Legends of the Nightlife achievement in Yakuza Kiwami 2

Legends of the Nightlife

Completed the Four Shine storyline.

Legends of the Nightlife-0.2
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How to unlock the Legends of the Nightlife achievement

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    02 Aug 2020 02 Aug 2020 11 Aug 2020
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    You can not unlock this until chapter 6.

    If you played Yakuza 0, you already know how to run a cabaret club. For everyone else here is a breakdown and tips on running your club and beating the championship.

    Invest your money early to speed this up and make it easier. You invest in partners(Gamers Hero had a great youtube guide I used) and girls(makeovers and recruitment). When you makeover your hostess max out 3/4 categories, the last will will have to take a hit. Recruit as many girls as you can early on to fill out your staff.

    There are 4 tiers of hostess, platinum, gold, silver, bronze. You want platinum or gold. You unlock more platinum hostess as you go through the championship.

    There are 2 sets of skills you want to unlock before you start, club hustler and hostess with the mostess. Hustler increases the amount of money you earn each time and hostess increases the xp they get at the end.

    While running the club pair the customer with the girl that will make him the happiest(the happier the guest the more they spend).

    When the girls ask for help you have to pick the right option and you will get a bonus order. They make hand signals to relate the information. Here is a list of the solutions.

    "L"-guest glass
    imaginary shot glass-ladies glass
    open a book-menu
    cup hands together-ashtray
    upside down surfer sign-ice

    There is no time limit on these and the timer stops so don't panic and pick the wrong one.

    Some guests may cause trouble, noise problem is the most common. Never had to learn these(besides noise). As long as you have a good staff and keep the customers happy, this should not be a problem.

    When you work the girls too much, they get tired. While tired their skills take a hit. once they hit neutral I give them a break/shift off.

    Once you earn enough cash you can activate fever mode. It has 3 tiers, I usually use it on the first or second one. This puts random tables in fever mode(customers spend a lot of money). Try to use this when all of your tables are new so it does not get wasted on someone leaving in 3 seconds.

    You can also get guests in to fever mode by getting them to extend their session. Only ask average or above to extend. More wealthy they are the more likely they will extend.

    Oil barons have a chance to spawn at the end in the higher championships. You have to mash X to fill up a bar and he will spend a small fortune. The better girls you have the easier this will be.

    Never give the girls or customers gifts. It's just trowing money away. Either thank the customer or praise the girl.

    For the championships make sure your A team(best girls) are rested. For each championship it tells you how much that boss earns, try to average 500K or more before you challenge them.

    The later championships put a handicap on you, overall it's more of a inconvenience then a challenge.

    The final battle can be a real challenge, make sure you have your girls leveled up and a lot of fans. I was behind at the end by 100K, but the oil baron pushed me over the edge. She also has a lot more expenses.
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    CryOnYou can unlock this in chapter 6.
    Posted by CryOn on 03 Aug 20 at 19:05
    The ArmedMadmanThe final battle would not start for me(first trip to Sotenbori), Yuki said she had to make preparations. I finished the quest line my second trip there(chapter 10).
    Posted by The ArmedMadman on 05 Aug 20 at 01:47
    CryOnIn chapter 6 you can return with the taxi to finish it. To say you can not unlock this until chapter 10 is not correct.
    Posted by CryOn on 05 Aug 20 at 10:41
    I8ITackyticsI8IThe comments above are correct once you unlock the "my boss is crazy" achievement you can finish it. I got to the final championship in chapter 8 and finally beat it in chapter 10. You can return to sotenbori at any time via taxi whilst in kamurocho
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 05 Aug 20 at 19:43
    good Super manIs anyone having problems unlocking achievements just for cabaret? I just finished the Four shine storyline and lent an ear to all platinum hostesses but haven't received either achievements.
    Posted by good Super man on 06 Aug 20 at 05:00
    The ArmedMadmanUpdated the solution. Thank you for the information.

    good super man. The Yakuza series has a achievement bug, where some may not pop if you don't quit out of the game(close the game on the xbox). Just load up the game each time you play. Do you have a backup save?
    Posted by The ArmedMadman on 11 Aug 20 at 22:13
    good Super manSo I got all the achievements a few days ago and forgot to update my comment. I think I didn't get either of the 2 achievements was because I was skipping dialogue any chance I got. I skipped conversations because I played this on ps4 a while back so I already knew everything that happened. I had a back up save for platinum hostess achievement since I had 1 more conversation with Kira but did it again and it didn't pop. So I got both achievements during my legendary playthrough without skipping any of the dialogue and did all conversations after I beat the storyline.
    Posted by good Super man on 16 Aug 20 at 00:59
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