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24 Hours of Quality

Play Halo Wars for at least 24 Total Hours

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How to unlock the 24 Hours of Quality achievement

  • AerodynamoAerodynamo163,045
    07 Jan 2010 04 Jan 2010 07 Jan 2010
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    The other solutions here suggesting that you can get it by being in the home page and such are completely false. You must be playing the game to get this achievement.

    With that said... I was able to obtain all of the achievements within 21 hours other than the multiplayer ranked achievements and the 24 hour achievement (obviously), and so I had no more of the game to play. While this might not be the case for all, if you fall short, I have a definitive solution!

    Go into the title screen, click on 'Tutorial' and load the 'Basic' tutorial. Once you're in, make sure the text in the top-left has gone through one cycle, that you have a plugged-in controller (or one that will last for at least 24 hours or the amount of time you need, I guess), and walk away.

    NOTE: You have to exit the match in order to receive the achievement. With that said, you should try to figure out how much time you have left by waiting for the playtime statistic to slide along the ticker on the bottom. If you need proof that this method works, check your time, load it up for a few minutes, then go back and wait for the time stat to come back across.

    I give you the Aero guarantee that this will pop using this method! Why the other guys couldn't come up with this, I don't know...

    As always, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

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    sliceasaurus3 neg votes at time of my posting are very unnecessary. If you can't get something to work, send a msg to owner asking for clarification. It's you (most of the time) not the method.
    Posted by sliceasaurus on 15 Oct 11 at 21:00
    Scott is KingIf you're really good at boosting you can get every achievement, including General, before the 24 hours achievement. You can't use any of the boosting guides on this website because they are way too slow.
    Posted by Scott is King on 10 Sep 12 at 18:53
    Filip36365@Empty Magz not everyone is 100% this game. I for one try to get as many cheevos as I can without grinding (unless the grind involves leaving the game on like this achievement). Some people have better things to do than spend dozens of hours getting the general achievement which isnt worth enough GS to justify the hours it takes. I got all the quick and easy ones in this game and want to get this one out too.
    Posted by Filip36365 on 01 Sep 15 at 23:52
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  • SoundgoodizerSoundgoodizer261,551
    04 Aug 2010 06 Aug 2010
    11 1 0
    You should not concern yourself with this achievement until you have beaten the campaign and played some skirmish and matchmaking.

    Once you feel that you have played a fair amount of the game and you are at the point of "WHERE IS MY F*CKING ACHIEVEMENT?!?!?" wait at the main menu and pay attention to the text scrolling at the bottom keep watching until you see "Time spent in-game: __ hrs __ mins __ secs" then at least you know how much longer you have to play. So you can go get some other achievement to pass the time. (Note 1: achievement will unlock once the current mission or match is finished) (Note 2: This achievement only counts in-game time (or time spent actually PLAYING) so you cannot just be AFK for 24 hours) (Note 3: This is total time, so it does not have to be 24 hours straight)
    26 Sep 2010 13 Jul 2010 13 Jul 2010
    8 0 0
    What you can do is:

    There are four achievements you can get while completing 24 Hours of Quality they are Playin' the field achievement [which is winning a skirmish battle with every leader].

    My Virtual Friends Love Me achievement [win a 3v3 skirmish game with two computer allies].

    In one of the matches and you are using a covenant leader[Arbiter, Brute Chieftain or prophet of Regret] you can get 2 Bugs are Better Than One achievement [win a skirmish game with two scarabs on the field].

    The next one takes time, but that's what you want and that is Gallivant around the Galaxy achievement [win a game on every skirmish map].

    If then you still don't have the 24 Hours of Quality achievement then play the campaign on a difficulty that you haven't started yet [easy, normal, heroic or legendary]. If you do all this you will get the achievement. You don't have too do all of it.

    But I got 24 hours of quality after finishing those four achievements and finishing the campaign on easy.

    Any problems send me a message on here or X-box live
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