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Title Update 21 - Patch 5.1

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Title Update 21 - Patch 5.1

Sparkle Gnomies achievement in Gems of War

Sparkle Gnomies

Win a Epic Vault Battle

Sparkle Gnomies-56.9
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How to unlock the Sparkle Gnomies achievement

  • TheDude722TheDude722619,768
    Yesterday 13 Aug 2020 Yesterday
    32 3 55
    There's a special deal today for a EVK plus 100 gems and 10 VIP for only US$1.99. Highlight the limited-time Community Week button in the upper left and press cn_A then buy the package.
    The new Gnome-a-Palooza event can increase your chance of getting an Epic Vault Key. See this achievement for details
    Gems of WarThe Rolling GnomesThe The Rolling Gnomes achievement in Gems of War worth 203 pointsCraft a Gnome-a-Palooza Event.
    Even though the 5.2 update patch notes don't specifically say, @AgentZachMorgan says the update should increase the drop rate of Epic Vault Keys
    Drop rate is being increased to 10% during a vault weekend, currently it's less than 1%, when 5.2 is released.
    This is straight from the Gems of War website about the 5.1 update regarding Gnome Vaults:
    We have introduced a new type of Vault, the Epic Gnome Vault.
    Players will need to earn an Epic Vault Key from Treasure Gnomes to gain access to the Gnome Vault:
    If a Gnome drops a Vault Key it will be either a Vault Key or Epic Vault Key, they cannot drop both.
    Epic Vault Keys are rarer drops compared to the normal ones. (about 10%).
    Vault Key drop rates have not been affected by this change.
    This Epic Vault is similar to a Gnome Vault, however you will be fighting against King Cedric, the “Boss” version of Cedric Sparklesack.
    King Cedric will drop up to x4 more loot compared to his regular counterpart in Gnome Vaults.
    This only applies to the resources he may drop (Gems, Gold, Souls, etc.)
    He will not drop extra copies of Troops or multiples of Orbs
    This is obviously a little more difficult than a normal Vault battle. So you may need to adjust your team/strategy accordingly. The enemy team should look like this:
    Treasure Gnome
    Demon Gnome
    King Cedric (can stock up on any mana color)
    Treasure Gnome

    Since King Cedric is a Boss, you may want to include in your team one or two high level troops with the Godslayer trait. These troops do extra damage to Boss types. You'll want them to be fully ascended leveled and traited for the desired max effect. A mythic Godslayer in 1st position will do 5x skull damage to the Boss, and their spell will do 5x damage to the Boss wherever you place it.
    There are currently 35 Godslayer troops.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Here's MysticWeirdo winning an Epic Gnome Vault on Hard (this achievement is not difficulty specific though)

    More info about Gnome Vaults from the 5.1 update:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Another site with info https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001122356...

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    Gacys ClownAlso should note Gnome-a-Palooza events will drop these fairly easily. I got two during one and a guildmate got 7.:)
    Posted by Gacys Clown yesterday at 13:02
    TheDude722I've done several of those and didn't get any!
    Posted by TheDude722 yesterday at 13:31
    Gacys ClownOh damn! That sucks. Of course, as I posted that, I did another and didn’t get any either. lol
    Anyone still needing this achievement, $2 is definitely worth it!
    Posted by Gacys Clown yesterday at 14:13
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  • VegaDark541VegaDark541337,480
    22 Feb 2021 27 Dec 2020 27 Dec 2020
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    This achievement requires you to earn an "Epic" vault key from a treasure gnome, and then use that key for an epic vault battle, and win that battle. Unfortunately, this is likely going to take a large number of battles in order to achieve based on the math below.

    Treasure gnomes appear randomly in battles, replacing one of the normal troops. Treasure gnomes can't replace troops in event battles, so stick with explore or (non-faction event) delves.

    When you defeat a gnome, it has a chance of dropping various loot. One thing that it can drop is an Epic vault key, but the odds are very low.

    Every so often, a "Gnome Vault" event pops up. This is your best opportunity to get this achievement, but it will still take a large number of battles.

    During a gnome vault event, the odds of a gnome appearing are significantly increased. Here is a thread that discusses the likelihood of gnomes appearing, and their odds of dropping an epic vault key during gnome vault events only.


    According to that thread, gnomes will appear about every 10 battles, and it takes on average between 12 and 15 gnomes before you will get a vault key. On average, between 10% and 12% of vault keys will be epic vault keys. Based on two different vault event weekend data collections, that thread determined it will take, on average, just over 1,300 battles to get a single epic vault key, and that's even during the event weekend. The odds would be much lower outside of a gnome vault event, to the point I would not go for this achievement outside of a gnome vault event.

    Once you finally have your key, you are still going to need to win the battle. While your rewards will be worse, it is worth considering playing at a lower difficulty to better ensure victory, but that gamble is up to you.
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