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You're Not Welcome achievement in Yakuza Kiwami 2

You're Not Welcome

Completed all bouncer missions.

You're Not Welcome-0.8
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How to unlock the You're Not Welcome achievement

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    Bouncer missions are first unlocked in Chapter 5. Head to the east side of Theater Square and a man will ask you for help. The bouncer missions are located in Debolah, located just on the west side of Theater Square and down the stairs. The achievement will pop after completing all 26 missions on each of the three difficulties. Successfully completing a mission will unlock that same mission on hard difficulty (except the last 3) and the next mission. Completing on hard will unlock it on legend. The last 3 missions will have hard mode unlocked when all 23 previous missions have been completed on hard and legend respectively.

    Whilst you have full access to your equipment (gear and weapons) you have no access to your inventory so unfortunately there is no way to heal during the mission. Drinking a drink from a vending machine for its +attack or +defense bonus can help but will run out quickly.

    I wouldn't recommend going too far until you've beaten the game, the first 23 are straightforward and the last 3 are still doable, it's definitely best until you've maxed out your character and finished the main story so you can purchase post game only weapons from Kamiyama in Tenkaichi Alley. Namely the Dragon SP pistol and the Photon Blade RG, both are infinite weapons. If you don't want to wait until post game, give Kamiyama 5 mil in weapon and armor sales for the ability to buy the infinite Illegal Poison Kodachi for 5 mil and buy the 3 Transcendent pieces of armour.

    I'd recommend going through the first 23 missions first on normal for the gear rewards. Namely the mission An Explosive Plot gives you the Replica Sacred Wood Armour (if you didn't buy during chapter 16), a few missions later The Sex-starved Samurai gives you the real Sacred Wood Armour. These automatically block incoming bullets for you which can be a life saver. The last three missions give you the Dragons Binding, Dragon God Amulet and War God Talisman respectively. A sacrifice stone can be handy in a pinch and all will be important for the legend missions.

    Wearing Dragon's Binding, Dragon God Amulet and Eye of the Dragon (from Dragon Palace) will give you a gear bonus of evasion and weapon resistance and is incredibly helpful. The Sacred Wood Armour, Payback Ring (More damage when at less health) and War God Talisman (slowly raises heat) can be subbed in for some missions. The Dragon Pistol SP is amazing for just spamming Y (not RB and Y since it's slower) and almost stunlocks enemies. The next two slots should also be infinites, I believe the photon weapons do more damage to Amons when their shields are up in the last 3 missions.

    The last 3 missions are the difficult ones here, the first two feature a ridiculously tough Amon and the last features 3 of them! One tip I can give is going into the pause menu and switching difficulty to easy. Despite the mission difficulty (Which all that changes is damage you cause and take from the same enemies) it still is based around the overall game difficulty and easy just makes it so much more manageable.

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place - This features 3 sets of enemies. The 1st is slow big guys who take a lot of damage to take down but move so slow it's simple to spam the pistol and heat with it when they get close. 2nd wave is has a few guys and 2 bosses. Spam pistol when possible and heat when they're close, swap to the Illegal blade/Photon to clean up. Last set is Kazuya Amon, a few bosses with weapons and 2 gun guys at the back. Spam pistol at Amon when possible but moving and dodging is important. A trick with Amons is that once you've done a heat action with one weapon type, it'll keep doing less damage so swap out with another type of weapon to keep doing decent heat damage. Don't use heat when he's got his orange shield up as it won't do damage but you can still hit him with a photon weapon to knock health down. He'll eventually turn red and into his heat mode, he's dangerous here but also now weak again to heat actions. Swap to the payback ring if you're getting low on health for more damage and make use of extreme heat, you'll never die in extreme heat but you will come out of it with 1hp so be careful you won't leave anyone alive!

    Eternal Twilight - 4 sets this time, first is 2 boss ninjas and a bunch of ninjas and samurai, the next waves features 2 coliseum bosses and a bunch of guys, wave 3 has 1 coliseum boss and some more guys. I had great success just spamming my pistol at everything that moved in the first 3 waves, just move around in wave 1. The last wave is only 2 guys with Jiro Amon. It's well worth using a Sacred Wood Armour here since he spams his Uzi at you and it can cause big damage. One tip is if you can actually grab him, you can heat action throw him off the bridge for a quick win. If not, you can use the west side of the bridge to help cover against his ridiculous Uzi spam. Same tips above apply, spam pistol and you can occasionally stun lock him into his shield phase. Photon (but not heat) him in his shield phase and in his heat phase either extreme heat or any weapon spam will do.

    Pandemonium - This is absolutely hectic. You'll have to fight 100 guys here! If you're not careful all of Kazuya, Jiro and Sango Amon all at once. First wave is maybe around 50 guys or so with slightly more weapons leading to some with shotguns toward the end. Hit and run works best for this wave. The next wave is around 15 or so guys and Kazuya, he's exactly the same as his mission but take care in only trying to hurt him. Kill too many minions and the next Amon will spawn! It's easier said than done but having three Amons at once is a nightmare. The best strategy I found is to run around the structure in the north, this will buy you some space and time to strike the Amon then run away around the other side of the structure. This will also help when the second Amon drops, as he loves to spam his Uzi. Finally the last Amon drops with his rocket launcher, he works like Jiro so hit and run around the structure works. You can swap out any armour too so you can apply your sacrifice stones if you're getting too low. Having a bunch of different types of weapons really helps here since of Amons ability to take less subsequent damage from heat attacks from a single weapon. Good luck with this one!
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    jrod39Hydr0city's guide is fantastic and I want to add a couple of observations regarding the last three missions with the Amon brothers, particularly Pandemonium, the final mission, having just completed the bouncer missions yesterday.

    First, I would strongly recommend doing the last three missions after you've reached Premium adventure, because you'll have access to the Dragon-SP. You can use that very effectively for crowd control--you can greatly damage enemies from far away, building up heat as you do so, and if anyone gets to close while you'll firing, you'll automatically use the pistol heat action if you've unlocked it. The pistol also does a good amount of damage to the Amons, but loses effectiveness after you've drained about half their health. You should also get the two Photon Blade weapons, which are separate classes (kali sticks and katana)--this is important because, with the pistol, you'll have three infinite weapons, each of which has its own heat action. [And I believe that the Photon Blade weapons do extra damage to the Amon brothers while their shields are up.]

    Second, I'd also recommend completing all of the substories first and then getting the Weapons Mastery technique from Kamiyama. This will refresh any weapon you switch to as long as it's still usable (meaning it'll go from 1 back 8 or 32 or whatever, but if it's at 0, nothing happens). This is useful for preserving some of your finite weapons. You also want to maximize your weapons slots with different weapons from different classes. Don't take five katanas, for example--bring a katana, an iron, pliers, a bowling ball, and a golf club. Each has a different heat action and you will want to use them after you've used the three heat actions for the infinite weapons as mentioned above.

    I was fully upgraded (bar the heat action you learn by beating all the bouncer missions) when I tackled these, and I beat Pandemonium on Legend at the first attempt using the strategy below:
    1. Use the Dragon-SP pistol to take down the Amon brother's health until it no longer does damage.
    2. Use the heat actions for each of the three infinite weapons (Photon Blade W, Photon Blade RG, Dragon-SP) to further reduce his health.
    3. Build heat by either blocking or attacking the other enemies around the Amon brother, then perform heat actions using your other weapons (prioritizing ones which you'll be able to use again, like the bat, versus ones which you use up when you perform heat actions, like the salt shaker).

    I generally needed to use only two or three extra heat actions beyond the infinite weapon ones, and by making sure to use ones which didn't see their remaining uses drop to zero afterwards, I was able to reuse them on the next Amon brother.

    My weapon loadout when tackling Pandemonium included the following weapons:
    Photon Blade W (performs kali sticks heat action)
    Photon Blade RG (performs katana heat action)
    Cursed Tonfa
    Bowling Ball
    Iron Spear
    Stun Gun
    Salt Shaker
    Traffic Wand
    Fireball Gun (shotgun)
    Modded Iron
    Black Shaft Club
    Patriarch's Bat
    Modded Stove
    Illegal Poison Kodachi (performs dagger heat action; also useful for stunning enemies and has a wider area of effect than the Photon Blade RG).

    I am not great at combat but I was able to beat Legend on the first try using the above. If this helps anyone, it was worth the effort to write it! :)
    Posted by jrod39 on 12 Aug 20 at 22:42
    IceIceFadeyJeez these missions are typical yakuza.. 26 different missions and have to beat them 3 different times. Gotta love it though
    Posted by IceIceFadey on 21 Aug 20 at 12:25
    pukem0nngoddamn it those are boring after a while. Start them immediately after gaining access and chip away at them at times, do not leave them for one of the last things you do or you will be bored out of your mind after doing 5 missions 3 different times each.
    Posted by pukem0nn on 08 Sep 20 at 19:55
    Apostle92627Yeah, I got bored after awhile too. It doesn't get challenging unroll you're on the last three. I beat a couple with no health left. Beating Pandemonium (Legend) to unlock the achievement was awesome though, especially since I went into normal unsure if I could win.

    Also, I'm in chapter 10 and my stats are mostly maxed out.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that for these missions, using extreme heat helped me. Like a lot. I didn't use weapons really, and my defensive skills are terrible. But I would hit the extreme heat button, hit cn_X a few times, then hit cn_Y twice. If the second cn_Y attack connected, I would button mash it. You can eliminate two bars of health doing that. However, if an Amon I was fighting had his shield up, button mashing didn't do anything to his health, though he still lost some due to the heat attack.
    Posted by Apostle92627 on 16 Sep 20 at 22:37
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