at 13:56
    PhillipWendellThe brick and dynamite ones weren’t tough for me, but I’m struggling with Fast. You have to have a perfect run that apparently includes not bumping into any other cars. I’m on night three of trying to get the high score on that one.
    Posted by PhillipWendell on 29 Aug 20 at 03:21
    ChucklestyleMy final successful run of the arkanoid clone included multiple levels where I got multiball spam. Better protection against bs bounces by way of a few mulligans.
    Posted by Chucklestyle on 11 Sep 20 at 02:58
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