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Frequent Flyer Miles achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Frequent Flyer Miles

Fly from LFBD airport near Asobo Studio to KSEA airport near Microsoft HQ.

Frequent Flyer Miles-0.6
01 October 2022 - 4 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerBuggy -

How to unlock the Frequent Flyer Miles achievement

  • SoupaBuoySoupaBuoy753,106
    21 Aug 2020 21 Aug 2020 27 Oct 2021
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    This solution was originally written for PC and has not been tested on Series X/S - if anyone has suggestions or tweaks for the console version of FS2020, then I'd be happy to add here.

    The original solution (left below for posterity) was based on how I unlocked this achievement. Following testing by NotTheBestAtAll and CrackedSeal3236, there are much faster, easier ways of completing this now. I've tried to incorporate their experiences into a new solution. Thank you to both of them for their comments below, and hopefully, this is a much simpler, faster solution for users:

    Set yourself up to fly from LFBD to KSEA, using the low-altitude airways option (not the GPS option). Use the Cessna Citation CJ4 jet (or a turboprop plane if going for Saddle Sore as well) and unlimited fuel. All assists on. Start up the flight, and then hand over to the autopilot for take-off. After this you can either:

    1. Leave the flight to run the full 8/9 hours and also unlock the Saddle Sore achievement.

    2. Increase the sim rate to get the flight done under an hour (you cannot skip to a later point in the flight - it has to be done with sim rate).

    Option 1 does work, but it's hit-or-miss - the autopilot seems to struggle with making the landing consistently. Jrod39 notes that they had to take over controls to make the landing as autopilot flew past, while in my experience the autopilot landed about half a mile away from the runway (although this popped the achievement). It might be worth coming back to make the landing yourself to be sure.

    With option two, you need to come out of AI copilot control, then press R to activate sim rate, then Ctrl & + on your number pad to increase speed. You can hand it back over to the AI copilot then for most of the flight, although in my testing you'll either need to come back after 45 minutes and drop the sim rate back down with Ctrl & -, or you'll need to make the landing yourself. The AI seems to really struggle at the higher speed.


    This can be done MOSTLY with AI co-pilot, if you don't fancy sitting in for the long haul. Skipping ahead on the flight plan didn't seem to work for me, so this took 9-10 hours of the game running to unlock.

    I picked the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, filled it with fuel and minimal payload, set everything to easy and unlimited fuel, with a low-altitude airspace flight plan (I tried the GPS/VOR one and the AI stuck me in a mountain after 5 hours) - going gate-to-gate. I also picked clear skies and disabled the online features so I didn't end up hitting other planes etc.

    Once you load in, let the AI take over. They don't seem to fly that efficiently (I'm a newbie to sims so I don't really understand this yet), so I had to come back every 4 hours to top up the fuel (from the payload menu at the top of the screen). Just ran it in the morning while I did some housework and it popped while I was watching TV on Xbox by the afternoon. Somehow, the AI still managed to stick the plane into the side of a building - but hey, I got the pop. So I'm assuming runway-to-runway would be enough.

    It's REALLY important to come back and refuel the plane in the menu - I had two failed flights initially as unlimited didn't mean your fuel stays full - it just means you can top up whenever you want.

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    Maka91Used Darkstar as well. Took about an hour. Made saves here and there to be safe.
    Posted by Maka91 on 01 Oct at 17:33
    Nv DefinesI tried #2 from the solution. Flight went perfectly, landed smoothly. taxi'd fine. Completion screen/log appeared and returned to menu. No achievement.
    Posted by Nv Defines on 15 Nov at 12:18
    SoupaBuoyAye, it does seem buggy - always has done.
    Posted by SoupaBuoy on 15 Nov at 20:28
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  • thatNoseyParkerthatNoseyParker1,497,105
    07 Apr 2022 07 Apr 2022 07 Apr 2022
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    I'm sure the other guides were great but they were a bit outdated for me. Using them and the many helpful comments to get my own successful unlock, I decided to provide an updated guide, tested on XSX.

    This solution uses Sim rate and the plane's native Autopilot (AP) to get this achievement in about an hour. In my experience, trying to let the AI pilot do this overnight (8+ hours), the game would always crash.

    Version Disclaimer:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Setting up:
    1. Assign inputs to Sim rate up/down
      *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    2. Assistance: All assists on (we will tweak in game)
    3. Select World map
    4. Cessna CJ4
    5. Departure LFBD
    6. Arrival KSEA
    7. IFR Low altitude route
    On the runway:
    First, in the flight assistant overlay, ensure the following settings
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    1. Set up AP
      *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    2. Manually take off (including putting landing gear away)
    3. Press cn_Y on controller to activate AP.
    4. Use your custom Sim rate binding to increase it, slowly at first. Following this guide, it should be cn_RB + cn_up
    Whilst flying:
    • When the NAV isn't straight, mostly early on (the purple line in the VFR map), lower the SIM rate a bit, otherwise the SIM/AP can't cope and goes quite wide - it should eventually return but for safety I lowered it anyway, then increase to max on the straights
    • Keep an ear out for the ATC guy requesting elevation changes: lower sim rate, go into cockpit and adjust the Altitude and VS / VS speed settings accordingly, then resume high sim rate
    • Generally keep throttle around 70% to avoid overspeed narrator annoying you
    • As you get 100-150KM away from KSEA, start to pay more attention, adjusting Sim rate up and down as you feel comfortable.
    • Again, pay attention to the ATC as they will be instructing you to decrease elevation in sections. I used 500-3000 negative VS
    • The AP will initially do long sort of circles whilst you are descending, this is fine
    • When you get somewhere between 3000-6000ft, you should be thinking about turning off AP and making your way to land manually.
    • Hopefully you'll have had plenty of practice by now (if not, I'd recommend doing the landing challenges first)
    • Landing speed for CJ4 is about 110-140 kts, flaps max
    • Achievement popped the minute my back wheels hit the runway (it was a very dodgy landing)
    Good luck!
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    FaIoranI will try your guide in the next days, but i have a question before.
    Do you remember your Multiplayer, AI-Traffic & Weather settings by any chance?
    Posted by FaIoran on 18 Apr at 00:09
    thatNoseyParkerGood question!
    I believe I had AI traffic and weather in real time / live, but MP turned off.
    Please share yours when you unlock it too :)
    Posted by thatNoseyParker on 18 Apr at 13:07
  • gazhibsgazhibs464,591
    13 Jun 2022 13 Jun 2022 13 Aug 2022
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    1 hour guide! Using just a controller and default controls.

    Is VERY hands on, needing constant supervision though.

    First you need to make sure you have the Top Gun DLC installed. This gives up the Expirmental Darkstar plane.

    Then we're going to tweak a few assists.
    So using the master difficultly setting at the top of the page, set all to EASY. This gives unlimited fuel and no damage, so you can crash land all you like so long as it's at the right airport and the right way up.

    Then under PILOTING we're going to turn off:
    Auto Rudder
    Assisted Yoke
    Assisted Landing
    Assisted Takeoff
    Assisted Controller Sensitivity

    I had AI Anti-stall and Auto-trim on, but I spent a lot of time fighting the trim off the plane, so up to you if you want to experiment, you can always turn it on/off mid flight

    Then load up the arrival and departure airports.
    Departure: LFBD
    Arrival: KSEA

    Then keep it as GPS flight plan, as we're blasting straight over the north pole.

    When you load in, the AI will sort all the Tower chat, so just hold cn_A and away you go.
    Once in the air, climb to 30,000' at full speed (20° climb)
    Then descend -20° until you hit Mach 1.5, this is shown bottom left on the HUD in 3rd person, or at the top of the plane on a dial in 1sr person.
    Climb up at 20° until you hit Mach 3

    When you hit Mach 3, turn on the fuel cell (it's a square made of 4 squares, just right if the control stick, on the dash), then flip the scramjet switch (left of the main screen, mid height).

    If you're going to slow, it will just beep at you, otherwise you'll get a big surge and away you go, up to Mach 8.

    I climbed up to about 100,000' and then using the arrows in the top corner of the compass rose (1st person mode), zoomed out as much as I could so you can cut the corner a bit on your GPS track.

    As I said, this is hands on all the way, but with the auto trim, was pretty steady. This is because the plane has no autopilot I could find, and AI Pilot (assist pilot) doesn't like using Scramjet. So you just have to let it cruise, occasionally banking and occasionally levelling.
    I found sitting about 5° banked turn would work well for turning the corner on the GPS track. Just keep lining up the straight line with the purple line, on the compass rose (bottom right if the main screen)

    Eventually you'll get near to Seattle
    (I accidentally turned off an engine half way over with some fiddling. Thankfully no damage was on, so after 30 seconds of wild spinning managed to restart it).

    When you're less than 1000nm out, you want to start descending and slowing down. To switch back to the normal engines, you need to slow to Mach 3, and then switch off the Scramjet with the switch. This fired up the normal engine automatically, but maybe worth a save point.

    After that, the landing throttle is about 28% and bring it in to land. I was on the grass between two runways when it popped, still pootling along

    All the best! And questions let me know, and hopefully it should get around it crashing during the normal 8+ hour flight.
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    Nv DefinesWorked like a charm after trying many other things. I highly recommend practicing landing a few times in the Darkstar before giving this a go.
    Posted by Nv Defines on 20 Nov at 03:47
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