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Chief Investigator achievement in Control

Chief Investigator

Find 80% of the hidden locations in the Investigations Sector

Chief Investigator0
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How to unlock the Chief Investigator achievement

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    Edited with last location from Grimm Tim & location 2 isnt a hidden.

    To get 80% you need at least 4 of the locations.

    Use Abandoned Office fast travel.
    Head into the offices and take a left into the square area. On top of a filing cabinet you will see a lamp and a painting on the wall. Blow up the wall and head through to another office where the doors are blocked by cabinets. Head to the back of the office and you will see a crate and once near it you should be in the "hidden location".

    Use Turn Table fast travel. Not a location but a cool easter egg
    GO towards the Utility Corridor where you will require a lamp to see through the darkness. As you progress you will see a window (before turning right and continuing into the AC system). If you look below you will see a lamp below, break through the windows and fall down. This will give you a good feeling of the last dlc with the "swift platform". Turn around and you will see a button to open the door to escape.

    Use Lower Access fast travel.
    Go towards the Shifted offices and right after entering the offices (from the turn table area through the double doors that the darkness was blocking) you will come up to a messed up staircase that has been partially altered. Look up and you will see a crate and once you jump into the area you will find the "hidden location".

    Use AWE Transit Bay fast travel.
    Go to the shifted passage about 1/2 way through right before the death ball that you cant kill, there is a green carpet with a painting on the wall. Blow out the wall and you will need to head up into a sideways office. Once inside you will need to move across the sideways room and fall down into a room with a radio. Blow out the wall to the left of the radio and you will see in front of you a clock. Once inside the room you will find the "hidden location". If you wish to do the Easter Egg the clock code is 1/7/7/1/6/4/9/7.

    Use Fra Mauro AWE Enterance.
    From fast travel head towards the observation deck and look right towards the elevators. There is a elevator on the left that has stuff blocking it, move this and drop down to find a chest and the "hidden location".

    Use Eagle Limited AWE Entrance fast travel
    From that fast travel, walk straight forward into the circular room with the spinning machinery in it (enemies may spawn in this room). Drop down and turn 180 degrees to see a painting on the wall (the wall is directly under the control point). Destroy the wall and head inside to an area under the elevator shaft. "Hidden location found" plus two chests inside. You may need to bring a light, it's dark as hell (there is one on the right of the wall once you break through). --thanks Grimm Tim
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    WhoIsJohn117Agree with above. I think it is 5 locations total/4 to get the Achievement.

    I got 1 location so far and have 25% on my tracker. That would lead me to think I need to get 4 for the Achievement. 4 is 80% of 5.
    Posted by WhoIsJohn117 on 29 Aug 20 at 03:39
    The 1vanatorThe 2nd area listed is not considered a hidden area.
    Posted by The 1vanator on 29 Aug 20 at 07:58
    Soft and FluffyI was doing most of these from memory so I might be wrong on the 2nd one. I can always update it but wanted to get them down to help others
    Posted by Soft and Fluffy on 29 Aug 20 at 08:39
    Ashley6200I've just done the 2nd one and can confirm I didn't get a hidden area notification. It's odd, because it clearly is one!
    Posted by Ashley6200 on 29 Aug 20 at 11:57
    CapAMK IIsecond didn't trigger to me either, maybe there is a order you have to turn on the musoc and the lights?
    Posted by CapAMK II on 29 Aug 20 at 13:34
    FightingMegaFooIf you get confused like I did with the last location, make sure you use the "eagle limited awe ENTRANCE" fast travel, not the "eagle limited awe" fast travel redface
    Posted by FightingMegaFoo on 09 Oct 20 at 00:34
    SashamorningYeah, what FightingMegaFoo said. "Eagle Limited AWE" is not correct.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 29 Nov 20 at 02:59
    gomofobJust to clarify the wall-breaking parts: Surge won't help you, use other means like Launch or melee.
    Posted by gomofob on 12 Dec 20 at 01:28
    evil terrorrThere is also one at the Transit Terminal.
    Spawn at Transit Terminal and cross the room and left you will find an open elevator. enter it and go up then turn to the right and there is a cart in front of the second elevator. move the cart en drop down this elevator for the fifth hidden location.
    Posted by evil terrorr on 14 Feb at 07:41
    oONeonDemonOoThanks evil terrorr!
    Posted by oONeonDemonOo on 14 Feb at 18:34
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