No Time For Distractions achievement in Wasteland 3

No Time For Distractions

You allowed the Hoons to be murdered and the power armor to be stolen.

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How to unlock the No Time For Distractions achievement

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    05 Sep 2020 05 Sep 2020 05 Sep 2020
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    To get this achievement, you only need to let the time pass by doing other quests.

    As soon you're done with the intro on your new Ranger HQ and are free to take the Kodiak to world map or go to Downtown Colorado Springs. Make a save and go to world map to receive 2 calls, one right after leaving the HQ and the second a little further down the path. Now, go back to Colorado Springs and keep doing the quests in the region, the ones i did was Top Doc, Cornered Rats, then just talked to Gideon Reyes to get progress on Unwelcome Guests, and then finished Big Trouble in Little Vegas. As soon you finish the last one, go to the map and you will receive a call that some BAMFS got in the HQ, and right after this, another two calls, one of each place you should had saved.

    Just Remember that there are two other achievements related to save each place (that's why you should make that save).

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    And if you go for Hoon Hero, you can get as well this one too...
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  • KnightEclipse17KnightEclipse17271,712
    30 Aug 2020 30 Aug 2020 30 Aug 2020
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    Be prepared for a rise in difficulty to get this as instead of going to either the Hoon or Caravan events you go to the Bazaar for Reyes' quest about stopping the refugees, but you'll have to do more. In order to get into the bazaar you either need to buy a pass for $500 or move to the north of the Bazaar Exterior location to do the refugee quest, involving a large group of smugglers, look out for the one the unnamed smuggler that launches a missile that takes a turn to land but deals massive damage. After the smugglers you'll also fight large groups of Payasos, clown raiders, to get a free pass off a corpse they were "operating" on.

    With pass in hand, head into the Bazaar Interior to watch a pig blow up some people and get a quest to investigate the Warrens from Flab. The Warrens are full of more large groups of Payasos but also exploding pigs that they'll light the fuses of which then run toward you and explode on the next turn. Along the way, you'll collect 3 or 4 parts of a poem that unlocks the door to the boss of the area, though I never found the 4th part so I had to guess, something along the lines of "shitting down throats". Finally clearing everything out, go back to Flab to turn it in, head back to the Kodiak, and listen to the radio.

    Combat tips: 1) Bring lots of explosives, 2) make sure all armor and weapons are modified as much as possible and 3) Set everybody up in a hallway or catwalk outside the rooms with lots of enemies and have the member with the largest movement speed trigger them and retreat back to the group so that you can funnel the groups into clumps. This is kind of glitchy since some or most group members might not trigger into combat until the enemies get really close, but it's still the best method I found to deal with them.
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    HratgardThis solution is missing something. I completed those quests. And I can still do both the Hoon family and the Caravan - neither of them timed out. So what else than just these quests did you complete?
    Posted by Hratgard on 02 Sep 20 at 18:34
    Phyrexian ZAnother easy way to get into the bizarre, is to help the dye woman merchant. She is at the camp before the bizzare´s ramp, on the right. Talk to her and she´ll ask you to help her make the red blood dye. Just next to her is the chemicals to do so. You dont need the weird stuff skill, choose the first option to mix chemicals and use this sequence: Carbon-18, Hydrogen-14, Nitrogen-2, Sodium-2, Oxygen-8 and Sulfur-2.

    After that she´ll pay you up and vote for your pass. Just go to the entrance.
    Posted by Phyrexian Z on 02 Sep 20 at 18:42
    F1 VikingI got this cheev by running around doing missions at Colorado Springs, eventually went and talked to the Patriach in Broadmoor Heights and he was pissed at me for not going to rescue Hoon like he asked. Then later when I jumped in the truck and went to the world map, this cheev popped.
    Posted by F1 Viking on 04 Sep 20 at 01:07
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