November Reigns achievement in Wasteland 3 (Win 10)

November Reigns

Team November and the Rangers have taken over Colorado.

November Reigns+0.8
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How to unlock the November Reigns achievement

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    Alrighty, you wanna get this achievement without using a guide? Yeah probably not gonna happen as I found out on my 7th playthrough roll. SPOILERS AHEAD relating to the end of the game.

    Pre-reqs for "November Reigns":
    This video will show the dialogue options that you need to make at certain steps. Timestamps are located at the steps further below.

    1. You must restore the oil supply (Gippers) at Denver. You do not need the "Loved" reputation (I had "Liked").
    2. You must have the "Loved" reputation with Marshals (M) and then speak with Sheriff Daisy about the transition of power.
    3. You must have the "Loved" reputation with The Hundred Families (HF) and then talk about the power transfer with Gideon Reyes in the war room at Ranger HQ.
    4. Arresting Liberty Buchanan (Hard-Ass 10).
    5. Side with Angela Death at the end and choose to stay in Colorado
    Note: Some players claim that you need to kill all the Buchanan kids, this is false as I only killed the first two and later arrested Liberty at the end. Some also claim you need to send Cordite to Kansas in the east, I did not do this but still got the achievement.

    The below choices were my choices leading up to the end, scraping the bare minimum quests and reqs. Start a new game again (lol).
    1. Ranger HQ: When you first meet the patriarch at the Ranger HQ, execute the Dorsey (+1 M).
    2. Garden of the Gods: Inform Bellamy Ward that you're coming to save him (+1 HF) when you arrive.
    3. Brygo: Pay Ken Doll to learn about Delgado, speak to Charley and head to the Machine Shop. Arrest MacTavish, return to Little Vegas and arrest Brygo. Send them to the Marshals! This should make them like you more. When you have the "Loved" rep, speak with Daisy. See 01:15 - Sheriff Daisy choices
    4. Broadmoor Heights: Gideon Reyes, you want to assist the refugees with the caravan request at The Bizarre. Once back in Downtown, choose to arrest Mama Cotter. Head back to Gideon and tell him you arrested her and he should offer to join you at Ranger HQ. Accept his offer. (When you have "Loved" rep then speak with him at your HQ war room). See 03:20 - Gideon Reyes choices
    5. Broadmoor Heights: Rescue Ironclad Cordite in the secret bunker when the quest "Lords of war" becomes available, let him join your squad. Can't confirm if this is actually required, but I'd recommend doing this anyway.
    6. Patriarchs Palace: Go up the left staircase and into the Dining room on the left. Search the desk in the south west corner to find adoption papers for Melissa Howe. Exit the palace and head south east a tiny bit and you will meet two people talking near a gas heater. Speak with Melissa and hold up the adoption papers. Select the option after this "You talk us up and we will stay quiet about you" (+10 HF).
    7. Denver: Head to Denver, I'd suggest going to the Machine Commune first to get the transfer module to save some time. Choices do not matter to the godfishers or machine commune. You want to go ahead with assisting the gippers with putting Reagan into Valors body as long as they will restore the oil supply.
    8. Aspen after you obtain the second Kodiak chassis. I let the bombs go off and the hostages died (didn't affect my reputation), then I killed Victory Buchanan.
    9. You'll eventually get requested to visit the hoon homestead, your choices here don't mean much (if you somehow get an option to fight Angela Deth, DO NOT do this!).
    10. Yuma County Make sure you have Hard-Ass 10! Make a new character back at HQ if required. I didn't have Ironclad in my active squad so I cheesed this part by fighting the Dorsey's at the entrance and then sneaking past the Payaso's and Scar Collector's, this saved me a lot of time. Then I took both turrets out and the 4 remaining Dorsey's.
    10. Liberty Buchanan Use Hard-Ass 10 to arrest Liberty. See 10:00 - Taking Liberty. Leave Yuma.
    11. Upon leaving Yuma, Angela will contact you. See 20:59 - Angela Deth pre-ending choices
    12. Head back to Ranger HQ after the arrest, speak with your remaining squad and then head to the Patriarchs Palace.See 35:22 - Dialogue with The Patriarch
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    HughMongousGreat guide, thanks for the info! I have a questions though.
    I'm trying to get November Reigns and Tricked Out achievements in one go.
    Now, you mentioned that it's necessary to make sure the oil is delivered to Colorado Springs. But if you transfer Reagan into Valor's body the Patriarch won't give the rangers the Railgun as a reward which locks you out of collecting all the vehicle's upgrades. I wonder if it affects the November Reigns ending if you transer Reagan into your base instead. In this case gippers provide you with fuel too, but also let go Valor. Can anyone confirm if you can do both challenges in one walkthrough or not?
    Posted by HughMongous on 17 Sep 20 at 20:41
    xMoBBzYI'd say that as long as they promise (or are forced to) deliver the oil then it should be okay to transfer Reagan into your base.
    Posted by xMoBBzY on 17 Sep 20 at 21:03
    HughMongousYeah, that's what the game says after you transfer Reagan to the Rangers HQ: rangers hold Reagan AI hostage and gippers hand them over Valor AND the fuel. It does hurt your relationship with gippers (and obviously with the robots) but in my previous run I had "Liked" with the nancies even after the hostage thing.
    Just don't wanna jeopardize my November Reigns ending. So far I've only completed all the Colorado Springs starting quests and got loved by the marshals.
    Posted by HughMongous on 17 Sep 20 at 21:27
    xMoBBzYThe only relationships that matter should be Hundred Families and Marshals. Shouldn't matter if the gippers like you or not, but don't take my 100% word for it. I don't intend to re-do the campaign to prove it hahahahaha
    Posted by xMoBBzY on 18 Sep 20 at 11:30
    HughMongousOK, I've got the achievement. To anyone interested I can confirm that you don't have to kill any of the Patriarch's children to get this ending.
    Posted by HughMongous on 21 Sep 20 at 16:18
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