Can't Touch This achievement in Battletoads

Can't Touch This

In Co-Op complete Time For Plan B without taking a hit.

Can't Touch This-2.9
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How to unlock the Can't Touch This achievement

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    Act 1, Chapter 7. First of all, play this on the easiest difficulty.
    This solution is intended for people who have at least one co-op partner as it makes things a lot easier than using a second controller. The boss fight has three stages where it increases in difficulty and speed with each stage.

    The first stage is pretty easy. Pull and punch the first eyeball with cn_LTcn_X followed by tapping cn_X, then dodge the fists as they come down. Be on the lookout for the shadowy circles on the ground to dodge either left or right with cn_RT. A good tip would be for one person to stand all the way to the right hand side, only needing to dodge left on occasion. This pattern varies but my co-op partner had more luck dodging in one direction rather than both of us standing in the middle.

    Now here's where it makes things manageable: when the green eyeballs enter the screen during the second phase, you will also fight 4 pink eyeballs. They spawn in groups of two on each side. Simply place yourselves in opposite directions and use cn_X to gently punch them about 6-7 times until they are stunned. Try your best to keep them to each side of the screen. Don't overdo it as it's very easy to kill them. Once all 4 pink eyeballs are stunned leave them alone and grab the green eyeballs one at a time and have both players punch them simultaneously from each side. It helps keep it in one place since you also have to be careful here as to not destroy the stunned pink eyeballs. They'll keep respawning if you do and will make your situation worse.

    For the third stage you repeat the same as the step above. Just be aware that dodging the fists are a bit harder and you'll have 3 green eyeballs to deal with. We found that the pink eyeballs seemed to be the biggest annoyance so keeping them stunned at all times definitely helped!

    Hopefully some of you will find this helpful, and good luck to you all smile
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    RolodiumUseful tip: If you get hit during the boss fight, hit load checkpoint. It will restart the boss fight from the beginning (no checkpoints during the fight) and it doesn't invalidate the achievement.
    Posted by Rolodium on 05 Sep 20 at 10:07
    qManballinI would recommend making a friend or wooing your significant other (if he/she is not a gamer) in helping move the character left and right to avoid getting hit... Although, the chopsticks method may work here as well with adjusted buttons facepalm
    Posted by qManballin on 05 Nov 20 at 06:31
    GRANDVORONУрон не должны получить оба игрока или игрок который выбивает достижение?
    Posted by GRANDVORON on 25 Nov 20 at 06:23
    qManballin@GRANDVORON - I'm pretty sure both players need to not be hit. Was unable to get the achievement trying to solo and only 1 character being hit while the other remained flawless.
    Posted by qManballin on 03 Dec 20 at 01:01
    qManballin*Final Edit* In case anyone was wondering, this is very possible to do solo using 2 controllers. By no means is it easy and may very well require a large amount of luck, but it can be done.

    Move BOTH characters to either side (far left or far right) and have them move slightly towards the middle in case you need to DASH during the smashing fist phase. I personally preferred the far right. The objective is to use the LT+X on your primary character (recommend Pimples for his 3-hit KO in tadpole mode, but beware of his larger looking hitbox) to draw in the magic eye to your side in FRONT of the 2nd character where the eyeball baddies spawn so you can smack all of the enemies in 1 swing. It may take 3+ tongue grabs to get the magic eye positioned correctly. If the magic eye tries to run away, keep on spamming LT+X in between swings at the regular baddies so they can never get a hit at either you or the idle 2nd character. Eventually, the magic eyes will all be weakened and destroyed.

    Once you finish off the magic eye(s), be cognizant of the regular eye spawns but don't try to finish them off. Only hit them if they come in front of you and the idle character while paying the most attention to the falling fists. On occasion, the fists will spawn above you and you will need to respond quickly with the RT dash on BOTH controllers to move out of the way. Unfortunately, you cannot re-map the triggers but should be manageable with the 2nd controller positioned on your leg under your primary controller. I would recommend dashing once or twice and see if another fist comes, then try to reposition back in the far right (or left) and moving in slightly to face the middle. Here is where the luck comes in. I was able to dash past the fists in the 1st and 2nd smashing waves, but on the 3rd wave, I got lucky and had NO fists spawn in the far-right. After maybe an hour of attempting this solo, all the RNG fell into place and bleep-bloop. Good luck to all you solo'ers out there and congrats if you manage to have local friends decent at video games XD
    Posted by qManballin on 06 Dec 20 at 18:40
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