Frequent Flyer Miles achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator (Win 10)

Frequent Flyer Miles

Fly from LFBD airport near Asobo Studio to KSEA airport near Microsoft HQ.

Frequent Flyer Miles-2.0
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How to unlock the Frequent Flyer Miles achievement

  • SoupaBuoySoupaBuoy592,930
    21 Aug 2020 21 Aug 2020 18 Sep 2020
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    The original solution (left below for posterity) was based on how I unlocked this achievement. Following testing by NotTheBestAtAll and CrackedSeal3236, there are much faster, easier ways of completing this now. I've tried to incorporate their experiences into a new solution. Thank you to both of them for their comments below, and hopefully, this is a much simpler, faster solution for users:

    Set yourself up to fly from LFBD to KSEA, using the low-altitude airways option (not the GPS option). Use the Cessna Citation CJ4 jet and unlimited fuel. All assists on. Start up the flight, and then hand over to the autopilot for take-off. After this you can either:

    1. Leave the flight to run the full 8/9 hours and also unlock the Saddle Sore achievement.

    2. Increase the sim rate to get the flight done under an hour.

    Option 1 does work, but it's hit-or-miss - the autopilot seems to struggle with making the landing consistently. Jrod39 notes that they had to take over controls to make the landing as autopilot flew past, while in my experience the autopilot landed about half a mile away from the runway (although this popped the achievement). It might be worth coming back to make the landing yourself to be sure.

    With option two, you need to come out of AI copilot control, then press R to activate sim rate, then Ctrl & + on your number pad to increase speed. You can hand it back over to the AI copilot then for most of the flight, although in my testing you'll either need to come back after 45 minutes and drop the sim rate back down with Ctrl & -, or you'll need to make the landing yourself. The AI seems to really struggle at the higher speed.


    This can be done MOSTLY with AI co-pilot, if you don't fancy sitting in for the long haul. Skipping ahead on the flight plan didn't seem to work for me, so this took 9-10 hours of the game running to unlock.

    I picked the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, filled it with fuel and minimal payload, set everything to easy and unlimited fuel, with a low-altitude airspace flight plan (I tried the GPS/VOR one and the AI stuck me in a mountain after 5 hours) - going gate-to-gate. I also picked clear skies and disabled the online features so I didn't end up hitting other planes etc.

    Once you load in, let the AI take over. They don't seem to fly that efficiently (I'm a newbie to sims so I don't really understand this yet), so I had to come back every 4 hours to top up the fuel (from the payload menu at the top of the screen). Just ran it in the morning while I did some housework and it popped while I was watching TV on Xbox by the afternoon. Somehow, the AI still managed to stick the plane into the side of a building - but hey, I got the pop. So I'm assuming runway-to-runway would be enough.

    It's REALLY important to come back and refuel the plane in the menu - I had two failed flights initially as unlimited didn't mean your fuel stays full - it just means you can top up whenever you want.

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    LeiChatFirst attempt... co pilot flew in to a mountain.
    Second attempt... co pilot landed in residential area a few miles north of the runway.
    Third time lucky in the King Air 350i. Co pilot was looking sketchy on final so I took control and landed myself.
    Posted by LeiChat on 04 Sep 20 at 15:00
    SoupaBuoyUpdated to accurately reflect naming conventions for AI co-pilot, as per other solution mentioning confusion.
    Posted by SoupaBuoy on 18 Sep 20 at 15:39
    TenPatrolATC clearance is needed before take-off and contact ATC after landing.
    Posted by TenPatrol on 17 Nov 20 at 02:06
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  • Project959Project95936,776
    08 Sep 2020 09 Sep 2020 09 Sep 2020
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    I used a slightly different method to the other guide here (which I think uses the AI pilot, but confusingly refers to it as 'autopilot'), using the aircraft's actual own autopilot as wanted to do it slightly more 'legit' and the in game AI pilot is rubbish anyway.

    I used the A320 because the aircraft's autopilot works well and I know how to program it, but I guess any aircraft with a reliable AP will work. I realised afterwards I might have been better using an aircraft eligible for the 'Saddle Sore' achievement to do that at the same time so you might want to do that.

    - Make sure you have set unlimited fuel in the options
    - Setup up the route in the main menu
    LFBD to KSEA (I did gate to gate to be safe)
    Early morning daytime*
    Clear skies*
    Multiplayer Off*
    AI traffic Off*
    Choose IFR High Level
    - Take off and get to your final cruising altitude (about 38,000 in the A320 from memory)
    - Configure the aircraft AP to maintain your altitude, max cruising speed, and follow navigation
    - Turn on the AI to do just the radio calls (not control the aircraft), so it will respond to all the frequency changes for you
    - Increase the sim rate 3 times (so that 15seconds real time is 1minute game time), any more than this and the aircraft becomes unstable (you might not want to do this if doing 'Saddle Sore' at same time as that requires 8 real world hours of flight)

    Now you're all set for it to follow the majority of the route for you. The altitude doesn't change until you near the destination so you can just leave it to it, the AP will follow the route and maintain speed/altitude, with the AI responding to the frequency changes. Go do other things and keep an occasional eye on it. Note on fuel: It seems with some aircraft with unlimited fuel on the fuel doesn't go down, but with the A320 the fuel still goes down but you can top it up from the menu. Make sure to keep an eye on your fuel and top up if necessary.

    Once it goes over the mountains nearing the destination turn off the AI doing the radio and pay attention to the game again. Guide the aircraft through the decent and landing and you're done.

    -*My first attempt at this achievement, I did it at night in rain (to progress those achievements!) but the game became strangely laggy in the last hour to the point it was uncontrollable and I crashed on landing and then the game crashed. So on my successful attempt I used daytime clear skies and turned off multiplayer and AI traffic (which has the added advantage that the only radio calls are for you) and had no problem the second time around.

    -You *cannot* use the 'travel to' option, the full flight must be completed, but you *can* increase the sim rate. However if you want to double this up with the 'Saddle Sore' achievement (using a suitable aircraft) you have to make sure you spend at least least 8 real world hours in the sky.
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