By the Book achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator

By the Book

Request landing clearance from ATC at a towered airport, without using ATC assistance.

By the Book+4.0
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How to unlock the By the Book achievement

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    I suggest having "All Assists" enabled in the assistance settings under "Options." However, make sure you turn off "Delegate ATC to AI" under the Piloting tab. Next go to the world map and find any airport, preferably a starred airport to guarantee that the airport has a tower. Do not depart from the airport but instead right next to the airport.

    Doing this correctly will allow you to spawn in the world already flying so all you need to do is fly towards the airport that is close by. Open up the ATC panel, if it is not already open, from the drop down menu on the top of your screen. (It should be a tower icon on the left of the menu.) In the ATC menu select "2: Nearest Airport List" followed by whatever airport you are closest to. Then hit "Request Full Stop Landing". Wait for a response from the tower then hit "Acknowledge." Proceed to ask for directions for landing, wait for a response to confirm landing. The achievement should unlock before you even land, however landing with your engine turned off should earn you the Deadstick Landing achievement as well.
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    Bobo daMunkeeI got this using full AI control. Don't know if it was a fluke or not because I wasn't trying for this.
    Posted by Bobo daMunkee on 24 Aug 20 at 08:32
    Tostie14I got this while simultaneously getting the Job Shadowing achievement. I had jumped to Final approach with the ATC delegation to AI turned off as described, had time to click just one or two brief ATC messages. The plane crashed before the tower responded (co-pilot didn't save me) but I still got it.
    Posted by Tostie14 on 26 Aug 20 at 15:54
    HXT 71I tried following this guide and was a little vague and what I was doing seemed to make the achievement not pop. What I think I was doing wrong that isn't specific is I was choosing an airport as my destination then spawning near that airport and requesting a runway and landing but it never popped. The exact steps I finally ended up doing to make it work and some are listed in the guide above.
    1. WELCOME screen--OPTIONS--ASSISTANCE--ALL ASSISTS--choose PILOTING drop down--turn off DELEGATE ATC TO AI (this will now show a CUSTOM setup)--F11(to save)
    2. WELCOME (by clicking house icon top left)
    3. WORLD MAP--choose plane (I flew Cessna Citation CJ4)--choose a location near an airport that has a tower and left click a few miles from that location on the map and choose SET AS DEPARTURE. I chose near KDFW by Dallas Texas as I am familiar. This will show Custom departure in From drop down box at top of map. The TO drop down box I did not choose.
    5. open AI CONTROL (pilot head icon on shortcut bar) and make sure CONTROL AIRCRAFT is chosen to make this easier and MANAGE RADIO COMMS are off also.
    6. open ATC either with the tower icon on shortcut bar or by pressing "Scroll Lock" on you keyboard as that is the default keyboard shortcut key.
    7. Choose [NEAREST AIRPORT LIST] if the list doesn't show the airport you want then you may need to choose [AIRPORTS FARTHER FROM YOU] until the airport you are wanting to land at appears on the list. Example I am going to use KDFW and had to click [AIRPORTS FARTHER FROM YOU] a few times because there were a lot of small airports between my spawn point and KDFW.
    8. I'm using KDFW airport choose [DALLAS-FT WORTH INTL (KDFW)]
    9. choose [TUNE DFW TOWER ON 126.550] tower frequency may be different at your airport.
    11. wait for tower to confirm and give landing information
    13. when tower confirms landing again you choose [ACKNOWLEDGE LANDING CLEARANCE] and the achievement should pop even before landing.
    This is very easy as you don't even have to fly if you have AI to control aircraft.
    What I think the issue I may have been having trying the guide above was I was choosing the airport I wanted to land at so maybe I wasn't getting the without ATC assistance because it was part of my flight plan already to land at that airport.
    Posted by HXT 71 on 05 Sep 20 at 19:34
    OnAirJannickreferring to @deathchicken10 on the achievement guide "Deadstick Landing":
    something similar works here as well. It's a bit of a cheat :p

    step 1: go into "assistance" and set everything to "true to life" (AI completely off)
    step 2: chose an airport (doesnt matter which one) - but chose a gate to start
    step 3: you start with you engine turned of - go into the top bar and choose "travel to"
    step 4: click on "approach" and start the flight
    step 5: the achievement should pop immediately :)
    Posted by OnAirJannick on 26 Sep 20 at 21:03
    codomojump@HTX 71. Post your solution. I followed it to a tee and unlocked the achievement before I was halfway through landing.
    Posted by codomojump on 02 Nov 20 at 06:47
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