Wing Commander achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Wing Commander

Accumulate 1,000 hours of flight time in a single pilot profile.

Wing Commander+3.0
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How to unlock the Wing Commander achievement

  • Fuzzmeister JFuzzmeister J835,912
    28 Jul 2021 28 Jul 2021 28 Jul 2021
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    Changing the time works fine on PC for those that know everything else will not take 1000 hours.
    Sorry Xbox only players. You can only change the time offline and I don't know if that will work.

    NOTE: This can be kinda buggy. You will get kicked offline when changing the time. The achievements should pop, but if you missed one like flying in the rain, you will need to close and open the game again. I have to often close it from the task manager to start it again.

    -Start the game
    -Press ALT+Enter to go into window mode
    -Right click the time in Windows and select "Adjust date/time"
    -Uncheck "Set time automatically"
    -Go back to the game and start a flight in the middle of nowhere. For more achievements set flight conditions in the top right to night and under the selected plane choose IFR at the top left.
    -Once you click start flight, click on the AI tab and turn on AI flying
    -Open the time settings back up and set the date forward 2 months.
    -Go back to the game and wait on the the achievements to pop.

    The game did give me a 40GB update after the first few achievements and I had to change how I unlocked the last two achievements. If the above gives you errors about going offline, try changing the date one day at a time really fast.

    **42 days is 1000 hours but 2 months is faster
    **4 days ahead will make sure you pop all 50 hour achievements first but you will need to restart the game to go online and try this again. This has made my game do another 40gb update for some reason.

    I've seen comments saying to pause the game, but this did not seem to work. Have the AI fly and leave the game running.

    This should pop the following:

    Microsoft Flight SimulatorPilot ProgramFuzzmeister JThe Pilot Program achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 130 pointsAccumulate 50 hours of flight time in a single pilot profile.

    Microsoft Flight SimulatorNight OwlFuzzmeister JThe Night Owl achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 309 pointsAccumulate 50 hours of flight time at night.

    Microsoft Flight SimulatorInstrumentalFuzzmeister JThe Instrumental achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 253 pointsAccumulate 50 hours of IFR flight time, including at least one take-off and landing.

    Microsoft Flight SimulatorCentury ClubFuzzmeister JThe Century Club achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 218 pointsAccumulate 100 hours of flight time in a single pilot profile.

    Microsoft Flight SimulatorJourneymanFuzzmeister JThe Journeyman achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 799 pointsAccumulate 500 hours of flight time in a single pilot profile.

    Microsoft Flight SimulatorWing CommanderFuzzmeister JThe Wing Commander achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator worth 1852 pointsAccumulate 1,000 hours of flight time in a single pilot profile.

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    GalatticoRGBI can't believe this works still. It didn't get me the Instrumental achievement, but the other ones all popped just fine
    Posted by GalatticoRGB on 12 Feb at 19:55
    slickochetBrilliant. Still working on July 14th 2022!
    Posted by slickochet on 14 Jun at 12:19
    Seamus McLimeyStill works as of Oct 12, 2022.
    Posted by Seamus McLimey on 12 Oct at 17:39
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  • jrod39jrod39398,176
    20 Nov 2020 22 Jul 2021 29 Jul 2021
    5 1 5
    UPDATE 29 July 2021:
    If you're not interested in flying for 1,000 hours (and really, only a few are :)), see FuzzMeister J's solution for a new workaround which has been confirmed to work for a number of gamers. I'll leave my solution up in case Asobo patches this new workaround.

    Bottom line up front: this is an extremely time-consuming achievement, and I'd recommend that you do this one last, after you've completed all the other ones. Every hour you spend on weekly activities, bush trips, etc. will count towards the 1,000 you need for Wing Commander. Ever since Asobo patched the clock change workaround (detailed in ToastBubbles' solution), the only way to complete Wing Commander is to fly, fly, and then keep flying some more. You'll of course get Pilot Program, Century Club, Journeyman, and probably Night Owl and possibly even Hydroplaning as you work through this.

    It will take a minimum of roughly 42 days to complete this achievement, and that's if you fly 24 hours a day without stopping. I used this solution to run extremely long-haul flights on my gaming PC while I played Yakuza games on my Xbox. :)

    Here's the technical details of the solution:
    1. Start a flight in one of the propeller planes (I recommend the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan) using a custom departure in the air around 30 degrees south latitude.
    2. Once you're in control of your plane, gain altitude and then:
    2a. enable autopilot (AP)
    2b. select an altitude of 17,500 feet (using the knob)
    2c. enable virtual speed mode (VS)
    2d. set vertical speed to 500 (using the dial)
    2e. enable heading mode (HDG), and then
    2f. set the heading to 90 degrees.
    [The locations of these buttons vary by aircraft but the majority of aircraft have these features (in the Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan which I recommend above, they're all in the master group above the GPS map in the middle of the console, just under the physical compass). Just make sure to choose an appropriate plane to match your chosen cruising altitude (not every plane can go as high as 17,500 feet).]
    3. You will also need to make sure you don't run out of fuel. You can go into Options \ Assistance and enable Unlimited Fuel for this flight (you can do this from the main menu or pause during the flight). You can also refuel in mid-flight, but you'll need to bind a key sequence to do so--see for that process.

    The reason for starting the flight around 30 degrees south latitude is that the vast majority of this latitude is ocean. You do have to contend with the mountain ranges on the western coast of South America, but if you set your altitude appropriately you'll pass well over them (they're roughly around 15-16,000 feet). By going due east (or west, a heading of 270 degrees), you also won't have to contend with temperature changes either.

    I had previously recommended saving the flight as a .flt file in case the game crashed, but I noticed that the autopilot behaved ... strangely when I restored, so if the game crashes (as it still does), I'd recommend just starting a new flight.

    You'll see your progress update in the Profile section of the game and the Xbox Live achievement trackers updates in real time.

    Happy flying!
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    jrod39Is this on the Xbox or the PC? I have never seen the game pause during an overnight flight on the PC, and I ran overnight a lot to get this achievement. :)
    Posted by jrod39 on 06 Aug 21 at 18:03
    WithTheDawnTom - you need to wire the controller and have an input selected to stop the game pausing. I've been putting a rubber band on the right trigger to hold it down. That plus the controller being plugged in to the xbox (not anywhere else) should leave it running indefinitely.
    Posted by WithTheDawn on 10 Aug 21 at 23:29
    MikkDCFor those having trouble on Xbox with the game pausing you can solve it by going into your Xbox settings, then to Preferences, then Idle Options and make sure "Show me things when idle" is unchecked. It was the side bar showing next achievements etc when the screen dimmed which was causing the game to pause for me. Once I unchecked that box the game no longer paused even when the screen dimmed and my pad turned it self off.
    Posted by MikkDC on 15 Sep 21 at 17:05
  • ToonSoldier91ToonSoldier91138,460
    07 Jan 2022 07 Jan 2022
    4 1 3
    Hi everyone this guide is for Xbox series x

    Load a flight up get up to cruise altitude and while the game is paused and with the Xbox on instant on mode simply turn the Xbox off, I had to leave mine once and a hours flight turned into just under 6 hours of flight time so it looks like the game pauses just the flight clock doesn’t on the Xbox
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    theshadowThis is also possible with energy saving mode. The key is Quick Resume. Just leave the flight running and turn off your Xbox. Come back hours (or days) later and start the game up to accrue flight time.
    Posted by theshadow on 09 Jan at 03:37
    SILVAF0XXThis has added time to my profile (large hours counter at top of stats page etc) but has not added progress to the achievement.

    I am now at 506 hours on my profile but 38% towards my 500 hour achievement.

    My stats say approx 880,000 seconds flown which equates to a bit over 200 hours.

    So no dice with this an id be interested in anyone else’s experience

    Posted by SILVAF0XX on 12 Jun at 00:16
    k1r1llkaI've got paused, when turn off my console. Think its not working, I have 35 hours ingame, but only 12% in achievement tracker
    Posted by k1r1llka on 08 Aug at 07:33
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