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Ninja School Valedictorian achievement in Ninja Blade

Ninja School Valedictorian

Achieve a Total Play Result A+ ranking.

Ninja School Valedictorian+0.4
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How to unlock the Ninja School Valedictorian achievement

  • ToKi N O HaKaIToKi N O HaKaI290,735
    19 Jun 2009 17 Jun 2009 12 Feb 2018
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    In addition to previous solution, i wanna to say that if you have A+ in all subcategories except damage (for example b+) and you have 45000 in finalization points.

    You can do this: start mission 1 on hard, in the first fight against the Pox giant, when is ready for todomé, start to hit him a lot with dual Knives (LT+X combo). Let him recover life but you can't stop hitting him, when giant is ready again for todomé, press ninja vision to not have cancelled your hit combo because you know the action stops a lil bit when bosses are ready for todomé.

    After that continue your hit combo and cancel ninja vision, rinse and repeat... let him recover life, smash button like a mad with dual knives, when todomé is coming press ninja vision...

    I reach 379 hit combo and finalization points go from 16000 to 33000 on mission 1. I unlocked achievement by this way with 52000 points overall A+ in everything except damage(B+) because i don't have last ninjutsu.

    EDIT: Thanks to Nightrain89 i missed to say what movement i used to do high combo, i used LT+X. Sorry :p

    EDIT2: As some users said, it seems that you can do this method without having Dual Knives at level 5. Thanks to Shinobi of Edo, he said this and could be helpful too: "Using Ninja Vision during the first Pox Giant fight proved to be quite tricky and didn't work so well. I would often get around a 200 plus combo and have it reset on me. I found that using the maxed out Plasma Shield ability (obtained by finishing the game on hard difficulty) worked great! After striking him with the dual knives for a while, once the Todome moment comes, use the Plasma Shield instead of Ninja Vision and it will continue to hit the Pox Giant even when the action pauses. Doing this, I was able to very easily get a 999 hit combo in just a few minutes, pushing my overall score from 44000 to 64000, WAY over the score needed for an overall A+ ranking!"

    EDIT3: Thanks to Kjer25 "if you are going for all the other achievements and replaying levels you can get this achievement through natural progression and without beat the game on hard. Going for the one weapon and no deaths achievement should grant you this achievement through natural gameplay."
    Thanks for your help Kjer25 wink

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    SrfsmurfI had a completion score of 47295 (A), with qte and finish attacks on A, while damage was B. The rest was A+. Had to do your use your solution (got 705 hit combo) and reached a completion score of 56835 and A+. Thanks :)
    Posted by Srfsmurf on 11 Dec 16 at 13:31
    ToKi N O HaKaIYour welcome, glad to help ;-)
    Posted by ToKi N O HaKaI on 12 Feb 18 at 18:24
    ToKi N O HaKaIKjer25 thanks for your comment I'll update what you said in the solution.
    Posted by ToKi N O HaKaI on 12 Feb 18 at 18:27
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    22 Apr 2009 24 Apr 2009 24 Apr 2009
    6 1 2
    Basically, you have to perform very well in every subcategories of your evaluation. Hopefully, you can focus on each category at a time, since the game keep the best score everytime. So, you can restart every mission to master each point until you get A/A+ everywhere.

    The most important categories are the Combo Count and the Finish Attack count. If you master these points, you'll get the A+ overall ranking faster. Note : the last ninjutsu help to not getting hit too much.

    The A+ ranking is obtained with an overall score of about 50000.
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    VinchuccaNooo the game glitched on me! I ended the game without a single retry on normal. Got the corresponding achievement and completed the game with a B+ rating. Then I restarted level 4, used 1 retry and beat it again. But now somehow my overall stats are glitched. It says things like : 99:59:99 hours played and retries used (not kidding it actually is such a high number and it should be just "1"). Now my rating is a C-.
    Anybody else had this? Anyway to remedy it?
    I wasn't connected to live at the time. Would reconnecting help? Any thoughts?
    Posted by Vinchucca on 16 Mar 10 at 20:52
    Markyshizzlethere was a patch that fixed this, only thing you can do it start over.
    Posted by Markyshizzle on 02 Jun 11 at 06:20
  • DanteDevilDanDanteDevilDan405,573
    30 May 2018 02 Jun 2018 02 Jun 2018
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    I've made a video explaining the method I followed to get the achievement.

    While the previous solutions explain in good descriptive detail, I am more a visual person and I couldn't quite understand it. It follows similar method but with easy the monster will go down very fast and ninja vision isn't needed when you are cycling through the shiriken.

    1. Select your dual swords and plasma shield (Max level) and mash X to attack

    2. When the boss staggers, press B quickly and remain close so your shield is hitting while you're unable to move.

    3. Soon as you get control, mash X again and de-select shield by pressing RB, keep going until you select shield again.

    4. Rinse and repeat.

    * This was played on EASY
    * Unlocking the Plasma shield will however require you to finish on HARD. This achievement was the last I needed at the time.
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