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    From the main menu select "New Game" and when asked if you're old enough to play this game, select "More than old enough." This will start a quiz where you have to answer four questions correctly in a row. You get unlimited tries and there is anything too difficult. Just in case I have compiled a list of (what I'm pretty sure is) all the possible questions. If anyone finds one that I missed I would love to add it to the solution.

    In Australia “hide the sausage'' means?
    To engage in coitus

    What is meant by the term “dotcom bubble”
    A massive overvaluation of technology companies on the stock exchange, which led to high losses among i…

    Rhythm is a …

    Who is the protagonist in Leisure suit Larry?
    Larry Laffer

    American DJ Wolfman Jack was immortalized in which song?
    Clap for the wolfman

    How many goals did the German men's national football team score in the European championship in 2000?

    Which of the following was not an erotic tv show or series

    Male pattern refers to?

    What is a competition pro?
    A joystick

    What is Boo's real name in the movie “Monsters Inc”?

    Who is the ruler of the land of Britannia in the ultima video game series?
    Lord British

    Who was Clippit?
    Digital assistant

    Dee Dee, Joey, Tommy, and…

    What did Herve Villechaize do for a living before becoming an actor?

    What is a callboy?
    Lover for hire

    Which of the following is not a Pac Man ghost?

    When did Batman first appear in a comic book?

    In the television series Buffy: What was Spike’s real name?

    Party like it’s…

    Why does Lola run?
    To get 100.000 German marks

    What is the name of the inventor of Minesweeper?
    Curt Johnson

    What does ET stand for?
    Extra Terrestrial


    What was the title of “Leisure Suit Larry 4”?
    The Missing Floppies

    In which superhero movie did the protagonist's costume suddenly sprout prominent nipples?
    Batman & Robin

    What is a Tamagotchi?
    A virtual pet

    What does Agent Cooper love to drink?

    Who scored the only goal in the final of the 1990 Men’s World Cup?
    Andy Brehme

    What is a fax?
    A piece of paper sent over the telephone line

    Which famous comedian has hosted both “The Price is Right” and “Whose Line is it Anyway?”?
    Drew Carey

    Yes, you’re the owner of…
    … a lonely heart

    What did President George W. Bush have to say about education on January 11, 2000?
    Education are greatest gift (this is actually incorrect but whatever)

    Who was elected Chancellor of Germany in 1998?
    Gerhard Schroder

    What was Lieutenant Uhura’s first role?
    Hazel in Kicks and Co.

    Which test did an early model of the Mercedes-Bens A-Class fail?
    Elk Test (Its actually the Moose test but that's not an option)

    Who is the protagonist in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

    Who sang “Cum on Feel the Noize”?
    Quiet Riot

    Why do many people expect the end of the world on New Year 1999/2000?
    It was assumed that many computers would not be able to cope with the change of date and would crash

    Which of the following is a type of beer?

    What was the name of Nintendo’s most eccentric console?
    Virtual Boy

    Which intern did President Bill Clinton say he didn’t have sex with?
    Monica Lewinsky

    Who is your favorite character from star wars?
    Han Solo (although I think any answer other than jar jar will work)

    “Look behind you,...
    ...a three-headed monkey!”

    What is the fifth element in “Captain Planet:?

    Which American athlete won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin
    Jesse Owens

    Which organization disbanded on April 20, 1998?
    Red Army Faction

    T(W)hat does Baby Sinclair call his father?
    Not the Mama!

    Why did the Beautiful South break up?
    Because of musical similarities

    Which was the first new state to gain independence in the 21st Century?
    East Timor

    What was SCTV
    Second City Television

    Who killed Mr. Burns?

    Who is Keyser Soze?
    None of the above

    Which of the following video game magazines never existed?
    Super Fun

    The Bundy family dog is named”

    What is a tramp stamp?
    A sign that one has lost control of their life.

    What is Catch 22
    A book

    The truth is…?
    Out there

    What is a Dreamcast?
    The best console ever

    What was the bartender’s name on the TV series “Star Trek - Deep Space Nine”?

    Which “Magic - The Gathering” expansion did not appear in 1997?
    Ice Age

    What is a Big Blind
    Minimum Stake in Poker

    What is a 486
    A really fast computer

    Singapore Sling is…
    ...a cocktail

    Which Masters of the Universe character emits a terrible smell?

    What do the letters AOL stand for?
    America Online

    What was the name of the coffee shop in “Friends”
    Central Perk

    What was in the case that was stolen from Marcellus Wallace?
    No one really knows.

    What is known as petting?
    A sexual activity without actual sexual intercourse

    Which breakfast cereal was the first to offer a prize?
    Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

    What was so unique about Dolly the sheep?
    She was cloned

    Butt-Head usually wears a T- shirt from which band?

    What was the first recording Weird Al Yankovic ever released?
    Take me down

    What is the fifth element in “The Fifth Element?”
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