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Supreme Jerk achievement in Wasteland 3

Supreme Jerk

You beat the game on the hardest difficulty.

Supreme Jerk-3.3
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How to unlock the Supreme Jerk achievement

  • Tyger7Tyger7
    Locked 13 Sep 2020 13 Sep 2020
    Supreme difficulty is the hardest difficulty to choose from. Below are some things you should know.

    - Changing difficulty at the end will not allow you to unlock this achievement. You must choose it from the start and never change it.

    - Abuse creating characters. Make a guy specifically for bartering. Max those stats and only sell junk at the HQ when you can manage squad. I finished the game with 140k doing this. Also do this for modding. No sense in wasting skill points on things you can utilize at the HQ.

    - Conserve ammo by having characters use different weapons. Remember weird science weapons all use expensive ammo and do 30 percent less damage to humans, animals, and mutants. Use it as a secondary for when other types of enemies appear.

    - Drugs can help, but have horrible side effects. These can be removed with the pills. Use for harder fights.

    - Random attacks can occur and sometimes be tough or use a lot of ammo. I avoided all but a few and managed to reach level 26.

    - The last battle in the game can be avoided. Have hard ass and kiss ass maxed to 10. Pick to go against Angela Deth. Put these skills on your created characters or on Marshal Kwon for Hard Ass because I believe he started with some points already in it. Be wary because certain characters will leave when choosing to go against Deth.

    - Beating the game once on easier setting really helps you know what to bring to battles. I recommend doing this first, but you can always make multiple saves to make sure you aren't set back too far.

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    Kyle1810Oh wow, nevermind. I reloaded my own save from a playthrough on Tourist and changed the difficulty to Supreme Jerk and then convinced the Patriarch to step down. No combat, no nothing, both the hard and hardest difficulty achievements popped hahaha
    Posted by Kyle1810 On 28 Aug 21 at 11:46
    ninjaraiden2003Can confirm, play the game through on Tourist, made a quicksave before the last door you open to get the Dead Red ending. Reloaded, went into options and changed the difficulty to "Supreme Jerk", passed the two skill checks for Hard Ass 10 and Kiss Ass 10 and got all difficulty achievements. Saved me another playthrough, though I still need to do a 2nd for the November Reigns ending.
    Posted by ninjaraiden2003 On 05 Oct 21 at 00:11
    O Natalense26/10/2021 - Changing the difficulty at the end doesnt work. I changed to SJ before facing Liberty, arrest her, go back to ranger HQ, arrest Saul and I have november reigns ending, but not the achievement for Supreme Jerk.
    Posted by O Natalense On 26 Oct 21 at 15:23
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  • Jagd Gray WolfJagd Gray Wolf
    17 Sep 2020 16 Sep 2020 07 Oct 2020
    I think the toughest part about this difficulty is the intro. I had to do it three separate times because my starting weapons would run out of ammo or I was too weak. This is what I did to pass the intro:

    Both my starting characters had shotguns because accuracy is pretty high with them and you can attack multiple enemies. During the first dialogue, I suggest you let the female hostage die so she does not alert the other enemies further out. A great technique to defeat large groups of enemies is to attack once and then retreat. This forces them to use AP to catch up to you instead of attacking you twice which will result in killing your team in one turn. Its a lot of trial and error but it worked for me.

    As for what builds to focus on I chose to focus almost all my points on intelligence because it gives you +1 point in skill to spend for every 2 levels. I made a majority of my teammates use shotguns because they are incredibly useful and powerful. Revolvers and pistols are as well so investing someone in small arms is very handy. Have designated teammates progress with dual/triple roles. My squad had the following:

    1st character: Lockpicking, Hardass and leadership (Shotgun/Revolver)
    2nd character: Explosives, First Aid and small arms (Shotgun/Rocket)
    3rd character: Mechanics, modding, and big guns (Machine guns on both slots)
    4th character: Nerd Stuff, Weird science and barter (Shotgun/Revolver)
    5th(I used Kwon): Kiss Ass, Automatic weapons, and sneaky shit (Rifles and AR's)
    6th(I used Lucia) She was sort of a mix for anything remaining. Survival (good for avoiding combat on road) toaster repair(not really super essential), and small arms (Shotgun/revolver combo)

    I am halfway into the game and after learning about how the game works this difficulty has been surprisingly easier because of the better-invested characters. Additional things to note is that this difficulty has your teammates do less damage to them and them doing more damage to you often one/two shotting them. Your best bet is to finish off the enemy quickly or dwindle their forces so less guns can shoot at you. Its important to also use drones and turrets as bullet sponges so your forces don't take the hits.

    Additional tips: Coordination, Speed, and Intelligence attributes are a must. Upgrade in this order:
    Intelligence to level 10 and then upgrade coordination and speed about the same. Speed allows you to run more efficiently. So instead of taking 2 AP to run 2 boxes, you run past 2 boxes in 1 AP. Coordination gives you more action points so its very handy. Shotguns also use only 3 AP to shoot as well as pistoles so it allows you to get an extra shot in before ending your turn.

    Make sure to save often and if your characters are killed just reload the save or autosave. I turned on my autosave for every 10 minutes just in case. Its also really important that you do as many quests as possible as it makes you a lot stronger. Do all that you can so that harder main story quests turn green in the mission log(green means you are above the recommended level).

    One last tip to follow. In this difficulty, you will be using a lot more bullets to put down enemies so also stack up. Shotgun/Pistol combos is great if half your team is using them because you can always make sure you're stocked in shells and 38/9mm ammo. Also, try to manage your money and always make a profit. Buying new guns/gadgets/and vehicle upgrades will only make it easier for you.

    User "Krushner20" also mentioned that buying turrets help a lot. They act as bullet sponges especially when put in front of your units so they don't get shot first.

    This difficulty will not be easy but its not impossible. Its definitely do-able following these tips will definitely make it easier.
    I hope this helps.
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    Jagd Gray WolfNo. High barter will give you 200-400% more currency for items you sell including weapons and junk. I had 10k midway in the game because of it. And with the high intelligence, I had enough points in each skill to pass every skill check which is why it is very useful early on. Shotgun shells weren't a problem considering I was buying mostly one type of ammo and it was effective for the difficulty.

    You haven't beaten this game nor have you completed it on the hardest difficulty nor have you received this achievement. How are you going to tell me my guide is wrong when it worked and it made my playthrough incredibly easier. You don't like my guide? Then don't follow it. If you disagree then write a guide that worked for you so others may follow it. But don't go criticizing my guide because it was different from yours.
    Posted by Jagd Gray Wolf On 21 Sep 20 at 23:41
    Krushner20Well after just beating the game on hardest difficulty and following your guide I can confirm that it does indeed work and pouring points into intelligence then splitting them between speed and co-ordination worked out well. I never failed a skill check and by level 25 each character had 3-4 skills maxed. The only things I would add that I found extremely useful is:
    - use turrets and deployables. More often than not enemies get distracted and home in on them saving your characters getting downed.
    - have a player with high sneak shoot an event before combat starts and you automatically get the initiative allowing you to attack with all characters. This proved vital in gaining the upper hand early on.

    I can’t understand the negativity on this solution and agree with the OP. If you don’t agree, write your own. And with respect this is the only guide currently written by someone who has actually won the achievement.

    Also I had 3 characters with shotguns through the whole game. No issues with ammunition what so ever
    Posted by Krushner20 On 03 Oct 20 at 09:45
    Jagd Gray WolfI’m glad this guide helped you :)!
    Also, I forgot to mention turrets! They are the best bullet sponges so thanks for mentioning it. I’ll update the guide with your additional tips.

    I don’t get what his issue is though. He comments on random achievements without getting them and complains about the methods. But I’m happy I could help someone out with this achievement ! ;)
    Posted by Jagd Gray Wolf On 03 Oct 20 at 18:51
  • El Ninio GREEl Ninio GRE
    21 May 2021 17 May 2021 22 Dec 2021
    My main concern, when beginning the game, was to be able tο get all achievements with only one complete playthrough. So, this is not a detailed solution only for the specific achievement but I think this was the most appropriate place to post it...

    - The game is not extremely difficult even in the highest difficulty level but rather presents a nice challenge. So, it is totally possible to begin directly in Supreme Jerk difficulty AND win all achievements with only one complete playthrough (and generally limited save-load manipulation when making major game choices). Obviously, to be successful in this, you have to suffer some spoilers by knowing beforehand the outcome of the major game choices before selecting them.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    - Character creation is, in my opinion, not so much of an issue, even at the maximum difficulty level, as long as you stick to the following principles: each character should have only three (or maximum four) skills and also the entire team should use all different weapon types (because of the general scarcity of the ammo). As an example, my team of six had one shotgun, one rifle, one assault, one heavy and two pistol-specialized characters (so no close combat for me). One skill for each character was dedicated to their corresponding weapon and the other 2-3 skills did not seem to matter much, as long as they were different in each character. All skills were important in my opinion, so do not leave any skill out of your team. If only one character has a skill, the team can take advantage of it, no need to have it on multiple characters.

    - As written in above solutions, barter, weapon modding and armor modding skills can be assigned to characters that are not part of your team of six and remain in the HQ to be used at specific times.

    - What worked for me as an update path for my characters (confirming Jagd Gray Wolf's solution) was to first increase only the Intelligence attribute so that I could gain the maximum number of skill points every time I leveled up. After reaching maximum Intelligence, I mainly increased the Awareness (for ranged damage) and Coordination (for AP) skills and, to a lesser extent, the Speed and Strength skills. With the above, you will have characters that hit hard and have high-level non-combat skills early on (meaning that you have access to almost all conversation options and to special skills such as pick-locking, disarm traps, hack computers, etc. that provide alternative ways to complete missions early on), the disadvantage being that they will have little strength, so they die quickly and are not able to wear very heavy armor. This is not game-breaking because Health Aid and Injury healing kits can be found (or purchased) in abundance, even in Supreme Jerk or you can always run to a doctor (there are a lot) for complete healing. I am not saying the above is the only upgrade path, I am just saying that this worked for me until the end in my Supreme Jerk difficulty run.

    - As companions, I started with Darius Kwon and Lucia Wesson and stuck with them until the end.

    This is a great game, an RPG from old times and I totally enjoyed my time with it.
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