Boss Rush Rank S achievement in Touhou Luna Nights

Boss Rush Rank S

Earn an S rank in Boss Rush.

Boss Rush Rank S-3.4
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How to unlock the Boss Rush Rank S achievement

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    The Boss Rush will be unlocked upon defeating the final boss in the Extra Stage. However, you will most certainly not be a high enough level to achieve the S rank. (I was about level 26 when I finished the game)

    To earn the S rank, you must complete the Boss Rush in 6 minutes. The final boss alone would take up all of that time at the average player's endgame level, so, that means it's time to get grinding. In the final hallway of the game, 2 screens left from the final boss, are a ton of powerful late game enemies. You will need to start from the right side where the healing vending machine and save point are, clear out this hallway with Thousand Dagger spell spam (remember, freezing time will make it consume TIME instead of MP), refill at the vending machine on the right side, causing the enemies to respawn, and repeat. There IS an EXP item available at the shop, but it is extremely expensive and really only gives you about 1 or 1 and a half worth of hallway clear-outs, and the jewels could come in handy later (read below)

    I grinded to level 45 (only took about 1 hr 30 mins from level 26) and was able to complete the Boss Rush in 5min 51sec, so I would consider 45 the minimum requirement. If it's too tough, try grinding to 50 (or even higher!)

    As for the Boss Rush itself, Thousand Dagger spam! You may have plenty of jewels from grinding, so sell all of those (I did however keep my Sapphires and Diamonds, as they boost Attack, which could help with the Boss Rush), and purchase TIME upgrades to hold more TIME. The first 3 bosses will absolutely melt under your Thousand Daggers and you will probably clear them out in well under a minute. Bosses 4 and up are where you will need to put in a bit more effort, but again, keep hailing them with Thousand Daggers. There isn't much more to say than that. If you fail to reach the S-Rank, you can always travel back to the endgame hallway and grind more levels.

    And one last note. the final boss in the Boss Rush has a lengthy 5-7 second death animation, which DOES count on your clock. Be sure you are still in the 5min 40s range or low 5min 50s range upon defeating her.

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    Sera Di SiahHas this been patched and made easier? Did it first try with 5:40, and choked quite a few times getting easy hits in. A level 50 with fewer mistakes could definitely do it under 5 minutes.

    I didn't sell any jewels. All the bosses got burned super hard. Level 41 I was. Judging by the comments I expected this to be really difficult, glad it was the other end of the barrel :)
    Posted by Sera Di Siah on 11 Nov 20 at 12:09
    ImiltheWingedGot on first attempt at 46. My daggers were hitting for 21 damage. Finished around 5min 20sec.
    Posted by ImiltheWinged on 25 Dec 20 at 02:27
    Shadykilla4205:01. Lvl 36 to start the battle. No selling gems for upgrades or consumables. Just alternate between thousand daggers and time stop thousand daggers. Use regular thousand daggers to i frame boss attacks and graze to keep a steady flow of time and mana. Regular thousand daggers is alot more time effective than timestop daggers, so try to use that more often if you can.

    Shadykilla420 playing Touhou Luna Nights
    Not the whole run, but should give you an idea.

    For the record, im pretty sure this is possible at lvl 30, maybe even earlier. I had 2 runs i failed within 5 seconds between levels 30 and 36. Made a few mistakes in each run, and wasnt using iframe graze intentionally. It is realistic imo to jump straight into boss rush after endgame if you know what youre doing. Think i cleared that end room out twice before saying fuck this and going for it.
    Posted by Shadykilla420 on 15 Jan at 04:52
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    I've posted my walkthough on Youtube for your reference.

    Hope you'll like it and please subscribe to my channel if you find it's useful 😉
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