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The Emperor achievement in Double Kick Heroes

The Emperor

Beat Mobula on EXTREME difficulty

The Emperor0
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How to unlock the The Emperor achievement

  • TervissimoTervissimo
    19 Oct 2020 22 Oct 2020 01 Nov 2020
    This guide will help you kill Mobula (chapter 5 boss) on your own in the most efficient way possible. This is the hardest boss fight in the game by far. It will be very difficult for most people and could require a lot of practice to beat solo, but it's still very possible, especially for Guitar Hero/Rock Band veterans (or any difficult rhythm game). If you are having trouble, you can have a second person help you via Xbox's copilot feature. Have the more skilled person take the most important double kick lane, and the second less skilled person take the snare and cymbal lanes.

    This achievement stacks with the following:

    Double Kick HeroesPrinceThe Prince achievement in Double Kick Heroes worth 77 pointsBeat Mobula on Hard Rock difficulty

    Double Kick HeroesBlood KingThe Blood King achievement in Double Kick Heroes worth 146 pointsBeat Mobula on METAL difficulty

    Double Kick HeroesBlood BathThe Blood Bath achievement in Double Kick Heroes worth 230 pointsBeat Mobula on VIOLENCE difficulty

    Here's the tutorial video, along with the full description from YouTube posted below. Check out the final paragraph for boss specific strategies.

    This is a tutorial on the most efficient method to kill Mobula on Extreme difficulty, on the Xbox One. You can obtain the achievement on either Story or Arcade mode. I played on Arcade mode so I could show off the full chart.

    First of all, make sure you spend time tweaking the settings. Go into Gameplay and turn on the "No Overheat Mod", and change "Musical Score Speed" to x0.5. The "No Overheat Mod" allows you to spam as much as you want with no penalty outside of losing your streak. Changing the "Musical Score Speed" gives you more time to see the notes, but more importantly, it increases the size of the timing window, making it MUCH easier to keep your streak going. You can still earn any achievement in the game with these mods on.
    Next go into Controls and make a custom control scheme. Both default options are terrible in my opinion. Make sure that the up kick and down kick are mapped to separate thumbs, then use the bumpers and triggers for snares and cymbals. I personally chose right on the d-pad for down kick and X for up kick, and then LB and RB for snares and LT and RT for cymbals.
    Finally, go into Sound and tweak the Audio/Video Calibration. The Video Calibration test works fairly well. The calibration changes every time you hit RB, so keep hitting RB with the flash until it stays pretty consistent. For me, I landed at -25 MS. The Audio Calibration test is completely broken unfortunately. Thankfully, the game is very good at indicating if you are early/late during gameplay. If you notice that you are consistently late in a song, then increase the audio delay (ex: move it from -50 MS to -70MS), and vice versa if you are consistently early. For me, -220 MS is where I landed eventually (that seems like a crazy high number but it worked for me for some reason).

    Now for general boss fighting strategies:

    Always focus on the double kick lane first. This is the most important lane by far, because it does the most damage, and anytime you miss a note or hit the button too many times, you lose your streak and go back to the pistol, which causes you to miss out on a lot of damage potential. However, the snare and cymbals don't affect your streak at all. You can spam them, or ignore them, and still maintain your double kick streak. The more you hit the snare and sniper, the more often you will throw grenades and fire sniper shots, so they can be useful if you can manage to hit them. But you never want to hit them if it causes you to lose your double kick streak. The sniper is more important than grenades in boss battles, as it does single targeted spike damage; so focus on that before grenades, if you have to.
    A very nice thing about this game is the HUGE timing window. You'll notice that there are 'Perfect', 'Good', and 'OK' timings. These all have different point totals, but they all do the exact same amount of damage against the boss. Which means if you hit the notes anywhere in the massive yellow timing window, you do full damage. You can completely ignore the timing of the songs and just hit the notes whenever they are in the square and still do fine. Use this to your advantage on the fast parts! Instead of alternating back and forth, it might be easier for you to hit both up and down kick at the same time.

    Now for this particular boss fight:

    Mobula is the hardest boss in the game by far. He has 2 phases, each with quite a bit of health, and is constantly summoning small enemies to be bullet sponges. As soon as you kill the first phase, he disappears for ~15 seconds then reappears in his second phase. You won't get the achievement unless you kill his second phase before the end of the song. On top of that, the chart has many extremely fast patterns with difficult timing. You will need to be very skilled, or practice a lot, to get this one by yourself.
    You will need to rely heavily on the sniper in order to do enough damage to this boss, but there are still some points where you can safely leave it out. The details of which lanes I focused on are:
    0:15, kick and cymbals (way too hard to hit snares here);
    0:40, all lanes (slow and easy, and you need grenades to deal with wolves. You should kill the first phase during this slow part);
    1:25, kick and snare (you can probably drop snare here if you want, I included it because it helped me keep track of the rhythm on the fast parts);
    3:00, kick and cymbals (lots of fast kicks, but the cymbals only come during the breaks, making them easy to include here);
    3:45, all lanes (easy part, might as well get extra damage);
    4:28, kick only (constant fast kicks, way too hard to include anything else. In order to keep up with the speed, I use a strategy where I hover my thumbs steady over the kick buttons, then just shake the entire controller back and forth so that the buttons move into my thumbs. When done correctly, it feels very similar to alternate strumming on a Guitar Hero guitar.)

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    TheOnlyMattoyou can use three controllers and get two people to help. Each person focuses on one row. Found this to be much easier.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto On 27 Jan 21 at 05:09
    M4G II NER0Thank you mate!!
    Posted by M4G II NER0 On 01 Mar 21 at 16:33
    Lonsta DaMonstaProud to say I did this solo. Great guide, thank you!
    Posted by Lonsta DaMonsta On 25 Aug 21 at 00:51
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  • JiTeuBeyJiTeuBey
    14 Aug 2020 20 Aug 2020 30 Aug 2020
    Mobula is the boss of the chapter 5.
    To unlock this achievement, you'll have to beat it on EXTREME difficulty (and you'll also unlock achievements for VIOLENCE, METAL and Hard Rock difficulty).

    First, you don't have to beat the boss in Story mode, you can do it in Arcade (you'll have to unlock the level before by progressing through campaign, though)

    Second, you have to kill the boss and not simply survive through the level. So, there is a hidden countdown before the boss run away. You'll have to do a great performance to beat him.

    Third, I advise you to change the gameplay type in the options, and to chose the buttons you prefer to use.
    Personally, I chose cn_left and cn_A respectively for "shooting up" and "shooting down", then cn_RB and cn_RT for the grenades, and finally cn_LB and cn_LT for the sniper.

    Finally, if you have trouble with bosses (and you should have, especially in high difficulties), here is a great tip to help you, if you have another player (and another controller) with you.
    Use the Copilot feature of the console :
    - Turn on both of the controllers.
    - Go to the console settings.
    - Select "Ease of access" (the last category), then "controller".
    - Select "Copilot settings" (that should start the app).
    - On the bottom, select "Activate Copilot".
    - Now, the two controllers are used for one profile.
    - Once in the game, have a player focused on the first two lines, the other one on the last line.
    With that tip, it will be really easier to defeat the boss.


    Another great tip shared by Enluna :

    Just a heads up, you can lower the speed of the song to 0.5x on settings and make the achievements on extreme a lot more doable (I did them with my sister who don't play games at all doing the copilot method... The decent player should pick the yellow line and try to mantain the 8x the entire song, the second player (who will focus purple and red) can fail all the notes that he wants since you don't lose the multiplier, of course the less he fails, more extra damage towards the boss... )
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