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Full Confession achievement in Tell Me Why

Full Confession

Make Tessa tell everything she knows

Full Confession0
13 September 2021 - 7 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

How to unlock the Full Confession achievement

  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT273,180
    30 Aug 2020 30 Aug 2020 30 Aug 2020
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    In "Rashomon", after shopping, Tessa will enter the store and you will have a short conversation before she goes to her office. To get her to tell the full story, follow these steps:

    Before talking to Tessa in her office, watch the memories with Tyler near the cleaning products and then make a decision of which memory is correct
    Then go talk to Tessa and choose "Your Fight With Mary-Ann..."
    Following that conversation, talk to Tom and choose "Remember That One Song?"
    Now, there are two new memories in the shop for you to view, watch both of them
    Head into Tessa's office and access her computer and read the second email from the Alliance
    Open Tessa's closet and grab the notebook labeled "2004" and flip to the page about Mary-Ann
    Talk to Tessa again and choose these options "We remembered details...", "October 2004", "You told her about the camp", and " The Virtue Seekers Youth Camp"

    You can replay this chapter in Isolation mode without overwriting your story progress.

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    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 05 Sep 20 at 04:01
    AcaElic86Thanks. I was on the right track but forgot the exact date when I played the first time... october 2004 laugh
    Posted by AcaElic86 on 09 Sep 20 at 16:01
    skittlebizMine popped after they drove away, right before it goes to next chapter selection, essentially when the chapter is complete it popped
    Posted by skittlebiz on 13 Sep 20 at 13:28
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  • TheWelshHuntTheWelshHunt960,464
    28 Aug 2020 03 Sep 2020 03 Sep 2020
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    Here is my 100% Achievement Guide for Tell Me Why

    This is the longest achievement to gain but still is rather easy.
    When you enter the store and grab items, Tessa will then enter, have a chat with you and head into her office.

    From here, go to the cleaning products, watch 2 memories then you have to decide on which memory you want to choose (no answer is wrong but can improve or deprove your relationship with Tyler).
    Once you have chosen, go into the office and talk to Tessa and choose "Your Fight With Mary Anne".
    Once this convo over, go talk to Tom on the till and choose "Do you remember that one song?"

    Next, there are two memories in the store to find, one infront in the first aisle..
    Te second one is right by Tessas office in Aisle 3.
    Once these two have been found, go into Tessas office and on her computer.
    Choose the 2nd email "Family Alliance".
    After you quit out you should see a symbol in the top right hand corner.

    Now go into the metal cabinet right of Tessa and find the black book (Also has a goblin Collectible in here). Skip to Mary Annes page (big long list of debt) and then quit out. (SHOULD see another symbol top right)

    Now talk to Tessa again and make sure tk choose these options..
    1. We Remembered Details
    2. October 2004
    3. You Told Her About The Camp
    4. The Virute Seekers Youth Camp

    If you did all of the above the achievement should unlock when the cutscene ends.

    If you prefer to see a visual, go to 1:23:40 to see the start and all of this being done.

    Hope this helps!

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    Ninja ScrollI agree. I’m normally a video guy, but this text solution was exceptionally short, clean, and well written. +1
    Posted by Ninja Scroll on 20 Sep 20 at 12:46
    TheWelshHuntThank you so much guys 🙂
    Find it always better to have a choice lol
    Posted by TheWelshHunt on 20 Sep 20 at 19:45
    queendragon91I did exactly this and it hasn't popped.. :( damn
    Posted by queendragon91 on 25 Mar at 10:52
  • BlakManDanBlakManDan945,473
    27 Aug 2020 27 Aug 2020 27 Aug 2020
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    Bit of a long one and not that hard. Listen to the music and look at all the memories in the store.

    After finding all the evidence, make sure you click October 2004, You told her about the camp and Virtue Seekers Camp.

    Achievement pops end of the chapter driving away in the car.
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    Smoky BrennethIt doesn't matter which you pick as 'correct'?
    Posted by Smoky Brenneth on 29 Aug 20 at 00:00
    xNSHDi think this is bugged. i have followed multiple guides on this one and i just cant get it to pop whatsoever.
    Posted by xNSHD on 29 Aug 20 at 14:07
    LucasK047Look for clues on Tessa's computer and in the closet in front of the desk, and then talk to her.
    Posted by LucasK047 on 30 Aug 20 at 21:42
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