Stoked achievement in Spiritfarer


Make all spirits reach an ecstatic mood at least once

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How to unlock the Stoked achievement

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    Reaching the ecstatic mood mostly requires giving the Spirits their favorite and/or liked foods as well as hugging them. Spirits can receive a mood boost for Improving their homes, finishing some of their personal quests, and from certain interactions with other Spirits (Note: Certain quests and Spirit interactions can also decrease a Spirit's mood).

    There is no way to know which Spirits have reached ecstatic after they have left the ship, so make note of each one you get to ecstatic and only bring them to the Everdoor after you've confirmed their mood!

    And just incase you are only reading along as you get each spirit: Elena, the last spirit you can pick up, requires you to hold on to either Atul or Gustav, but preferably both!

    Thanks to Shadow Edge 6 for pointing out the new patch notes: "Elena now receives a mood buff whenever you complete one of her challenges. These can be replayed repeatedly to bring her mood to Ecstatic."

    There are 11 Spirits in the game, each of which has different mood-boosting requirements:

    Favourite Food: Black Coffee
    Likes: Comfort Food, Fine dining food, Shopping at Racoon Inc., Having access to a loom, Atul's music playing
    Dislikes: Shellfish, Fruit, Atul's hammering

    Favourite Food: Pork Chops
    Likes: Every other food, Rain, Gustav's music playing
    Note: Atul leaves on his own after completing his quest where he gets you to choose 3 Spirits on your ship to have a feast with. Make sure to get him to the ecstatic mood before completing this quest.

    Neverreadyfries said:
    When Atul starts talking about leaving, you can back out of the conversation by pressing B. When you talk to him again, you're able to use the interaction menu to hug and give him food without progressing his quest line. I was able to keep him and his +3 music mood buff all the way to the end of the game using this trick. This should also work for any spirits you don't want to progress further with.
    Favourite Food: Grain Salad
    Likes: Salads, Desserts, Atul's hammering, Atul's music playing, Alice's music playing
    Dislikes: Non-vegan foods

    Favourite Food: Veggie-Pot Pie
    Likes: Old-Fashioned Food, Desserts, Atul's music playing
    Dislikes: Acquired Taste foods, Stimulants, Exotic foods

    Favourite Food: Noodle Soup
    Likes: Plain foods, Soups, Alice's music playing, Atul's music playing, Visiting Gustav's house, Gustav's music playing
    Dislikes: Sugary foods, Fine Dining foods, Atul's hammering, Mickey's bullying

    Favourite Food: Beef Fondue
    Likes: Fine Dining foods, Stimulants, Atul's music playing, Gustav's music playing
    Dislikes: Eggs, Carbs, Mickey's bullying

    Favourite Food: Surstromming
    Likes: Acquired Taste foods, Exotic foods, Atul's music playing
    Dislikes: Fried foods, Sugary foods, Mickey's bullying

    Favourite Food: French Fries
    Likes: Breakfast foods, Desserts, Atul's music playing, Gustav's music playing
    Dislikes: Veggies, Stimulants, Fruit, Mickey's bullying

    Bruce & Mickey
    Favourite Food: Garlic Bread
    Likes: Pub foods, Atul's music playing, Gustav's music playing
    Dislikes: One ingredient (simple) foods, Crustaceans
    Note: Mickey bullies everyone as one of his mood perks, making it a bit harder to increase the other Spirits to ecstatic while he is onboard.

    Neverreadyfries said:
    When Bruce and Mickey are ready to leave the boat, they get a permanent -2 to their mood. It's easier to get them to ecstatic before they start asking for you to grow produce for them.
    Favourite Food: Tomato Pizza
    Likes: Comfort foods, Old-fashioned foods, Atul's music playing, Gustav's music playing, Visiting Gustav's house
    Dislikes: Dairy, Fruit, Mickey's bullying

    Favourite Food: Green Salad
    Likes: Plain foods, Healthy foods, Atul's music playing, Gustav's music playing, Visiting Gustav's house
    Dislikes: Fine dining foods, Meat, Fried foods, Being hugged (Really gotta make sure you get out of the habit of hugging for happiness at this point. She really dislikes being hugged), Decorating her house
    This goes against:
    SpiritfarerSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Spiritfarer worth 64 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
    However, it is only a temporary decrease

    Note: It seems you need to keep Atul and/or Gustav on your ship to increase Elena's mood enough for her to reach ecstatic. Make sure you keep at least one of them on board to accomplish this!

    Thanks to Lord Taylor XII for the point on hugging Elena.
    Thanks to Neverreadyfries for the points on Atul, Bruce&Mickey, and Elena.
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    Lord GlennI would have liked to get this one but life is too short so abandoned it. Re-doing the challenges successfully and giving her favourite food didn't work so... fuck it!
    Posted by Lord Glenn on 30 Dec 20 at 16:00
    Myths ArmadaI thought if I went to Hummingberg for Atuls final request it would automatically complete the request. But if you just don't talk to Atul there then he will stay on your ship for as long as you want. Helpful because Buck makes you go there for one of his requests.
    Posted by Myths Armada on 31 Dec 20 at 00:46
    Decaying Deadi just got this achievement, but it was under the name "Stoked"... did they change the achievements name?
    Posted by Decaying Dead on 17 Jan at 04:14
    Chad WilburnWhen you get a spirit to ecstatic mood then it doesn't matter when you deliver them what their mood is as long as you got it up to ecstatic once?? Or do they have to be at ecstatic when you deliver them?
    Posted by Chad Wilburn on 28 Jan at 13:50
    JalgrinUnless the achievement has changed you simply need to get them to ecstatic once
    Posted by Jalgrin on 12 Feb at 23:13
    queendragon91I've made gwen, alice, summer and atul reach ecstatic mood once each and the progress isn't showing on this achievement. Technically i should only need one more to be happy. But I'm now kinda worried. Unless this means i have to have five happy spirits at the same time?
    Posted by queendragon91 on 21 Feb at 10:49
    IzysBittWhen you receive Elena, if you giver her a Green Salad right away, she will reach ecstatic mood right away.
    Posted by IzysBitt on 25 Feb at 15:59
    MuddyBracelet15Is this one called Stoked now?
    Posted by MuddyBracelet15 on 23 Mar at 18:55
    Tryum@MuddyBracelet15 : yes, I just popped it this morning ;)
    Posted by Tryum on 27 Mar at 12:05
    Phil the BearDo I need the green circle to go all the way to the far right on the mood meter? Or is it enough that it’s just touching the ecstatic face?
    Posted by Phil the Bear on 10 Jul at 12:57
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