Silver Ridge Peaks

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Silver Ridge Peaks

You give love a bad name achievement in theHunter: Call of the Wild

You give love a bad name

Down 10 animals by hitting them in the heart with the Alexander Longbow in a single shot

You give love a bad name-1.5
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How to unlock the You give love a bad name achievement

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    This achievement is pretty self-explanatory, but here are some tips that might help you:

    - I recommend going for the heart shots at night because it is much easier getting real close to animals in the dark.

    - The ideal shooting distance is around 20 meters. If you have really thick cover and the animal is alone, I would risk trying to get even closer for a better shot.

    - The best shot angle is directly from the front, for all species.

    - It is very beneficial to have the zeroing skill. This lets you adjust the zeroing distance, the range at which the arrow will hit exactly where you line it up, so if you want to take a 40m shot, you don't need to aim above your target, but right at it. Check the exact distance to the animal, pick the next-best zeroing distance and then fine-tune the shot yourself. Be extra careful not to forget about your setting, though. It is very annoying when you take a good shot and then ruin it with the wrong zeroing distance.
    You can do this without the skill, too, but I would try out the standard bow zeroing distance on a tree.

    - Make sure you buy the range finder or the upgraded binoculars in the store to get the exact shot distance.

    - Even though this is a Silver Ridge Peaks DLC achievement, the shots can be taken on any map. I don't find Silver Ridge Peaks to be a good location for this because it is a very open map. Sneaking up to animals without good cover is not the way to go. Hirschfelden is a stalker's paradise, but it's so tight that it can be tough to spot animals and it doesn't have the best spawns. I suggest doing this on Layton Lakes because it has open areas that still provide great cover, and because it has moose.

    - Moose are the perfect target for bow heart shots because they have very large hearts, which they carry far in the front. They are solitary for the most part. They are very tall. And I find they don't get spooked as easily as deer or bears. I would still try this on any animal you find, though. Of my ten targets, four were moose.

    - To find out where the heart is in each species, just shoot one, check the kill screen and memorize its anatomy.

    - Lower-tier animals are less attentive than higher-tiers, females less than males, so if you come across a herd, go for tier-1 females.

    - The time from 7 to 10 pm is the best time for this. Finding resting zones is great, too. You can get multiple heart shots on a resting herd. You just have to stalk them for a minute after each shot.

    - As for hotspots - the big river-like part of the lake around Roonachee is great, so are South Lake and Balmont Lake. Just start at an outpost or tent, go upwind towards a lake, listen for mating calls and as soon as you find an animal, creep up.

    - I remember seeing a couple of frozen turkeys on Silver Ridge Peaks, but that was before I knew about this achievement. If that happens to you, take advantage and get free heart shots on them.

    - I don't think you need to harvest your kills for the shot to count because it popped right after my tenth shot, before I harvested it. I harvested them all with my bow out just to make sure it counts, but apparently that is not necessary. Obviously, you should still harvest, because - who doesn't like money and XP?

    - Patience is key, just like real hunting. You will probably take 10-20 minutes for every heart shot, having to track, spot and stalk first.

    - Last, but not least - a reminder of the obvious: don't approach animals from upwind and be very quiet. You should not be sprinting when you're within 250m of your prey, at least not until you're comfortable, and within 50m you should mostly be prone or crouching on one noise bar. Find a thick bush, tree or tall grass your target is directly facing from about 15m, crawl inside, crouch up, measure the exact distance, wait for a good moment and shoot it in the heart.

    Bleeps and bloops, everyone!
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    mentocBig thumbs up here. I loaded into Layton Lakes and went for the 17-21 zone and walked/snuck around with bow and moose caller and after about an hour had 5 heart shots and only a few misses.
    Posted by mentoc on 15 Jun at 07:48
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