Brand Ambassador achievement in Going Under

Brand Ambassador

Complete Swomp's mentorship.

Brand Ambassador-9.4
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How to unlock the Brand Ambassador achievement

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    08 Mar 2021 08 Mar 2021
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    Complete all of Swomp's missions. They are:

    Light a buncha stuff on fire (30) - light 30 things on fire
    Run over a car with your car - using a car, run over another car
    Eat a sandwich when you're not even hungry - eat a sandwich when your health is full
    Go on a successful date - dont get hit during the Winkydink mini-game
    Crash the pizza party in Winkydink - secret, randomly apprearing room in Winkydink it has a checkmark in the minimap
    Fill your inventory with slime (3) - after killing a slime, grab the slime ball they sometimes drop, repeat 2 more times
    Start a polymerous relationship - have a successful date, then another one without your first date dying
    Buy a dank gaming rig from the Styxcoin café

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    LinkedTortoiseThis ones bugged out on me. It will not register the successful date. And I have no idea what to do. I've done 3 in one run and had 2 at the same time but still it's not triggering.
    Posted by LinkedTortoise on 10 Jul at 03:48
    DcupsOfJusticeI had issues with the Poly task as well. Had to do this many times before I was finally able to get it. When I finally did get it I had numerous allies with me using Swomp as mentor and Pick-up Artist skill. They did the damage and I stayed away making sure I wouldn't get hit.
    As for the gaming rig, I'd like to note that it's cost is over 31000 Styxcoin and there is no way to get that much before the B2 when it shows up. Best thing to do: With Swomp as mentor, collect as much Styxcoin as possible. When you get to the shop with the rig try and buy everything else. Then Swomp will steal the rig for you. I was able to get this my second try, albeit with luck. First try I got everything except 1 item and he stole that 1 item. 50% chance and I lose, nice. Second time, I got lucky and found the app that lowers the cost of items at the shop and easily bought everything except the rig.
    Posted by DcupsOfJustice on 11 Jul at 03:05
    SquiSquiSquidioTo do a successful date, choose which enemy you want and beat them without taking any damage. This will make them follow you (text will say something about you having a boyfriend). For the Polyamorous relationship, do the fist step, but now, keep the friendly enemy alive until the next dating app and make sure the first date stays alive to the end.
    Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 19 Jul at 21:18
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  • APOPHIS1989APOPHIS1989540,669
    30 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2020
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    Just complete all 7 of Swomp's quests. The last task is to buy a video game console in the Styxcoin dungeon. I found this hard to do, even with the mentor that gives extra money and the charismatic skill that reduces the cost. Unfortunately, you can't buy it with Ray's credit card, but you CAN buy it with the blood for money skill. I you don't have that, then it will just be luck based on if Swomp steals it for you.
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    AtmaxarI used Scarlet Death's tip, but here is a suggestion to make it even more easy:

    Don't activate a date mission until you find a second match room. So that you can kill both after each other.
    Posted by Atmaxar on 07 Mar at 02:00
    mudder85I got my first ally for polyamorous then used styxroad to get my second ally, this way you know you wont get hurt and lose the second ally due to getting hit too many times
    Posted by mudder85 on 07 Mar at 04:02
    E vee dubOne of Swomp's tasks is to:
    -Run over a car with your car.
    Posted by E vee dub on 07 Mar at 09:06
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