Live and Let Drive achievement in Battletoads

Live and Let Drive

In 3P Co-Op, all be on bikes together - for 300 seconds!

Live and Let Drive-3.1
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How to unlock the Live and Let Drive achievement

  • QuixoticRocketQuixoticRocket194,124
    23 Aug 2020 23 Aug 2020 23 Aug 2020
    28 6 10
    For the more old-school approach:
    get 2 chopsticks and a load of blu tack.
    line up your 3 controllers (one above the other, flat on a table) with a little blu tack to keep them in place. put a blob of blu tack in each dip of the left thumbstick and lay a chopstick across them and then build up more blu tack until you can steer with the chopstick and all 3 thumbsticks move.
    add a good sized blob of blu tack onto each A button and lay a chopstick across them too so you can jump with all three at the same time.
    play on tadpole. at the start of each section move completely to one side to stack your roads. every chance you get bump them against a wall to restack as they’ll drift a bit unless your chopstick steering is really good.

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    xTweed421Add me for the coop achievements

    GT: xTweed421
    Posted by xTweed421 on 28 Nov 20 at 17:07
    EverStoned77xTweed421: Good idea especially if the game had online coop, so far it's couch coop only... I have plenty friends/family I can do this with but the few that I have that are actual gamers play on PC & doubt they'll EVER get to 5minutes so blu tack chopsticks to the rescue laugh
    Posted by EverStoned77 on 29 Dec 20 at 23:36
    AhziiadalThis didn't work for 3 reasons. 1. My paddles are all of a slightly different size, and thus elevation 2. One of my paddles occasionally bugs out and moves to the left 3. The tack would often stick the a button in place making one unable to jump. After trying for a while, I think I'll take my chances with my family members...
    Posted by Ahziiadal on 13 Jan at 22:44
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  • AkaiRoninAkaiRonin567,482
    23 Aug 2020 23 Aug 2020 23 Aug 2020
    7 0 6
    After fumbling alot with the Xbox Accessories app I managed to complete it single-handedly. Here's the setup:

    1. Invert the analog stick for movement to the right one in 2 controllers and leave the third one as is.

    2. Then put the 2 controllers w/ the inverted analog in your lap aligned vertically one another, so you can control both analogs with one hand and press A in both when needed (using your index and thumb). I used my left hand for them.

    3. Put the third controller w/ default commands on your lap too and use your thumb to control movement and your pinky to jump. I used my right hand for it.

    4. Move the 3 analogs/press A in unison and try to keep the three frogs in the same space always. Use the sides of the stage to align them whenever you feel necessary.

    EXTRA: You can also modify the third controller, so you can jump with the bumper and move with the analog using just one side of it (let's say.. RB + right analog, if you're using your right hand).

    The cheevo should pop around 7:25 in the video DampishAgate10 posted.

    Hope this helps! 😉
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    ShoYoMovesDoes invulnerability void the achievement?
    Posted by ShoYoMoves on 25 Aug 20 at 20:24
    only lasts until the next checkpointcrydoes not work on holes.
    so it is useless.
    Posted by Czesio83 on 27 Aug 20 at 17:52
    JOHN SWFCDoes this have to be 300 seconds in one go, or is it cumulative?
    Posted by JOHN SWFC on 16 Sep 20 at 09:41
  • DampishAgate10DampishAgate10137,866
    24 Aug 2020 22 Aug 2020 22 Aug 2020
    3 0 0
    I still have yet to unlock this... BUT I did just time this on "easy" difficulty. So the hard part is "3P Co-Op".
    Get 3 people and come back.

    From what DE4N's guide says: "You have to do this without any of the players dying". So make sure no one dies (It's pretty easy on easy so you should be fine).

    Level: Act 1 Stage 3 - "To The Queen"
    Difficulty: Easy/Tadpole (You can easily dodge obstacles without using the dodge

    Specific part: 3rd Area near the end (Past the 2nd checkpoint and right before the 3rd). When you have to continually jump from the middle, left or right, repeat for a small section. The specific location is in the video link below (The video is right around when you should get the achievement.)

    Not counting the cutscenes you are going to hit the 5 minute/300 Second mark around this point: Link/Video:

    (I recommend doing it on easy as it's A LOT slower and easier! I didn't have to use the Dodge ability once the whole time!)

    Note: I didn't count the "cutscenes" just incase they don't count towards the 300 seconds.
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