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Vending Spree achievement in Control

Vending Spree

Destroy 80% of the Altered Vending Machine instances

Vending Spree-0.2
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerBuggy -
This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

How to unlock the Vending Spree achievement

  • Raw Sauce RossRaw Sauce Ross1,559,719
    29 Aug 2020 30 Aug 2020 30 Dec 2020
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    When playing through the AWE DLC be sure to shoot or lift all vending machines you come across because there is a small chance one of them will be Altered. It will be obvious since it will turn red and start to waddle away quickly. If killed it will then drop tons of loot and materials.
    This achievement is buggy and has the chance to never spawn an Altered Vending Machine when playing through the AWE DLC. You may never encounter them due to your save being bugged. There are two workarounds at the moment. The first fix according to Guile132 down in the comments said, “To die by a hiss if the vending machines aren't appearing as altered.” Note that he had already seen two and then the AVMs stopped spawning. The second workaround that worked for me after never seeing any AVMs spawn after several hours of gameplay and searching requires resetting your save. You should finish all the other achievements and then restart your save by selecting Mission select>Endgame at the main menu. This will put you back at the end of the base game and reset the DLC's progression. I recommend using the newly added assist mode to have infinite health and one hit kills (Start>options>gameplay tab> scroll all the way down to enable). You only need to run up to the control point "Active Investigations" to use this method of farming kills. Resetting the DLC will take away some of your abilities and deselect your personal mods and weapon mods, that's why I recommend assist mode.
    If you want to file a complaint on the bug and not reset your save use this link

    Resetting your save should be a last resort option. The bug appears to be happening in either the case of seeing a couple AVM then none and fixing it by dying by a hiss, or never seeing them and having to reset your save. The most recent update that happened may have also increased the spawning rates making this easier.
    From the Active Investigations control point you will want to turn around and make your way backwards through "Operations Center" to damage the three Vending machines on the second floor. Then continue to run south through the "Operations Corridor" and to the "Abandoned Offices" via the service tunnel. There are another three in the abandoned offices one on the right after first entering the offices then two more closer to the control point leading to the firebreak. Once you've damaged those six just return to the main menu and reload which will spawn you back at Active Investigations to run the path again.

    Note: Something Tarot B pointed out in the comments. If you haven’t reset your progress again due to the glitch you can get a 7th vending machine along this route right at the start of the run. In the “Active Investigations” area you spawn at, run forward and to the left, you should find the Vending Machine next to the SHÜM arcade cabinets. Finding this extra one will increase your odds at finding an AVM making this hunt slightly shorter.

    This is a clip of the run before I realized my game was bugged showing the locations and path to take.

    Clip including Altered Vending Machines post reset via mission select.

    You should be finding at least one Altered Vending Machine every 10 minutes using this method. It took less than 30 mins for me to run through the first 5 minutes of the game again and farm the 4 kills needed.
    I only had to destroy 4 vending machines, but the achievement took over a minute to pop after killing my fourth.
    Huge thanks to katana409 and GFreire for their guide and comments. They were a huge help in finding a great path for farming these kills. I didn't discover the bug or workaround either, I only suffered from it and wasted 5-6 hours before I had realized they were never going to spawn.
    Good Luck Hunting! toast
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    RacxieThanks Brint x! Bugged out for me too but your solution worked a treat. Just frustrating that we can't copy our saves onto a USB stick like we could with 360.
    Posted by Racxie on 02 May at 20:13
    TrueWickedoneI just unlocked this. I disabled my assist mode once I beat this final DLC and then died. Upon respawning I fast traveled to Active Investigations, then quit to main menu and reloaded into the game. Cleared the 1 by the Shum Arcade game, the 3 in Active Investigations office (2nd floor), then ran to Abandoned Offices for those 3. I quickly ran backwards around first corner and fast traveled to Frau Mauro AWE Entrance for those 3. Then quit to main menu and reloaded. Do the 3 machines in Frau, then fast travel to Active Investigations. 3 runs once I got this down and I finally got a run where 3 popped in one go and pop went my achievement! If you don't see a machine on the first run or 8, don't get discouraged. They will pop. I had 2 or 3 escape before I figured out to plant a surge grenade on the wall next to machine before I picked it up with launch. If it glowed red, I immediately hit the Right Trigger to detonate grenade. With assist mode enabled, the machines die and cannot escape.

    Good luck
    Posted by TrueWickedone on 08 May at 22:54
    x The Horrorist@defender121-Worked like a charm thnx
    Posted by x The Horrorist on 09 May at 21:41
    Cruachan11Thanks for the guide, this was my last achievement and was really annoying me.

    It did glitch for me, had to reset my save and so lost somewhere around 40 ability points when I did but after 2-3 runs got the achievement and completed them all.
    Posted by Cruachan11 on 19 May at 23:57
    Stevo6483My save must've bugged because I never got any on my first run through the DLC until I followed the method of dying then running the route from the Active Investigations control point, but that only worked for 2 vending machines. After spending several hours over 2 nights trying to get the remaining 2 to spawn I had no luck, so decided to finish the DLC and all other achievements then reset my save by selecting the Endgame mission select option from the main menu.

    After that I did a single quick run through the DLC with assist mode enabled. I found one altered vending machine in the Abandoned Offices then after beating the first Hartman encounter in Active Investigations I took the elevator up to Fra Mauro where I found my second altered vending machine, which gave me the total of 4 needed for the achievement. Thank goodness for that!
    Posted by Stevo6483 on 16 Jun at 23:25
    Stevo6483Just a further note to anybody who hasn't played the DLCs yet:

    Due to the buggy nature of the Vending Spree achievement in the AWE DLC you might want to consider getting this achievement FIRST as it's highly likely that you'll need to use the option of resetting your save by loading up the Endgame chapter in mission select to get the altered vending machines to spawn, which means you'll lose all DLC progress (Foundation and AWE). This seems to be the only way to guarantee they'll spawn - all other options and methods are very hit and miss and can be a waste of many hours.

    It only takes about 10-15 minutes to rush through to the first boss encounter in Active Investigations with Assist Mode active, then up the central elevator into the Fra Mauro AWE sector, and you should've come across 10-12 vending machines by that point, some of which should be altered ones. Once you've gotten that far either quit and reload your save and run the same route in reverse to hopefully find more altered vending machines, or load the Endgame chapter again and repeat as above.

    Once you've got this you can continue on with your game and have all your progress retained when you finish rather than having to play through both DLCs again should you wish to continue playing afterwards while being fully powered up and having the best mods.
    Posted by Stevo6483 on 17 Jun at 08:56
    Ale386I absolutely agree with the comment above. I had to reset everything to make them appear.

    You can also use the Cloud to your advantage by choosing the "Endgame" Chapter and then, without going to the dashboard (As I did by mistake), follow the guide until you unlock the achievement. Then, press the Xbox Button (Or Home / Guide Button) to go to your Control save and delete it from your console, so when you enter the game next time, you will download your old save from the cloud. All of this without going to the dashboard, otherwise, the console is going to upload your save.

    I unfortunately made this mistake and now I don't have my progress for the DLCs anymore. The only thing that remain are my clips from when I played them. This was my last achievement, but I'm still mad about my old save.
    Posted by Ale386 on 22 Jun at 22:22
    Ainawi84I got all the achivments except this one.. and no End Game in Select Mission.. i need help
    Posted by Ainawi84 on 29 Jun at 19:11
    Raw Sauce RossAinawi84, As long as it’s after the end of chapter 7 and AWE dlc is unlocked it doesn’t have to be specifically ‘Endgame’ you can reset from chapter 8 or 9.
    Posted by Raw Sauce Ross on 29 Jun at 19:24
    Ainawi84Raw Sauce Ross, After seeing your reply.. I got the last achivment.. Thanks.. I select "Polaris" Chapter 9 and It took me about 20 minutes.. Thanks again 👌
    Posted by Ainawi84 on 30 Jun at 03:34
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