Suit up achievement in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

Suit up

E-SWAT: Obtain the Combat Suit (Complete Mission 2)

Suit up+0.6
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How to unlock the Suit up achievement

  • dropK1CK ninJAdropK1CK ninJA616,378
    21 Dec 2009 21 Dec 2009 05 Jun 2012
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    The first stage is a simple run-and-gun stage. Go all the way to the right, then you jump platforms up. It is a simple enough stage.

    The second one took me a bit to understand. The green rail sections are where you can drive your cart. What you want to do is head to the right, take the first rail that allows you to go up. You go up to the top of the area, then back down to the first rail that allows you to move to the right. Head all the way to the right. Then you will see an in arrow. High jump (up+Y) into the jail. Progress all the way to the left, then fall down the gap. Progress all the way to the right, then fall down the gap. Once more to the left. This time when you're going right there will be a go arrow, jump OVER this gap, then continue to the right off screen into the next part of the stage.

    Jump to the foreground onto the second conveyor belt. Then jump to the left. I used the save feature at this point because the bosses (plural!) are a bit frustrating. I went all the way to the left, let the bosses spawned then ran all the way to the right, crouched and continued to fire. One of the bosses will jump on you but with some luck you can kill them both before he depletes your life.

    Thanks to FatesInfinity for the video!

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    dropK1CK ninJAThanks I'll try to find a new one!
    Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 05 Jun 12 at 00:31
    NIXXION44Great guide, clear, straight to the point, vidoe helped a lot. I will try and stand in the middle of the bosses as standong righto left did not work for me.
    Posted by NIXXION44 on 13 Jan 14 at 21:45
    NIXXION44yep got it by standing in the middle, use the d pad, anolag makes you stand when changing directions, focus on the jumping guy, shot the bosss low shots before they hit you.
    Posted by NIXXION44 on 13 Jan 14 at 21:49
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  • StealthRenan375StealthRenan37553,940
    02 Aug 2018 02 Aug 2018
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    On the boss battle of the first level, it's straightfoward. With some effort you can do a no damage.

    But on the second level, near the boss fight, take the blue M block. I think it ups your fire rate for all levels.

    As soon as you reach a part where you can jump back and forth to go to the other layers of background, make a save state. You will need it.
    If you got both the M block upgrades from both the first level and this one, even better.

    Now, as soon as you note the TWO bosses falling, fire some shots, then when you note you will take a hit, quickly jump to the another layer of the background. Remember that the bosses always land on the farthest layer, so you have a slack time to fire some shots, then jump to the other layer.

    If you're lucky/skilled enough, at least one of the bosses will take the hits.

    Go doing the following actions:

    1) Wait for when the bosses are landing on your layer
    2) When they're near landing, fire. Then, quickly jump back to the other layer.
    3) Repeat every step on the order.

    To jump from one layer to the other, it's down + jump button to jump from the upper/farthest layer to the closest/ belowest layer. To jump from the closest layer to the farthest/upper one, press up + jump button.

    If that worked, then you destroyed the armor of one of them! But you did not defeated him. Instead, the boss you just desroyed the armor will turn into a skeletal-like robot. He will be harder to defeat, mainly if the other robot still has it's armor, or is still alive.

    The skeleton-like robot will be harder to avoid, but do steps 1 to 3 and you're fine.

    But now, they will be on different sides of the map if they weren't already.

    Do jump from a layer to other, fire one-two shots and jump back. The hard part is that you probably already took damage on the first part of this level. When you manage to destroy the first skeleton robot (there's no order on who you destroy first), it becomes easier, because there's nobody just behind you. Follow steps 1-3 and you have a chance.

    Why follow the steps?

    Because you probably aren't a super-human (in real world) to have fast enough reflexes. And you don't have the combat suit (that's why you are here in the first place). So, follow the steps.

    If everything gone right, then you will get both the achievement after you end the level, and on level 3 you will get the Combat Suit (suit showed on the left part of the achievement icon and press start menu). Now, done! Remember, the game will probably be even harder, but hey, at least you have the suit! Iff you want, you can simply never play the game again!
  • Violent LeeViolent Lee66,303
    29 Mar 2009 01 Apr 2009
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    On the first conveyor belt portion of stage 2, make sure you jump the gap when you hit the "Go" section. Otherwise, you'll have to basically start all over again. Jump it and walk off-screen to get to the second half.

    The second level bosses are a bit tough. To beat them, I just jumped into the background, got as far right as I could, then ducked and spammed the fire button. It took a little luck and you'll likely eat a hit immediately, but it's a decent way to wipe them out so they can't sneak behind you and sandwich you in.
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