Hydroplaning achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator


Accumulate 50 hours of flight time in rainy weather.

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How to unlock the Hydroplaning achievement

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    We're going to spam multiple achievements all at once here.

    Microsoft Flight SimulatorPilot ProgramThe Pilot Program achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 166 pointsAccumulate 50 hours of flight time in a single pilot profile.

    Microsoft Flight SimulatorInstrumentalThe Instrumental achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 321 pointsAccumulate 50 hours of IFR flight time, including at least one take-off and landing.

    Microsoft Flight SimulatorHydroplaningThe Hydroplaning achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 281 pointsAccumulate 50 hours of flight time in rainy weather.

    Microsoft Flight SimulatorNight OwlThe Night Owl achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 409 pointsAccumulate 50 hours of flight time at night.

    It will add progress towards these as well, but you don't need to do all the extra stuff for these.
    Microsoft Flight SimulatorCentury ClubThe Century Club achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 288 pointsAccumulate 100 hours of flight time in a single pilot profile.

    Microsoft Flight SimulatorJourneymanThe Journeyman achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 1144 pointsAccumulate 500 hours of flight time in a single pilot profile.

    Microsoft Flight SimulatorWing CommanderThe Wing Commander achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 2734 pointsAccumulate 1,000 hours of flight time in a single pilot profile.

    Select your plane. I used the Extra 330LT because it flies low and slowish. Rain isn't constantly falling so you want one that won't fly through it too quick when it does rain, and if you get to high you will see less rain.

    Select a departure and an arrival airport that are far apart. I used EIDL Donegal in Ireland to KJFK Kennedy Int'l in New York USA. It's almost completely over water so their are no unexpected obstructions to fly into. Now under the airplane thumbnail you can change from VFR, to IFR (Low-altitude airways). (VFR stands for Visual Flight Rules, IFR stands for Instrument Flight Rules. The more you know...)

    Set Flight conditions to Rain, and time to night. You will have to periodically adjust the time so it stays night during the flight.

    You may want to save the setup at this point so you can easily get back to it.

    Now you can go to the runway and get ready to fly.

    Go to Assistance and Airplane Systems then turn Unlimited Fuel on.

    As soon as you are on the runway, pull up the weather window and select the lowest cloud level. Raise the slider for "Altitude (Top)" up to 20,000 or so, this will keep you from flying above the rain level. Now slide the Coverage slider to 100 so there are no clear areas for you fly through. It won't rain all the time, but it will rain a lot. There is an upper limit for getting rain, but I rarely went above it using this method.

    NOTE: If you are flying out of far northern airports (like Canada), you may need to manually raise the temperature in the Weather panel or your plane will ice up and crash. On the Weather Settings look for the 'Temparature MSL' slider and increase it to around 25 or higher.

    Close the Weather window and pull up the AI Control window. Turn all 3 of these on and go do something while the AI does the work.

    User KawiNinjaRider7 commented on the solution for IFR that progress is only saved when you land for that achievement. I had an issue where I lost hours of progress for all time based achievements when the game crashed after 8 hours of flying. So to be safe, land or exit to main menu periodically to keep from losing progress.
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    Yurgi WinduHow can you guarantee this works when you haven't won a single one of the achievements you are giving a guide for?
    Posted by Yurgi Windu on 23 Aug 20 at 15:42
    Bobo daMunkeeBecause the game has a progress indicator, and all of mine are going up. Check back in a couple of days.
    Posted by Bobo daMunkee on 23 Aug 20 at 16:03
    meochan913Hey guys. So for this achievement, you can't fly too high or there won't be any rain. I've tried that the highest you can get with rain is around 8000ft. just put yourself inside a thick cloud in weather menu where you can drag the cloud to whatever altitude you want and watch for rain coming down on your windshield. Still haven't got this unlocked but I'm 38% and growing now lol
    Posted by meochan913 on 25 Aug 20 at 13:24
    jrod39To meochan913's point about the rain--when you plan your flight, select IFR (low altitude airways) and then click Nav Log. In top right corner you can select your max altitude. Set that to 8,000 feet and then either use the autopilot or have your co-pilot fly. Regardless of who or what is flying, it/s/he will maintain 8,000 feet (more or less).
    Posted by jrod39 on 28 Aug 20 at 13:06
    meochan913Somehow I stucked at 98% and won't grow anymore... I'm constantly flying under the rain but I just can't unlock this one...
    Posted by meochan913 on 29 Aug 20 at 17:21
    Bobo daMunkee@meochan913 a lot of the cheeves on this game seem iffy on progress recording. I am having no problem with any of the flight hour ones, but that doesn't mean it's working for all. I am having trouble with registering the landing ones.

    Somebody on the IFR achievement said that one wouldn't unlock until he landed after a flight, but I didn't have that problem. Have you tried flying for an hour in the rain then landing?
    Posted by Bobo daMunkee on 30 Aug 20 at 00:20
    Ibanez V7You do not need to fly at a low altitude to unlock this. I got it naturally before even reaching 100 hours of total flight time just by flying with live weather on. The majority of my flights were in the A320 at 38,000 feet. I flew with the weather radar on and could see when I was above bad weather and it all counted towards this.

    There is no need to waste time adjusting weather settings as above.
    Posted by Ibanez V7 on 28 Sep 20 at 23:47
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