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My Way

Complete a non-stop 300+ mile flight from parking to parking spot, without assistance.

My Way+27.0
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How to unlock the My Way achievement

  • meochan913meochan913149,293
    29 Aug 2020 21 Aug 2020 29 Aug 2020
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    Hey guys!
    A big shout out to Thanassi360 for his original guide and Jappe for his imporved less effort method!!! I managed to unlock this achievement too!!!

    The plane I used is the TBM930. I strongly recommend this aircraft since I've used other ones before and for some reason only this one helped me to unlock the achievement.
    I started at CYYZ Parking Ramp 164 since it's close to the departing rwy 23 and landed at KEKM Parking Ramp 20 which is just above 300NM because I'm not 100% sure if this achievement meant for 300 miles or 300 nautical miles. IFR low attitude plan with 6000ft crusing level.

    I set my experience level to True to Life and have AI control the aircraft all the way. I was on radio duty only. AI started up the plane, do the taxing and flying. It landed the plane and I called ATC for the only choice of "Taxi to Parking" (The reason why I choose my destination KEKM is because it only has parking ramps so no room for requesting for the wrong kind of ramp/gate).
    The ATC only replied with "Taxi to Parking via xxx" which didn't specify the number of the ramp which got me scared a little bit.
    But the AI taxied to the spot I set and for some reason wiggled a little bit forward and then the achievement popped up. (And AI even went on shutting down the aircraft for me and I can see the log menu popped out lol)

    So here are some extra tips:

    Keep the assistance level all time at True to life: Meaning just keep those windows open and don't close them. If you don't want to see, for example, the checklist window, you can just click on the "-" button on the top right corner of the window to minimize it. If you closed one of those windows that's opened from the beginning that will change your experience level to "Custom". I've tried too many times to figure this one out...

    Let AI do all the stuff except for the radio: Basically as soon as you've finished your loading and entered the sim world you can go ahead turn on the AI copilot. You do need to talk to the ATC along the way but you can trust AI flying the plane.

    Reply those ATC calls ASAP: If the ATC call you 3 or 4 times without your reply, your flight plan will be cancelled and that's not a "non-stop" flying anymore. I learned this the hard way lol.

    Wait until the AI shuts down the engine: Just wait for a while even if the AI has already stopped on the parking spot. It should be able to shut down the engine and that's when I got my achievement to pop. AI could stop a second and continue to move forward a little bit so don't rush, be patient.

    That's all I have for this achievement for now, let me know if you need more details of my flight.

    I hope it pops for you.

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    ToronaiCould someone who has done this method tell me how? twice I've attempted it and both times the ai copilot crashes about 10 miles away from the runway. I try to take over before it goes down but nothing brings the aircraft back up, not sure what the ai does on approach, but for certain it's impossible to have the ai copilot fly for me, and my own flights aren't unlocking the achievement either.
    Posted by Toronai on 13 Jan at 20:57
    codomojumpI got this just now by following your guide "to a T". I made sure I set the Assists to True To Life BEFORE I started the flight. Followed your same airports, ramps, plane (made sure to put the fuel to 95% just in case), IFR (low-altitude), ect.

    Flight loaded in, I "minimized" the checklist window and re-sized the radio window. Turned on Co-pilot flight (just that one, nothing else).

    Everything was smooth sailing after that. I just made sure I kept acknowledging the tower when it would tell me to switch frequencies. Took maybe an hour and a half, played another game in the background lol.

    Excellent guide, thumbs up!
    Posted by codomojump on 13 Mar at 01:06
    FF7 BryanFollowing this guide worked for me, took 1hr and 25 minutes to do.

    I did run out of fuel mid flight, but thankfully I was able to just add it all back through the weight and balance tab in the top middle.
    Posted by FF7 Bryan on 26 Jun at 19:47
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  • Thanassi360Thanassi360355,978
    23 Aug 2020 27 Aug 2020 27 Aug 2020
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    I attempted this achievement a few times with no joy.
    Please note, this achievement seems to be glitched (along with a few others for this game). This is a reconstruction of exactly how I unlocked it. I hope this guide helps you all and I'm happy to update it if anyone has any suggestions.

    Steps 1 Assistance Setup:
    From startup, go to Options -> Assistance and set the overall assistance level to 'TRUE TO LIFE'. This will set all the difficulties to 'HARD'

    Step 2 Airport Selection and Flight Planning:
    I initially tried a few route that where just over 300 miles, but on this occasion I decided to over estimate the distance, so this route is over 400 miles.
    You can choose any 2 airports you like, this is just what I used (EHAM to EGAC). The important part is that you select the parking spot to start at and end at. This helps you control where you start and end, as the taxi assistance is off and it can be easy to get lost with the taxi markings being tiny or missing.

    At Schiphol (EHAM) I chose ramp 44 as it is next to the runway I selected (27):

    At Belfast (EGAC) I chose ramp 33 (which also happens to be the refuelling shed) as it was the first ramp if you exit the runway at the end:

    Then I selected the 'High-altitude airways' flight plan:

    I used the TBM 930 with 98% fuel (100% seemed to be overweight) so I didn't need to worry about fuel:

    Finally, I set the weather and traffic to 'LIVE'

    Step 3 The Flight:
    Starting cold and dark can be a bit daunting (I'm new to flight sims) so follow the checklists as they don't count as assistance. This has actually helped me learn the procedures.
    I also follow the radio procedures and go through the process of requesting IFR clearance and following all the communication requests.

    So first time I was to taxi from where I started (start arrow in the image) to runway 27 (A arrow in the image), nice and short taxi.
    While making this guide I was told to taxi and take off at 18R (B arrow in the image) which is miles and miles away. I took my time and used the drone to make my way there, but hopefully you won't have this issue, a single runway airport might have been a better choice.

    This is where the game starts. I set my autopilot altitude to what the tower said to climb to (6000ft for me).
    I took off, climbed to about 2000ft and switched on the autopilot and activated the vertical speed with a climb of 2000ft per minute.
    Once it had settled I activated the nav mode and the autopilot took over the piloting.
    For the next hour and a half, or so, I just followed the radio prompts and increase and decreased my cruise altitude with the vertical speed set to 2000 or -2000 per minute. Be sure to throttle back when descending as you could end up over-speeding and getting the black screen of death.

    When getting close to the destination airport I followed the approach instructions by switching the autopilot to heading mode and requesting way-point headings and following the markers (you can use the nav map on the hotbar to see the nav markers and this won't fail the achievement).

    Now, make sure you are careful and make a nice safe landing, so the last couple of hours weren't wasted.

    Step 4 Taxi and Tidy Up:
    For the parking spot I selected, I just taxied to the end of the runway and parked in front of the shed in the picture (next to the arrow). However, this is where it gets a bit strange (read on after the picture.)

    Originally, I parked at the shed, shut down all the systems (following the checklist), but the end screen did not pop up.
    I then started the engine back up and taxied to each of the parking spots, 1 at a time and shut down and moved on, still no end screen.
    Also, the guy with the batons that guides you in to your parking spot wasn't at any of the ramps.
    Finally I went back to the shed and while taxiing on the light grey section next to the shed (where the arrow is actually pointing), the achievement popped. So I hit the parking brake and shut the systems down and the end screen came up.
    Very Strange.

    Step 5 The Conclusion:
    This guide is a reconstruction of how I got it, but by no means perfect as you can see in the final section. I would probably recommend using smaller airports and selecting actual parking spots so you get the guy with the batons taxiing you in to a spot.
    Again, if you have any feedback or tips for this guide, send me a message and I will update as needed.

    Happy Achievement Hunting
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    Ben L0nd0nFinally managed to unlock this one by following the 2nd guide. Just need to fuel up to 98% in advance and the AI pilot will do the approach and landing correctly.
    Posted by Ben L0nd0n on 03 Sep 20 at 14:25
    ToronaiHas anyone been able to get this recently, I've tried both guides here and the ai co pilot simply cannot fly that far without collapsing, and the flights I've done solo haven't given me the achievement despite me meeting what I believe to be the requirements.
    Posted by Toronai on 07 Jan at 16:47
    SequaxDominiI wanted to get this without using AI, so I worked very hard at it using Thanassi360's helpful solution. I failed various times flying Flint KFNT to Louisville KSDF, which I selected because neither was a huge airport. I made a few mistakes initially--for example, it is very important to set assistance to "True to Life" before setting up the flight. In the end, though, I followed all of the guide steps to the letter, selecting a gate as my arrival, but each time I landed, I ultimately discovered that there was another aircraft parked in my selected spot (even though I selected a different one each time). I felt like Baby Bear coming home to find Goldilocks in his bed. As such, ATC directed me to park at a gate other than what I selected , and the achievement did not pop. I decided to look for an airfield where this would be less likely. I chose Nantucket Island KACK to arrive. It accommodates jets (I used the Cessna CJ4), but it is a quiet airport with only general aviation parking. I chose ramp parking #1 and set it as my arrival point. I chose to depart Washington Reagan (KDCA) which, with my IFR/ILS route, was 367 miles away, and I selected a B gate as my departure. I test-landed at KACK a couple of times setting a close airborne point of departure, just to make sure someone wouldn't grab my selected spot--they didn't. Then I flew my route, which was an ILS landing on runway 24. The achievement popped while I was still on the runway at KACK, probably because the game perceived my parking to be ready for me, with no one squatting on it. I finished up and taxied anyway, and found my man with the batons waiting for me faithfully at my selected spot. I recommend KACK as point of arrival for this achievement as a small airfield with a long enough runway--plus, Nantucket is beautiful. I hope this is helpful.
    Posted by SequaxDomini on 18 Jan at 23:04
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