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Running the Show

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How to unlock the Running the Show achievement

  • NotSoBraveDaveNotSoBraveDave40,929
    06 Mar 2010 05 Apr 2010 04 Jul 2010
    226 9 113
    Hey I've found a bit of a quicker way than most methods I've seen so I've made a video guide to it hope you enjoy

    UPDATE : Even Quicker way : Exp Gainer has two Scarabs and 1 base , Worker has all bases same as other method just keep making barracks have the scarabs the perfect distance away so it can destroy the buildings but not the base itself , Worker just keeps rebuilding in three building spots, Insanely fast got 1000 XP in 4mins just Ran out of supplies Over all took us 25 mins

    GL have fun


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    MW Bulbasauronline servers still up ?
    Posted by MW Bulbasaur on 07 Apr at 11:46
    The GlobalizerYes.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 07 Apr at 13:17
    ChrisRE343Is it possible to obtain this achievement? does not mark as discontinued
    Posted by ChrisRE343 on 01 May at 21:28
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  • NonfaithNonfaith589,242
    24 Aug 2011 06 Jul 2011 13 Apr 2012
    128 2 4
    The scoring system for Halo Wars has changed dramatically. The new points needed to rank up are listed below. It now takes about a 1/3 of the time to get this achievement then it did before. Have fun!

    Rank-----------Score Needed (Old<>New)
    Recruit---------Play 1 Game

    I used NotSoBraveDave's method at the top of this list to get General. Seems to be the best method so far with me and a friend trading off turns. The score maxes out at 4000 and with the multiplier you end up with 33,600 points. This means it will take exactly 29 match wins to get this achievement. It takes 35min in Keepaway and 25min in Deathmatch. So expect to spend over 30 hours boosting this.
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    Your math is a bit off, 29*25=725/60= 12hrs
    Posted on 07 Jul 21 at 07:59
    Mutantkilla@dutch if you're using the 35 mins from keep away, it's nearly 17 hrs each, over 30 hours boosting with a partner, like he says
    Posted by Mutantkilla on 11 Jul 21 at 15:07
    @Mutantkilla, there is 0 reason to play keepaway as there are 0 players at any given moment

    Also I complete matches in about 20-25mins for 30k~ EXP this takes a lil over 10hrs to get I assume per player

    Also its Super managable to do this solo so I strongly recommend doing this solo
    Posted on 26 Sep 21 at 14:59
  • RhyoliticRhyolitic485,942
    26 Dec 2009 22 Dec 2009 26 Dec 2009
    38 8 8
    Ok, my other solution took too long compared to the Release method, so I've removed it.

    Instead, I'll spell out how to do the Release method. You should be playing in the Keep Away 1v1 playlist, however, this will require you (and your partner) to have the Strategic Options DLC. Also, you should only do this during times that Keep Away 1v1 shows as 'Low Population' to reduce the chance of getting someone else. And make sure that you and your partner Prefer each other.

    The player going for General should be the Prophet of Regret. I've tried it with the Brute Chieftain and there was less room for error with him.

    Start off with the following build order...


    Send your Ghost Scout around collecting supplies, but being careful to avoid the Flood bases. You don't want to lose him as it may impact your final bonus multiplier. Once the Temple is built, the Prophet will be available. Send him to the three Flood bases and the two releasing mechanisms. Keep him out of reach of the tentacles.

    As soon as you have the cash, upgrade him to Blessed Immolation. This will make taking out the Flood bases quicker. Once they are gone, send the Scout (or the Prophet) in to take the supplies. I generally send the Scout as I can have the Prophet moving in the mean time.

    Upgrade your Warehouses to Blessed Warehouses and upgrade to Citadel ASAP. Build a Training Hall and a Summit. Research Peons and the repair thing for the Engineers. Build 2 Jackal squads, 5 Grunt squads (or ignore the Jackals and make 7 Grunts), and 2 Engineers. Upgrade your tech level when you can. Research Harmonious Digestion, Needlers, and Deacon. Once you've gotten those squads and techs researched, recycle those two buildings. Build 2 more Warehouses and upgrade them when you can. Research Followers, Ancestral Perversion, Divine Absolution, and Shield of the Forerunners when you have your Tech level maxed.

    As your Prophet cleans out the releasing mechanisms, hot drop a single Jackal (or Grunt) squad to him and garrison them in the mechanism. Repeat for the other when you get to it.

    After all Flood bases have been destroyed, move your Prophet to one of the release chutes. Move the other 5 Grunt squads and the Engineers to the other.

    Wait for your cash reserves to build up and then build a Scarab. While the Scarab is being constructed, wait for the reserves to fill back up. By the time it is finished, you should have close to 3k. Move the one Scarab to either the Prophet or the Grunts. When the second is finished, move it to the side that the other one didn't go to. Make sure that the Scarabs are not too close to the chutes. Give them some room so their beams can swivel rather than forcing them to turn their entire body.

    At this point, you should be at about 18-20 minutes, give or take. I did this without making another base.

    Now, you can start in releasing the Flood units. The initial release costs 300 cash per side. Recharge time for that is 1 minute (or so). Second release is 600 per side. Recharge time after that one is 2 minutes, iirc. Third release is 900 per side. Recharge remains 2 minutes. You can check how much time has elapsed by hitting the < button by the Guide button.

    Now, you might be asking why include the Grunts? Well, it's because they are very very useful at taking out the flying Flood forms. If you do this right, you won't lose a single unit. The Engineers keep the Grunts healed, and the Prophet's shield will not collapse under the Flood assault. The Scarabs are tough enough that they won't lose more than about 1/8th of their life.

    Once you have your 4000 points, send the nearest Scarab over to the other guy's base and have it destroy it.

    It will take a grand total of about 50 minutes to complete one iteration of this method. At the end, if you haven't lost anything, you'll get an 8.4x bonus, meaning the full 33,600 points for the one going for General. I'm trying to do about 4-5 matches a day. At that rate, it'll take 6 days or so to get it done. You'll need 29 matches, if you are starting at 0 points.

    Good luck!

    Edit - Don't worry if you lose a couple of Grunt squads to the Flood. You shouldn't, but it occassionally happens. They should be arranged closely together in an arc a little bit from the release point. Close enough that they can fire their needlers without moving, but far enough to give them a bit of a breather before the ground troops get to them. I think in the 20 or so runs I've done so far, I've lost less than 10 squads.

    You may also notice that in the final stats that you can get a lot of squads 'lost'. I believe the system counts a single infected grunt as a whole unit. These don't count against you in the final multiplier.
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    RhyoliticAlso, I looked up the build time for a Warthog. With Reserves researched, it's 16 seconds, apparently, without Reserves it's 22 seconds. It means either 6 or 8 'hogs per final Flood release. That's an addition 36 or 48 pts.

    You have to ask yourself if that amount of points is worth the second player's time, as well as your own when it's time to reciprocate. With Reserves researched, you could shorten it by, if my math is right and no saying it is, 6 Flood releases, or 12 minutes per round.
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 26 Mar 10 at 15:49
    Sir Stratsavvybut there are only one or wo maps max that have these release uplinks...ud have to add the time it takes to actually find ur mate AND get the correct map simultaneously. i can dual box but im not sure itd be wrth my time to try to find that one map with release levers...
    Posted by Sir Stratsavvy on 04 Jul 11 at 21:27
    RhyoliticThe Release map actually shows up fairly often. There's not that many maps to begin with, and plus, if you're using the DLC playlists when they show "Low Population", finding your friend won't take very long as that means, iirc, less than 10 people in the playlist. Prefer your friend and do a skill-based avoid on any others.
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 29 Jul 11 at 00:24
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