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Four Star General

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How to unlock the Four Star General achievement

  • ICoN xLeViAtHaNICoN xLeViAtHaN395,368
    31 Oct 2009 24 Aug 2009 24 Aug 2009
    44 5 8
    You will need 1 Million EXP for this achievement. This takes 100+ hours of boosting and is best done with 8 people however only requires 4. Each point earned is multiplied by 7 and you can make about 10000 EXP per hour.

    How to boost: The team at control point 5 always runs to 1 to avoid confusion. They capture all control points along the way while the team at 1 waits. Then the teams take turns neutraling and capturing. The team nuetralizing gets 1 point and the team capping gets 6 or 7 depending on how much the point was overcapped. At 7:45 the teams switch and everybody runs to point 5.

    The team with nothing to do can be killed along the way for some extra points but DO NOT kill anybody on the team converting the control points or you will just be hurting yourselves. You then repeat capping and nuetralizing at point 5 with reversed roles.

    Your boosting team can decide if they want have an all out gunfight when it comes down to the last 5 or so seconds. If done well both teams should have around 400 points (2800 EXP).

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    ZZRsyIf anyone needs help with this let me know. The more players the more points.
    Posted by ZZRsy on 13 Jun 16 at 12:00
    PerilousPWNNeed one more double boxer for my team, then I will have a full team of people using multiple boxes = no xp trading at the fastest rate too :) please reach out ASAP with your schedule if you are game!
    Posted by PerilousPWN on 26 Mar 20 at 20:48
    VanekStill need to do this, only have one box
    Posted by Vanek on 29 Nov 20 at 04:56
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  • DOBOYX2DOBOYX2158,137
    13 Nov 2010 16 Mar 2011 04 Apr 2011
    32 3 10
    The absolute best method would be to have 2 boxes and another person with 2 as well. That way you wont have to switch sides, you and your partner can cap the whole match while the 2 dummy accounts nuetralize. You should be getting over 3,000 exp a match and if you get 1 extra person on your team you could hit 4,000 fairly easy as long as by the end of the game your over the 570-580 point mark. Not only are you doubling the exp you would get if you were to do it with 8 individuals, but you are also saving yourself from alot of frustration and confusion dealing with so many people.

    Gametype: Armored Front

    Map: Meltdown

    Players: 4-5 works nicely (2 ppl should be running 2 boxes) if you can get 3 people with 2 boxes thats even better.
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    vegansoundHi DOBOYX2 (and everyone),

    I didn't understand this solution. Can anyone please detail it more, step by step?

    It's said that 2 persons need 2 consoles each. But what if we're 3 people, 2 with 1 console and 1 with 2? Sounds the same, no?

    Thanks for your reply.
    Posted by vegansound on 23 Jul 15 at 18:27
    Living Legendsno, the person on the other team will not get the points for capping as you and the second player on your team is capturing the flag
    Posted by Living Legends on 14 Oct 15 at 20:22
    ZogiasI'm looking for someone to dual box this with as well. Send me a message here or preferably Xbox Live and let's kick this out!
    Posted by Zogias on 23 Oct 15 at 22:56
  • FelisinFelisin532,507
    26 Feb 2013 02 Mar 2013 02 Mar 2013
    17 4 0
    Oh no! My boosting group fell below ideal numbers, but we still have enough to start the match! Whatever shall we do?

    To piggy back on these existing solutions, I thought I'd mention a few things that my boosting group figured out along the way. Credit here goes to TilltheMorning and WC Aries, who were the first ones to tell me of these little tricks.

    Once your boosting group falls below about 8 people, you'll notice a significant decrease in the number of points you'll get in a match. If you get as low as 4 boosters, you'll be getting a paltry 270 points per 15 minutes, if you are switching at the 7:50 mark. And that magical "150 hours" target that people often mention when they ask how long this will take? That requires you to get somewhere around 318+ points per match. This just won't do. So, there are two solutions to this:

    First: TilltheMorning's Overcapping Technique, as handed down to him by those mystical German boosters we heard of but never saw. This works best if you have no more than 8 people, though perhaps 6 works best. Here, the NEUTRALIZING TEAM goes beyond neutral (blue circle) and HALF-CAPS the control point. That means that the capturing team MUST let them capture 2-3 of the 5 segments of the circle before stepping in, neutralizing the half, and capturing it all the way. (Hear that, capturing team? You gotta LET them overcap. Don't be too jumpy.) Using this technique, instead of getting 6 points per capture, you get 9 points per capture (the neutralizing team gets nothing extra, but that's why we switch the roles, don't we?) If you are using this technique with 4 people, that pathetic 270 points per match shoots up into a much more respectable 320+. If you are doing this with 6 people, it gets as high as 340-360.

    This doesn't work as well with more than 6-8 people because the overcapping is so fast that they can accidentally end the match. All it takes is one or two people out of sync or for Alma to send a lag-spike your way and everything ends. I suspect that this overcapping thing is part of the reason why matches with 12+ people net you so many points -- the neutralizing is so fast that overcapping is unavoidable, so you end up getting more points per capture (7-9) even if you are trying your best to jump in right at the neutral point.

    The second technique, brought to us by WC Aries, can be combined with overcapping for maximum results. It has been mentioned already above, but I'm not quite sure how you would get it to work with 8 people. We found it best if you have 4 boosters total. This is the Same Teams, No Switching technique. If you can orchestrate the lobbies in such a way that the teams are always the same, every single match (by policing joining order, though that doesn't always work out and you'll do a bit of backing out and re-joining), then you can go the full 15 minutes without switching. This does save the time at the switch point, and with 4 people you will get approximately 340 points per match (~600 in one, ~100 in the next).

    To keep it fair, though, you really have to put in the effort to make sure the teams are always the same, and we found a little bit of randomness in which team you get thrown on when you join larger lobbies which would make this difficult with more than 4 people. I suppose it can be done, but who wants 15 minutes of lobby-engineering before you can even get one match completed? Leave that to the double-boxers.

    So don't fret, my puppies! Don't let those 4-person, 270-point matches get you down! And boost until you lose too many people to even start the match!

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