The Pacifist achievement in Hyper Scape

The Pacifist

In Solo mode, win without eliminating any other contenders.

The Pacifist-0.4
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How to unlock the The Pacifist achievement

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    18 Aug 2020 20 Aug 2020 20 Aug 2020
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    I actually won 2 games without ever killing people and it's quite skill based as much as luck based. What I preferred was getting the invulnerability hack and the teleportation and maxing out those. If you can't max out those hacks it's ok, I was able to win with a maxed out "shield" hack and a lvl 1 teleportation one. Once you have all of this, based on your situation, if there is very little people, rush for the crown as soon as it spawns and run into buildings and break out through windows in order to stop being predictable by running straight to the roof and keep on doing parkour on other buildings like it's Mirrors Edge or Dying Light. This achievement is harder to get when there's 10+ people in the circle and in open space. I'd recommend using the crown for bait when you're in that situation and helping everyone else kill the guy with the crown and snatch it when there's at least 8 or less people alive. Bonus tip: when you have the crown, make sure you have your melee weapon out as you run faster with it and keep on running and sliding. Good luck!
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    GREGO McGEEGonna throw some love to Invulnerable + Slam. Really depends on how good you are with Teleport, but for me, SLAM is extremely effective for jumping across the map very quickly.

    But the best reason for SLAM is it can drop u right on the crown at the start. Pro-Tip. Use it with 4-5 seconds on the pre-crown timer and you will drop directly on it when it spawns and knock anyone back who is camping there.
    Posted by GREGO McGEE on 22 Aug at 02:49
    Elite MouseInvincibility + Slam or Invincibility + Ball are 2 very good options. I ended up winning with invinc and ball and just kept alternating back and forth between the two.
    Posted by Elite Mouse on 23 Aug at 20:35
    TandemSteam5828I'm going to leave my opinion and tips on this achievement. It's very annoying and can get on your nerves so prepare for it. It sounds easier than it actually is (in my experience). My tips are:
    1. The hack combination is very important, but the fusion level of said hacks isn't so much. If you can go for it, max them out of course, but for some reason I have been getting max. 30 player games and there wasn't enough time to fusion everything --> My combination was a level 3 Ball and a level 2 Slam.
    2. The Ball is so huge for this achievement. If you can juke a little with the ball and jump really high in the air off of buildings, they will have a hard time shooting you down.
    3. Get the crown FIRST, it doesn't matter if you die in the process. I have played about 4 hours with the sole focus to get this achievement and one of 3 scenarios happened. Someone got the ball and won, they got the ball and then died but it was too much of a clusterfuck for me to get in there without getting killed and the last one, I went for the crown and had a chance. I think waiting for the crown is not a good strategy (because how much chaos ensues once the first person picks it up) - I feel like it's adding more luck factor to a very luck-based achievement in the first place.
    4. Try not to lose your composure when you get the crown. Don't know if it was just me but when I got that crown, I went in tachycardia in a second and my mind was racing. Try to keep it cool. - and for this reason I feel like the Ball can be a little safe spot. Invincibility, Slam, Teleport are really good for this but you still have to be on the run, dodging fire, thinking about where to aim your abilities and keep all this together, but with the Ball, you just pop it and focus on jumping high, it'a a little safe bubble (but by all means use whichever combination you can get your hands on)
    Good luck with it! It will feel amazing in the end.
    Posted by TandemSteam5828 on 27 Aug at 03:42
    REGIX 117My god this achievement is hard...the hex and the mastodont are just too powerful.
    Posted by REGIX 117 on 30 Aug at 01:34
    Elite MouseJust adding on if you are trying to get this achievement try and grind it out before the patch on tuesday, it's going to heavily nerf hack use while holding the crown.
    Posted by Elite Mouse on 31 Aug at 06:48
    REGIX 117Can we boost it? Exemple : launching a match at the same time?
    Posted by REGIX 117 on 31 Aug at 22:11
    Syndicate420HitI don’t know but I’d be willing to make a session for it
    Posted by Syndicate420Hit on 11 Oct at 17:31
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