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Complete the Nevada Bush Trip, without using any navigation assistance.

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How to unlock the Goldrush achievement

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    I would strongly recommend completing all tutorials before attempting this so you understand the basics of takeoff, landing, trim, and navigation.

    Go to Activities > Bush Trips > Breckenridge to Mariposa Yosemite. In this bush trip you'll be flying the Savage Cub, a small plane that can be a bit finicky and is easy to fly too fast resulting in an overstress crash. I found I had to pretty consistently trim up (aim the nose down) about halfway from center to the edge of the green (in exterior camera) to keep the plane from wanting to climb constantly. Try to keep your speeds around 90 knots, get your trim situated so it flies level, and don't make sudden movements and you should be good. Also when landing, "pump" the brakes, meaning don't just hold down or you could end up flipping the plane forward on its nose. As long as you feather it, couple seconds on, 1 second off, etc., you can avoid this embarrassing mistake that will cause you to have to redo the whole leg.

    This bush trip consists of 25 legs and will take you a little over 9 and a half hours in total to complete. I haven't found any way to refuel the plane other than going to Options > Controls > Keyboard, setting Filter to All, and searching by name for "refuel" and binding the "Repair and Refuel" option to a key (I used the backslash key). Every few legs you will need to use this button to refuel your plane when it gets low.

    The only thing you can't do that will void the achievement is use the "Back on Track" feature which shows you where you are on the VFR Map to help you if you get lost. (Commenters have noted that sim rate changes and dev teleports also may void the achievement). Other than that, if you just follow the descriptions in the Navigation pane, it's pretty easy to follow the landmarks it gives you and get where you need to go. However, I did find it useful to have Google Maps open on another monitor or device to give a little extra help in identifying where I was. It can help you make sure you're on the right road or following the right river, etc. If you do get lost to the point where you just can't find your way, you can always pause and restart the leg. Just make sure you do not use the Back on Track feature. You can use the smart cam feature to help you find the airport or airstrip you are supposed to land on when you get close to it ( by default if you're using a controller, s by default on the keyboard).

    Enjoy the beautiful scenery on your way to getting what is likely to be a pretty nice ratio achievement for a while to come.
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    VorenusKerod550, thanks, but shouldn't the completion indicator change by 4% after completing the first leg ? Will it change from 0% to 100 % after last leg ? I would like to know it before I commit to fly all 25.
    Posted by VorenusK on 02 Jan at 23:32
    erod550No I don't believe the tracker will move for this one as it's not a counting achievement. People have unlocked the achievement as recently as yesterday so there's no reason to think it won't unlock for you when you finish all legs. I would also avoid messing with the time speed up feature as I believe some have mentioned it voids the achievement on the other bush trips.
    Posted by erod550 on 04 Jan at 17:57
    RebarMan75I had completed 18 legs of the gold rush bush trip when I became aware that if you use the back on track all of your achievements are wiped out. I went back and started over @ the 1st leg but I am not sure I am receiving the achievements for each of these legs. At the end of each new leg it shows I have successfully completed it. I looked in my profile and the bush trip registers 0/24. Is there a glitch in the program or do I have to wait until the end of the entire trip to see my achievements?
    Posted by RebarMan75 on 15 Mar at 15:12
    erod550There isn't really a way to know if it's counting for you until you finish the whole bush trip. I don't think that counter updates for every individual leg because each leg isn't a bush trip. All the legs together for each location are one bush trip. Also that counter has been notoriously inaccurate in the past.
    Posted by erod550 on 15 Mar at 16:14
    RebarMan75Thanks for the input, I’ll see how it goes.
    Posted by RebarMan75 on 15 Mar at 17:57
    Yurgi WinduSilly question maybe but do all 25 legs need to be completed in one go? Does this require sitting at a PC for 9 hours straight?
    Posted by Yurgi Windu on 11 May at 18:12
    erod550No. It should autosave after completing each leg and you can come back and finish later.
    Posted by erod550 on 13 May at 15:30
    Yurgi WinduFor those asking if the achievement tracker should move, simple answer is it will remain at 0% until you complete all legs. Don't touch the VFR back on track button, sim rate or teleport or even think about pressing them and you will be fine. I have completed the other two Bush Trips and achievement progress remained at 0%. Landed at the last airport and achievements popped as soon as I stopped the plane on the runway.
    Posted by Yurgi Windu on 22 Jun at 16:54
    SincereSeeker6What does it mean by "Without any navigation assistance"?
    Does that mean (under assist options) You can have everything else on easy, but 'Navigation Aids' on hard? I'm not sure what needs to be disabled.
    Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 22 Jul at 20:13
    erod550It means without using the "Back on Track" feature which will give you a nav point. You have to just use the maps to navigate. Everything else I left on default settings.
    Posted by erod550 on 23 Jul at 08:18
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