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Hard Bargain achievement in Remnant: From the Ashes

Hard Bargain

Make a Deal with Sebum

Hard Bargain-0.7
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How to unlock the Hard Bargain achievement

  • RainleafRainleaf1,245,825
    15 Sep 2020 21 Aug 2020 17 Nov 2020
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    This achievement is currently unobtainable.
    There is a 15GB update today that makes this achievement obtainable 16.09.2020!:D

    Requirements to get the achievement :

    1.Hunt and kill the Packmaster thus rewarding you the Tusk
    2.Find the entrance to the Frieran Sea in the same map *the entrance you are looking for will have a boat*
    3.Peek on the side of the ship the armor to unlock new dialog with Sebum
    4.Talk to Sebum and choose in the dialog the Tusk for the armor below deck
    5.Achievement unlocks toast

    Below a more detail guide on how to get the achievement:

    1.Easiest way will be to start Adventure Mode on Reisum and on the Snow area try and find the The Packmaster Yeti that we need to get the Tusk.
    If you do not find him in the first Snow area the easiest thing to do is reset the adventure mode on Reisum and start again. It took me 2-3 times to get him so varies as it is random but keep trying.
    **Keep in mind that once you have the Tusk, do not reset the world again or it will vanish from your inventory***This is purely RNG and is definitely a specific yeti in your world that drops it**.
    External image

    External image

    2.Now having the Tusk in your inventory means the Frieran Sea is on the same map, sometimes you might need to do a boss to get to the other side of the gate to find the entrance, but know it is 100% somewhere on the map.In all my plays where I found the Tusk I also found the Frieran Sea.
    External image

    3.Now that you are at the Frieran Sea, before going up the boat's main ramp, look to the left and move along that side of the boat. You'll have to crouch and break some boxes to get through. You will find a place you can climb up and a hole in the side of the ship that you can interact with using cn_X to see inside the hold. Inside will be the Warlord's set and seeing it opens an additional dialogue with Sebum when you speak with him.
    External image

    External image

    External image

    4.Talk with Sebum and choose the “What about that armor below deck?”, then follow it up with “This Tusk, for that armor. [GIVE TUSK]”.
    Sebum will then say that "you drive a hard bargain" at which point the achievement should unlock. He'll then open the deck below and you're free to loot the armor set.
    External image

    Have in mind if you select the option “I found the Packmaster here’s its tusk. [GIVE TUSK]” Sebum will just give you some Scrap for it voiding the achievement and the armor set, so be careful with the dialog options else you will have to redo all again.

    Goodluck and enjoy the new armor set!
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    SighrisSo to clarify redoing the process, can u do it on char who has armor already and just redo quest or new char?
    Posted by Sighris on 16 Sep 20 at 02:44
    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz^ @Sighris, yes. Just re roll adventure till you find Sebum and then track down the tusk again, obviously follow all the correct verbal choices and view armor again etc.
    Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 16 Sep 20 at 02:51
    RainleafYou need to redo the process, hunt again the yeti and get the tusk , go to Frieran sea, look behind of the ship the armor and then talk to Sebum and choose the armor below for the tusk. I did this on the same char 5 times so far so all good :).
    Posted by Rainleaf on 16 Sep 20 at 02:51
    RainleafI have updated the guide to make it more clear smile.
    Posted by Rainleaf on 16 Sep 20 at 02:54
    Renato UNSCIt has been updated and the achievement is unlockable clap
    Posted by Renato UNSC on 16 Sep 20 at 14:30
    Kasper4000To confirm, the achievement unlocks now after the 15gb update. Popped the achievement yesterday!!
    Posted by Kasper4000 on 16 Sep 20 at 22:06
    Shadow Edge 6My experience with this achievement, I re-rolled Resium at least 10 - 15 times. Killing pack masters and never getting the horn. What for sure worked for me was talking to Sebum and accepting his quest. Immediately afterwards, I found a pack master and got the horn.
    Posted by Shadow Edge 6 on 20 Sep 20 at 00:16
    GrimaceTheGreyI want to put this out there for anyone struggling with getting the Tusk. I had the sea in my very first world, but no matter how many times I respawned the packmaster and killed him, no tusk. So I said, screw it, Ill just finish the campaign. In the third section of the map after killing a few bosses, I killed a different packmaster and it dropped. It may be that the tusk is tied to a specific packmaster in your world, and not a chance drop.
    Posted by GrimaceTheGrey on 08 Nov 20 at 15:06
    bvrgvndyAfter tearing my hair out and googling every possible solution to finding the packmaster on google. I finally succeeded on my 34th attempt with this guide by spawning in a random yeti in the first snow area and getting the tusk! Its pure RNG and is definitely a specific yeti in your world that drops it. I also had a world with sebum and only one yeti who did not drop the tusk after killing him 20 times.
    Posted by bvrgvndy on 17 Nov 20 at 05:25
    RainleafThank you all for the feedback and I will adjust the guide accordingly toast.
    Posted by Rainleaf on 17 Nov 20 at 06:28
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