Stay on Target achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Stay on Target

Use the Instrument Landing System (ILS) to complete a landing.

Stay on Target+18.7
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How to unlock the Stay on Target achievement

  • raubvogel 89raubvogel 89212,755
    24 Aug 2020 24 Aug 2020 05 Jan 2021
    22 1 16
    I have a brand new method that should make it much easier than last time! The simulator seems to have been updated and I got this method and its autopilot to work better than before every time.

    Disclaimer: You may need to go to options and select "True to Life" in Assists in order for this to work. Some have said they didn't have to, but I theorize that certain assists, if enabled, will keep you from getting the achievements.
    I also redid the video, it also has subtitles to better follow along:

    1. First, grab a Cessna 172S (Skyhawk) with the G1000 glass cockpit so Game Pass or Standard edition folks are included in on this.

    2. Once you're on the world map, simply select a departure of RWY 36 from KMPR (McPherson, KS) and arrive RWY 35 at KSLN (Salina, KS). No need to make an IFR flight plan, keep it VFR. Adjust traffic, time, weather, etc. to your liking.

    3. Once you're on the runway, select the button PROC for procedures. Then press ENT just below that to accept.

    4. There's a knob called the FMS cursor under the ENT button you just pressed. It has a big knob and a small knob (if you were to lay it down, it'd look like a two layered wedding cake). Turn the big knob until ACTIVATE? is highlighted and then press ENT.

    There will be a pink line that shows up on your compass on the main display (your secondary display on the copilots side will also show a pink line on its map). If you press "V" for your VFR map, you should see a pink line that curves around to ANTON and then takes you straight north into Salina after ULECU.
    5. Take off and fly towards the pink line.

    6. As you work your way to the pink line, level out at around 2,000ft. and then press AP on the copilots side of his display, this is your autopilot master switch.

    7. Once AP is pressed, immediately press NAV (navigation). This will cause your aircraft to fly on that pink line. You won't have to touch your controls (minus your throttle) until landing.

    8. After pressing NAV, use the big knob under NAV labeled ALT (not the button, the knob) and turn the big knob until the blue number above your altimeter is 3000, and then turn the small knob to make it 3200. Now press FLC. Your aircraft will now fly the pink line and ascend and hold altitude at 3,200ft.

    The plane is doing almost all the work now. All you need to do is maintain the speed. Your aircraft will do a big half circle from east to west. It will eventually head north and you should see Salina in the distance and you'll be pointed straight at it. On your copilots display, once you see FLORY, got to step 9.
    9. Once FLORY is seen, you'll see a green "G" to the left of your altimeter, that is your glide slope. Below the G is a green diamond. Once the green diamond gets closer to the middle of that vertical bar it is in, press APR on the autopilot panel. It will now fly all the way down to the runway for you and keep that diamond settled right in the middle. You may need to reduce throttle so you don't overspeed.

    10. The moment you're above the runway, press "Z" to disengage the autopilot and land the aircraft. Once you've parked, you've now done everything you need to do and the achievement will now be unlocked.

    Happy flying!


    This is for those that don't want to go far in depth and learn everything from DMEs, VORs, back-courses, minimums, etc. and just want this achievement. As a real life pilot, I'm noticing (as of just 6 days still after release when I'm writing this) that many of the autopilot and NAV systems are finicky.

    This will not take longer than 20 minutes, it will be even quicker if you have increase and decrease Sim Rate mapped on your keyboard. Also, the airport you're landing at is as easy as it can get. RWY 35/17 in Salina is 12,300 ft long (2.33 miles or 3.75km).

    Disclaimer: You made need to go to options and select "True to Life" in Assists in order for this to work.
    I think this written guide is better than my video, but you can see my first video on YouTube here that covers this if you prefer watching over reading (you may need to use subtitles, my mic is horrible and the fans in my room were interfering):

    1. First, grab a Cessna 172S (Skyhawk) with the G1000 glass cockpit so Game Pass or Standard edition folks are included in on this.

    2. Make a flight plan to take off of RWY 36 from KMPR (McPherson, KS) and arrive RWY 35 at KSLN (Salina, KS). Adjust traffic, time, weather, etc. to your liking.

    3. Now load in and start the flight. Before you take off, take a look at the main screen on the top left portion. On NAV1, I believe we all should get a default channel of 110.50 or 113.90 at McPherson. Turn the NAV knob until the highlighted number is 108.90. After the highlighted number is 108.90, press the button just above the knob that has a line with arrows pointing left and right. That will make the 108.90 active.
    Note: When you get closer to Salina (KSLN), it should show ISLN right next to 108.90. That's the localizer (or LOC).
    4. Next, on the main screen, look to the bottom right corner. Above FMS (Flight Management System cursor) you should see ENT (Enter) and above that you should see PROC (Procedure).

    4a. Click PROC, then click ENT to select SELECT APPROACH.

    On the next screen, you should see ILS 35 is already the default option, as well as coming from TRANS ANTON (transition ANTON). Now use the FMS knob to select LOAD?.

    Many of these knobs are 2 in 1. The mouse pointer will become a circular arrow; it will either be big or small depending on what knob you're hovering over (they look like a 2 layered cake, use the big cake knob/bottom knob/larger cursor on the FMS to move from APR > TRANS > LOAD?) then hit ENT. It should show a sort of easterly direction with a pink line on your screens/maps after hitting LOAD?.

    5. Now take off, lift flaps, and start following that pink line on your map, mini-map, and compass (whichever one you're looking at). Get up to at least 3,700ft. You can use autopilot now.

    This is for people who don't know the G1000 systems/Autopilot so it makes it easy on them. After you take off, keep full power and keep climbing while following the pink line. Remember, you can pause the simulator with PAUSE BREAK on your keyboard to get the settings right. What you're going to do when you're pointed in the right direction is click on AP to engage autopilot. Now click on NAV. Your aircraft will now follow the pink line.

    Now we need to get to ~3,700ft. Click on ALT to hold your current height. Make sure you're a little straight and level when you do this. Now, use the larger knob on ALT and set the altitude to at least ~3,700 feet (Use the smaller knob to increase or decrease selected altitude in increments of 100 feet. The large knob goes in 1000 feet increments). You will see on your main screen what the altitude is set at on your autopilot just above the altimeter in blue numbers.

    To get to that height, make sure you click on VS (vertical speed) and click on NOSE UP until there's a small number just right of the selected altitude of a value of 500 (or a rate of climb of 500ft/minute). The plane will follow that pink line just for you, just make sure to either increase or decrease the throttle so you can continue to climb and not stall. The VS setting will also show blue numbers.
    6. Now what's going to happen is your aircraft is going to follow it's pink path and turn to the right eventually (heading North) where you're now pointing at and can see runway 35 at Salina from basically 20 nautical miles away. You'll see you're lined up after transitions ANTON and ULECU (you will see both on your map screens as you pass over them).
    Remember what I said about 108.90 earlier? You should see ISLN by now after transition ANTON.
    7. Almost done! After waypoint CF35 (look at your map), you'll see FLORY or an NDB named (funny circle thing on the map) SL. THE MOMENT THAT YOU PASS FLORY (or the NDB SL), CUT THE ENGINES AND DECREASE SPEED UNTIL YOU MAINTAIN 90 KNOTS. At this point, make sure you click the APR (approach) button on the autopilot tray and VNV (vertical navigation) to get the aircraft down correctly.
    Note: On the left of your altitude indicator on your main screen, you'll see a column where a G is present on top. That's your GLIDE SLOPE, the aircraft will continue to fly this for you after selecting APR and VNV. It should keep the diamond in the middle.
    8. When the aircraft gets closer to the end of the runway, just press "Z" on your keyboard to disengage the autopilot and land the plane normally. You'll be awarded with the achievement then. Happy flying! :)

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    Stu The JagPerfect solution, done with 'true to life' as others have said, and popped first try. Thanks!
    Posted by Stu The Jag on 27 Sep 20 at 17:26
    Yurgi WinduJust for info, I just completed the weekly activity for the NYC to Washington discovery flight and this popped when I landed. Never really messed about with anything. Just followed ATC prompts, landed first time and It popped as soon as my wheels touched the runway.
    Posted by Yurgi Windu on 30 Nov 20 at 13:18
    Defdogg29Thanks for doing an updated video. Will give this a try tonight
    Posted by Defdogg29 on 07 Jan at 19:34
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  • Deus LegendDeus Legend527,350
    25 Sep 2020 25 Sep 2020 25 Sep 2020
    1 1 1
    I was able to pull this off a little easier than the other guide(which was well written from a real pilot). This method takes about 20mins.

    Configure the following on the flight plan map
    Plane: A320
    Route: KAHN departing Runway 27 to KATL Arriving at 27R
    IFR High Altitude airways
    Arrivals (OZZZI1 27R)
    Approach ILS 27R
    Flight conditions clear(not sure if weather matters)

    Once you takeoff engage autopilot and set altitude to whatever you like on the AP or what ATC wants. I stayed at 10000 for most of the route. ATC will tell you to go higher than 10000 ft but you can request to stay there. I think with less descending you have a better chance and its a short flight so going to like 30000ft isn't ideal. As you get closer they will tell you descend so input whichever value into the AP, ALT selector. On approach when the plane lines up for the runway on the pattern entry(when you get the blue/red guidelines on screen) select APPR on the AP panel(Approach mode). At this point you also want to get to around 140kts for the landing.

    On the flight display screen you should see "G/S"(for the glide slope) in blue then it should turn Green(plane will do some fine tuning course corrections no need to worry), then you will also see "Land" in green as you get closer to the runway.

    Also make sure flaps are all down and speed is around 140kts or so and arm the spoilers and engage autobrakes. I did to full for the brakes.

    Setting all this up you never have to touch the flight stick except for takeoff and after the wheels touch the ground. After I did the takeoff I engaged AP and it did the rest essentially. No need to mess with FMS/MCDU either if you select the approach and ILS stuff before the flight at the flight plan screen.

    Once the wheels touch the ground, AP will disengage(not sure if this is normal A320 behavior) and Cheevo will pop then you can take over and land the plane and apply brakes and reverse thrusters and done.

    May have to try a few times as the AP in the game can be funny sometimes. Essentially plane should be able to line up to runway and everything on its own. Touching the ground without you taking over at any point during the approach is key I think.

    Doing this method was easier for me as I wasn't familiar with the aircraft from the other guide. I'm just a amateur sim A320/B737/B787 pilot so I don't know the correct aviation terms for some things and tried to explain things for a gamer to understand I suppose.

    This can be done at any airport arrival and destinations. Try to select a straight in approach from your destination to the arrival airport so turns won't be a factor in the landing since the AP is funky at time.
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    LJ RojoThanks for this guide. I didn’t get any sort of red/blue guidelines to indicate when to hit APPR. Does the difficulty make a difference, and do you have to choose “true to life” for this method? Thanks again.
    Posted by LJ Rojo on 14 Oct 20 at 22:00
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