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Dare Devil

Using rapid-fire and no power-ups, complete stages 1 & 2 of R-Type in a single game of 1P Classic

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How to unlock the Dare Devil achievement

  • KMetalmindKMetalmind190,573
    15 Feb 2009 16 Feb 2009 18 May 2012
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    You have to finish level 1 and level 2 of first R-Type, without using powerups, using rapid fire only, and without using credits (you can lose lives). So firsts tips are: Don´t pick any powerup, don´t use any other button than "B" (Guds Skyfall has confirmed using "Y" won´t unlock the achievement either!!), and don´t die (this one is easier said than done). Now I´ll give some random tips that really made this hard achievement a little easier:

    * At the beginning of the first level, try always to shoot as many red enemies as you can. They are weak, but if you let many of them live, their shots could give you trouble.

    * When you see surface walking enemies, go for them. They stay on screen more time, so they will shoot at you more.

    * When you see the big robot that shoot charged lasers, try to be near the ground, while its shots go above you. You´ll have to evade some shots and enemies before killing him, but he is your priority. Only stop shooting him when the blue enemy that lauches missiles appears.

    * When you are next to the entrance of the base, try to be as far to the right as you can, because killing those annoying robots is your next priority. If you can kill all of them without anyone going to your left, better.

    * Kill the cannons, and shoot at the missiles the blue enemy launches to you. It can be killed in a concrete pixel position from the left, but just don´t waste your time. Next kill the enemies that will fly to you, and then kill the blue enemy. Don´t waste your time going for the cannons on the top.

    * Kill the circle of cannons as fast as you can, and get ready for one of the hardest parts of the level. You won´t be able to kill the cannons on the top, so try to fool them by going up and down, and kill the array of enemies that will come for you. You should go down as fast as you can too, because there are two blue enemies that could kill you. If you die, you´ll restart here without cannons or the enemies array, so it will be a lot easier.

    * Now the hardest part of the level. You will have again some cannons on the top that you can´t kill, and two orange robots that takes many shots before being killed, and they will shoot many hard to avoid things to you. Focus on the first one until it´s dead. The homing missiles will not home if you are next to their feet, so try to be there constantly shooting. Once you kill the first one, the second one should be a piece of cake.

    * For the boss, align to the snake´s mouth, and keep shooting. Go up when the arm´s going to hit you or when the snake shoots at you. Try to get a good timing, because you can´t miss too many shots. Once you see the four grey orbs get destroyed, aim to the snake´s eyes, you will hit some more than shooting to his mouth.

    * For the second level, try not to shoot until the green enemies appears. Just avoid the other enemies, and try to be on the right side, because some of them jump earlier if you do so.

    * Once you get to the part with little green enemies, focus on killing them, because some randomly home on you. Try not to shoot jumping enemies, because they will stop on the air and chances are they could kill you.

    * When the green medusas come out, still focus on little green enemies, and shoot to any medusa that goes near you. One hit and they will go to the ground. Once the little green enemies stop coming, you can focus on them. If you get killed here, you´ll respawn without little green enemies or medusas, so it´ll be easier.

    * When the snake comes, focus on shooting each of its parts. You should be able to reach the boss without any problem.

    * For the boss, get on the little narrow space near his blue orb, and keep shooting it. Be careful about the snake´s shots, because you will have to fly up sometimes to evade them. When the snake spawns on the right, first shoot at it, and then go for the orb. When you see that you are not hitting the orb, stop pressing B, and press again a little later. That way you´ll hit it earlier than just pressing "B".

    Once you manage to do all of this with one credit, this achievement will be yours. Try to practice a little before going for it (use credits, for example), and you´ll get it after many tries.

    Here´s a Youtube link too, from TodaysForgotten, one of the best shmup players and one of the best Xbox forum members I´ve met in these years:

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    wBRYI beat this 3 times only using b and with default settings and graphics and NO achievement. I even beat it without dying. Finally, I deleted my system cache. First attempt after that, achievement unlocked.
    Posted by wBRY on 10 Aug 13 at 19:41
    DaOverUnderI'm 99% sure they programmed this to only unlock if you press the "B" button.

    That's why people say shooting with RT or even changing graphics with "Y" voids it.

    For me, I paused the game and got a drink after the first boss. I think because I pressed the "START" button the achievement was voided.

    Second time it unlocked fine, and I didn't pause.

    So be warned. Do not pause.
    Posted by DaOverUnder on 27 Apr 15 at 03:50
    Endodroidargh it didn't unlock for me!! maybe cos I paused as the above comment says. These buggy achievements....
    Posted by Endodroid on 14 Aug 16 at 22:09
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  • Zosite KSZosite KS20,986
    12 May 2011 12 May 2011
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    This guide above from KMetalmind is almost perfect and it's actually the guide I used to unlock this achievement. However, there're a couple of points I'd like to clarify:

    1) First it's stated you must unlock this without using credits, but later it says you must do all this with one life. Well, first statement is valid: you have to do it on a SINGLE CREDIT, so you actually have 3 lives.

    2) It says to not use other button than "B" for shooting but it also says it must be done with rapid fire only. Well, it won't unlock unless you use "B" and ONLY "B". Even if "RT" is also mapped to rapid fire it WILL NOT WORK.
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    XonatronSuch a glitchy achievement. Took me a while to get this one due to the rules, not the skill required. I love R-Type!
    Posted by Xonatron on 07 Jan 13 at 14:08
  • MattiasAndersonMattiasAnderson672,525
    10 Mar 2014 10 Mar 2014 10 Mar 2014
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    Extra advice and just saying that this one DONT deserve to get on the top of the solution unless i have recorded this so i can more easily describe.

    I started trying this an hour ago and finally got it. The hardest part is level 1 at the end with the two rocket guys. Tip! After he shoot 2 blue shots go imediately up and in to the left. Then shoot him and just be ready for his missiles. Keep shooting and when he is about to "flee" try to just manouver and shoot all missiles and try to hit him once or twice which should be enough.

    Then kill the other one but be ready that the missile can suddenly go down so be prepared to move left.

    2nd level! its actually pretty easy as long you can die once!
    When you reach the green "eye" balls or whatever they are. Kill them but just dont stay so close to the left side so the slime guys start to go across the screen. There is a "safe" spot for a few seconds on the botton were you can wait for the "flower" to shoot his 3 things. Then be ready for the eye balls if they get close. Go past the flower as quickly as you can. Now you have got the checkpoint you wanted. Try to survive but if you die here and have one more life left you start at the worm.

    The rest is very easy!

    Good luck!
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