Collector achievement in Spiritfarer


Complete all of Susan's collections.

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How to unlock the Collector achievement

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    You can complete the final mission in the game and you will simply be put back at the Everdoor again afterwards, so there is no need to rush to find everything before finishing all the quests.

    The Collector will be discovered in the Northwest of the map as part of a quest. There are 5 different Collections you will need to complete for this achievement:


    Figurines all have the name Ceramic Figurine, however their descriptions are slightly different.

    Quaint: Given to you by Gustav during the quest to bring him onto your ship
    Delicate: In Hummingberg the Raccoon sells a key for 5000 glims which opens the door to the right of him. Inside is the figurine.
    Grand: Found in the mine in Mount Toroyama. At the very top of the mine there is a secret section above some scaffolding that you can jump into located between a Coal deposit and the exit door.
    Sublime: Found in a chest in Crow's End Inc., lower-left area using the Dash and Glide abilities

    Thanks to Inferno118 and Zyuwnage for the info on the Figurines!


    Note: I believe the shellfish appear as you upgrade the size of your ship, as after I upgraded fully Urchins started spawning on my hull even in the starting area of the game. However, I cannot prove this.

    Albacore Tuna: Central-Western Tuna location
    Anchovy: Northeast
    Bay Shrimp: Central, Central-West
    Black Tiger Shrimp: Southwest, Central-East, Central
    Bluefin Tuna: Northwestern Tuna locations
    Blue Salmon: Northwest
    Char: Northwest
    Clam: Northeast, East On ship hull
    Cobia: Northeast, Southwest
    Cod: Central-West, Central
    Cuttlefish: East
    Eel: Southwest, Central
    Empty Shell: Everywhere on ship hull
    Flounder: East, Northeast
    Giant Scallop: Central, Northeast, East On ship hull
    Haddock: Southwest, Northeast
    Halibut: Southwest, Northeast
    Hard-Shell Clam: East On ship hull
    Herring: Central
    King Salmon: East
    Lobster: Northwest, East, Northeast
    Mackerel: Everywhere in the rain
    Mahi-Mahi: East
    Common Mussel: Central, East On ship hull
    Octopus: East
    Oyster: Northwest, East On ship hull
    Scallop: Central On ship hull
    Snow Crab: Northwest
    Sockeye Salmon: Southwest, Northeast
    Sole: Central, Central-West
    Squid: Central, Southwest
    Urchin: Southwest, East on ship hull
    Yellowfin Tuna: Eastern, Northeastern Tuna locations


    Note: Gems are found in chests and as rewards from Francis' Errands

    Brass Sheet
    Bronze Sheet
    Celestial Sheet
    Electrum Sheet
    Rose Gold Sheet
    Steel Sheet
    Aluminium Ingot
    Copper Ingot
    Gold Ingot
    Iron Ingot
    Pulsar Ingot
    Silver Ingot
    Zinc Ingot

    Note: "Sheets" can only be made once the Smithy is built


    Big thanks to FOXHOUND Kirby for having already typed out all the recipes on the Master Chef in Spiritfarer achievement

    Apple Pie - Apple & Flour
    Bacon & Eggs - Egg & Pork
    Beef Fondue - Beef & Fat
    Berry Pie - Flour & Berry
    Bisque - Crustacean & Mushroom or Veggie
    Bouillabaisse - Fish & Veggie or Mushroom
    Cake - Flour & Sweetener
    Calamari Rings - Squid & Flour
    Casserole - Grain & Meat
    Cereal Bowl - Grain & Dairy or Sweetener
    Grain Salad - Grain & Mushroom or Veggie
    Cheese Sticks - Cheese & Flour
    Cherry Pie - Cherry & Flour
    Clam Cakes - Clam & Flour
    Clam Chowder - Clam / Hard-Shell Clam & Dairy
    Corn Bread - Corn Flour & Fat
    Corn Dog - Corn Flour & Pork
    Crab Cake - Snow Crab & Flour
    Creme Brulee - Egg & Sweetener
    Crepes - Wheat Flour & Milk or Cream
    Egg Salad - Egg & Veggie or Mushroom
    English Tea - Tea & Dairy
    Fish Curry - Fish & Grain
    Fisherman's Pie -Seafood & Flour
    Fish Sticks - Fish & Fat
    Focaccia - Flour & Fat
    French Fries - Potato & Fat
    Fried Chicken - Chicken & Fat
    Fried Crawfish - Crustacean & Fat
    Fried Mushrooms - Mushroom & Fat
    Fried Rice - Rice & Fat
    Fried Surf - Shellfish & Fat
    Frittata - Egg & Fat
    Fruit Candy - Fruit & Sweetener
    Garlic Bread - Wheat Flour & Garlic
    Green Salad - Leaf Veggie & Fat
    Latte Coffee & Dairy
    Lobster Roll - Lobster & Flour
    Maple Salmon - King / Blue / Sockeye Salmon & Maple Syrup
    Meat Pie - Meat & Flour
    Meat Stew - Meat & Veggie or Mushroom
    Mock Greul - Milk & Sawdust
    Muesli - Berry & Yoghurt
    Mushroom Salad - Mushroom & Veggie
    Omelette - Cheese & Egg
    Onion Rings - Onion & Flour
    Paella - Shellfish & Grain
    Pancakes - Egg & Flour
    Peach Cobbler - Peach & Flour
    Pear Tartlet - Pear & Flour
    Rice Pudding - Rice & Dairy
    Sauerkraut Meal - Sauerkraut & pork
    Shnitzel - Fat & Pork
    Scrambled Eggs - Egg & Dairy
    Shellfish Stew - Shellfish & Mushroom or Veggie
    Shrimp Tempura - Shrimp & Flour
    Southern Boil - Crustacean & Grain
    Surf and Turf - Crustacean & Beef
    Sweet Coffee - Coffee & Sweetener
    Sweet Tea - Tea & Sweetener
    Sweet Yoghurt - Yoghurt & Sweetener
    Toffee - Dairy & Sweetener
    Tomato Pizza - Wheat Flour & Tomato
    Tuna Tataki - Tuna & Savory Veggie
    Vegetable Stir Fry - Fat & Veggie
    Veggie-Pot Pie - Flour & Veggie or Mushroom
    Wonton Soup - Rice Flour & Meat
    Black Coffee - Coffee Beans
    Bread - Wheat Flour or Corn Flour
    Cheese Fondue - Cheese
    Cup of Tea - Tea Leaves
    Eggs Sunny Side Up - Egg
    Grilled Chicken - Chicken
    Grilled Fish - Fish or Cephalopod
    Grilled Mushrooms - Mushrooms
    Grilled Octopus - Octopus
    Grilled Steak - Beef
    Grilled Veggie - Root Veggie or Savory Veggie
    Candy - Sugar
    Hot Milk - Dairy
    Noodle Soup - Rice Flour
    Plain Rice - Rice
    Poached Fruit - Fruit
    Pop Corn - Corn
    Pork Chops - Pork
    Shrimp Cocktail - Shrimp
    Squid Skewer - Squid
    Steamed Shellfish - Shellfish
    Surstromming - Put a Herring in the Cellar
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    AlmightyDrizzleDid anyone complete this and not have it pop up? I completed it yesterday and talked to Susan, she gave me the last outfit and I'm still stuck at 80%
    Posted by AlmightyDrizzle on 08 Sep 20 at 14:41
    AlessonGamerBRhow to make sauerkraut to combine with pork??????
    Posted by AlessonGamerBR on 20 Sep 20 at 03:16
    Jalgrinto make sauerkraut you put cabbage in the cellar
    Posted by Jalgrin on 21 Sep 20 at 18:49
    Iggsy81I wonder if there is a list of the recipes that can be "collected" during the game, ie, without cooking them, so it is found in a town or given as a gift, and then you dont cook it but it comes up in your recipe list? Because a few of those i have collected and i haven't been taking note, so i can see while i may complete the recipe list it could create an issue here and it's not easy to distinguish found and cooked recipes.

    Anyone know if there is a list of all the recipes found in each place anywhere?

    Posted by Iggsy81 on 13 Oct 20 at 07:37
    SSMalcontentI'm only missing Grilled Octopus on recipes, but I can't seem to fish it. Got the upgraded rod and it won't show up for the life of me. What drives me insane is that Astrid fished one, but I messed up the recipe and ended up with Fish Sticks rather than Octopus.
    Posted by SSMalcontent on 03 Nov 20 at 21:07
    The Monster375Anyone know how or where to get hard shell clam? Do you need to be pulled up to an island for fish to spawn on your hull? Please help been stuck on this for hours 😂😂
    Posted by The Monster375 on 09 Nov 20 at 15:13
    travelfulJust a heads up just because you have the recipe discovered doesn't mean it counts for this achievement (it will for Master Chef). You have to make each meal so just because it's unlocked in your recipes doesn't mean you made it.
    Posted by travelful on 06 Dec 20 at 19:03
    CidelionIt will be better to finish all shrines to upgrade the fishing rod and catch the fish easier.
    Posted by Cidelion on 25 Mar at 12:30
    HickoryFlaque87Found this guide if you're missing some dishes but don't know which one
    There's a spreadsheet ordered by alphabetical AND how it is shown in susan's
    Posted by HickoryFlaque87 on 22 May at 08:25
    GhostScholarI think this may be glitched. I found every recipe and made every recipe, and it still didn't pop for me. Pretty frustrating. Still a fantastic game though.
    Posted by GhostScholar on 03 Jul at 17:28
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