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Frenzied Defense achievement in Overwatch® Origins Edition

Frenzied Defense

Earn 15 saves in a game of Lúcioball Remix.

Frenzied Defense0
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How to unlock the Frenzied Defense achievement

  • MrTonytheGamerMrTonytheGamer341,028
    04 Aug 2020 04 Aug 2020 07 Aug 2020
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    For this achievement, you need to score 15 saves in a single game of Lúcioball Remix. This achievement is a little tricky at the moment, as it seems many people are also going for the achievements, and thus, they are only playing the goal. From minute one, you should be playing defense and trying to get saves on any shots coming your way to your goal. It should also be noted that this game mode can, and will be pretty chaotic. At any time in the arena, there can be as many as four (4!!) balls active, which can all be hard to keep track of.

    Some tips I can offer to anyone having difficulty with this one:

    1. Don't be afraid to spam your cn_LT ability.
    Seriously. Your cn_LT ability recharges incredibly fast in this mode, and is something you can spam nearly every second, so do not hesitate to use it when the the time is right.

    2. Wait for any shots to enter the green highlighted area in front of your goal.
    I can't 100% confirm this, but it seems that the game counts a save as "any ball that lands in the area directly in front of your goal." Any ball that seemed close to the goal, but wasn't actually in the area specified didn't seem to count as a save to the game, so I would try to let the balls come inside the highlighted area and then use my cn_LT to knock them away.

    3. Don't jump while inside the green area in front of your goal.
    Jumping in the green highlighted area in front of your goal will make you fly really high into the air. This only serves to get you AWAY from your goal, and, in turn, not saving as many shots. If you are going to jump for whatever reason with your cn_A, you will want to back up into the goal and then jump up, so you don't gain massive air from the pads.

    If you're curious as to how many saves you have in a game, just hold cn_back and you will be able to see towards the bottom of the screen how many saves the game has counted for you.

    EDIT: Changed button maps to correct defaults, as I had a custom button scheme for Lucio when writing this solution initially.
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    GatorFistThe real problem is the other team even getting 15 shots on goal. Not so much getting the saves.
    Posted by GatorFist on 04 Aug at 21:45
    smakzillaaThe other other problem is having to share the saves with someone and then both messing up and the other team scores
    Posted by smakzillaa on 04 Aug at 22:00
    I mentioned that at the beginning of the solution, I would give it a few days if you’re having difficulty getting goalie on your own.
    Posted by MrTonytheGamer on 04 Aug at 22:28
    MrTonytheGamer@GatorFist even then, the enemy team usually doesn’t even have to shoot it. If a ball just rolls towards your goal and is in the green area out front, the game usually counts it as a save.
    Posted by MrTonytheGamer on 04 Aug at 22:32
    odd flex butI earned 17 saves and got the card for it, just to not get the achievement, I’m not sure what it is I did wrong for it not to count? Is it bugged?
    Posted by odd flex but on 04 Aug at 23:31
    MrTonytheGamer@odd flex but
    I’ve had a few achievements bug out like that on this game, maybe wait a day or so for it to unlock, if it doesn’t unlock try it again, sorry man.
    Posted by MrTonytheGamer on 05 Aug at 00:16
    Elite1111111111I don't think you're using the default control scheme. You might want to update the guide with either more general comments, or the default controls.

    For example - Based off your comments for RB, you seem to have that set as Lucio's alt fire (the knockback ability), correct? That's normally LT.
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 07 Aug at 13:32
    MrTonytheGamer@Elite1111111111 ah crap, I think you might be right. I’ll update in a bit. I guess I had changed my controls for Lúcio so long ago I had forgot that it wasn’t the default for him when I wrote this.
    Posted by MrTonytheGamer on 07 Aug at 16:46
    VictimOfDesireI've seen upwards of 5 balls active in this game mode if no one is scoring. Also, I wouldn't even try to do this on the map that has all the pillars and walls, as shooting on that map is horrendous. The wide open map and the map with the straight wall down the middle are the two you should shoot for this on. I believe I got this on the wide open map and got 14 on the straight wall map twice. Taking shots on those maps is INCREDIBLY easier than that clusterfuck pillar map, which makes it a hellova lot easier to line up the saves. Getting into a save volley with the enemy goalie is also helpful in racking up saves, but it's hard to maintain with all of the balls being thrown around the arena. It'll definitely help add a few to your total though if you get into a save volley. You can only do a save volley on the wide open map though, as the pillars and walls on the other maps get in the way of a consistent back and forth with the enemy goalie. I believe I did a version of a save volley on the straight wall map by pushing the ball away from my goal and having it run parallel to the middle wall and having the enemy shoot it straight back at me. If you let it get close enough to the goal, it'll count as a save and you can keep doing that back and forth. All of this is dependent on enemy cooperation though and them not shooting it sideways or having another ball collide with the ball you're shooting down the lane.
    Posted by VictimOfDesire on 10 Aug at 14:42
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