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Total Devastation achievement in Gears 5

Total Devastation

Deal 200,000,000 damage in Horde or Escape

Total Devastation-1.2
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How to unlock the Total Devastation achievement

  • AsimovAsimov947,452
    29 Aug 2020 31 Aug 2020 04 Dec 2020
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    If you grind low health enemies for “Rest in Piece” then you will also have to grind damage for “Total Devastation.” TheAaronLad and I used this method to grind damage in Escape. You can get between 10 to 20% achievement progress per hour depending on your card levels (more below). TheAaronLad also made a video showing an example run (see bottom).

    This method boils down to killing Ice Scions with salvos in a custom escape map. We chose Ice Scions because they have lots of health and pose little threat. Salvos have lots of ammo, do high damage, and are easy to spam. Demolitions is probably the best class for this method. It has good bleed and high damage ultimate ability.

    I created a custom escape map for this method. It is called Ice Scion Grind with shareable community ID TK5T1Y. We only used the mutator for extra health, however you may use more to further increase enemy health. The weapon and locker spawns are set randomly whenever you reload the map. However they will stay in the same place when restarting checkpoint. I am sure there are ways to better optimize this map. Feel free to share your own creations in the comments below.

    1. Enable extra health and any other mutators you want in the lobby
    2. Start the map, exit spawn, continue through chapter checkpoint
    3. Place salvos on the various lockers if you need the extra ammo
    4. Open the door at the end of this path, straight ahead
    5. Barely enter the door to spawn the scions
    6. Start retreating immediately so they cant hit you
    7. Blast the ~100 Ice Scions with salvos until they are dead
    8. Restart chapter and repeat, starting from step three above

    Recommended Cards:
    1. Razor Hail – Increases your DPS
    2. Spotter Support – Drops more rounds for Artillery Strike
    3. Confirmed Kills – Allows more uses of Artillery Strike
    4. Officer’s Prerogative – Improved Artillery Strike
    5. Concussive Strike – Slows the scions from advancing

    External image

    Low level card commentary – My cards were all level one or two. I could kill ~100 Ice Scions about every three minutes. About one minute of this time was spent adding salvos to lockers. This translates to 1% progress every six minutes. I was able to obtain 10% progress in about an hour.

    High level card commentary – TheAaronLad has these cards at much higher levels. It took him about 1.5 minutes to clear the scions. He relied less on using the lockers. The lack of setup helped make his progress twice as fast (approximately 20% per hour).

    1. The passive ability for Demolitions lets you target up to five additional targets. Be sure to target multiple scions before using Artillery Strike to spread more damage.
    2. You want to maximize splash damage with the salvo to get the most bleed. Aim for groups of scions to spread damage and maximize your DPS.
    3. I was unable to trap the scions in the spawn room. I would slowly retreat into the other rooms as they advanced. The venom was never a problem.
    4. After spawning the scions, I would grab a salvo and walk backwards while spamming rockets into the scions.

    Example Run by TheAaronLad (pre operation five):

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    ChrushaDoes anyone else’s percent not track for the achievement ?
    Posted by Chrusha on 04 May at 19:54
    Grindor 777im stuck too , all horde and escape chevos stuck
    Posted by Grindor 777 on 25 May at 16:38
    GTAmissions1Mine is also not tracking. Doing the custom escape strategy netting a few hundred kills every few minutes and the percentage tracker still hasn't increased.

    As of June 27th.
    Posted by GTAmissions1 on 27 Jun at 20:51
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  • Xterm1n8orXterm1n8or829,511
    12 Jan 2021 12 Jan 2021 13 Jan 2021
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    Inspired by Asimov's solution above I made an escape where you can easily kill 500 Ice Scions every 4 minutes, including load times.

    That is around 40 Million damage and 7.5k kills per hour. You can use any class and no cards are needed. Beginner difficulty.

    If you have a class with high level cards it may make it even quicker.

    The Ice Scions will spawn at the end of the long hallway once you've passed by the ice blocks after the safe room.

    Simply use the salvos to fire down the hallway and move forward picking up ammo from every salvo as you go until all of them are dead. See the video below for the optimum path. Restart act, repeat.

    Share code: H3KXG8

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    Deschain019This map is fantastic thank you for sharing.
    Posted by Deschain019 on 25 Jan at 03:33
    ChrushaDoes anyone have issues with this achievement not tracking ?
    Posted by Chrusha on 04 May at 20:37
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