Night of a Thousand Stars achievement in Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix

Night of a Thousand Stars

Get 3 stars on every cup in all game speeds

Night of a Thousand Stars-25.3
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How to unlock the Night of a Thousand Stars achievement

  • AnxsighetyAnxsighety1,656,350
    30 Oct 2020 26 Feb 2021 28 Feb 2021
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    I will be honest - there is no easy way around this and it is miserable. I am simply posting what I used to get through it in hopes it at least gives people an idea on how to manage.

    First, you have to come in 1st in every race. And if you don’t in race 4? Well, you start back at race 1. It’s the worst.

    You 100% have to use the frogs (Mr and Mrs Bighead I think) as your special. Use it throughout the race but MAKE SURE you have one available near the end. They can sometimes win you races by pulling you ahead after the cpu flies by you for no reason at all before the finish line. For crew I used boost on coin pickup and boost on item pickup (don’t remember which characters those are - sorry!)

    I used Rocco with full speed/turbo and some steering. Honestly, drifting is pointless most of the time so there’s no need to sacrifice anything else on it. Besides that, it takes a massive amount of perseverance and luck.

    *Difficulties do not stack*. Hope this helps.

    PS - You can plug in 3 other controllers and try doing this against only 4 AI racers. This did help on one or two of the events I couldn’t do. However, getting hit right before the finish line + items that hit first place have the same unfair balance so it doesn’t solve the problem completely. The best AI racer will still try and ruin the game, but I will admit that less AI = less random items and chaos. Still doesn’t remove how unfair the AI is though.

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    Yinga GartenJust to confirm for anyone doing this in the future, you have to finish 1st on each track and restarting takes you right back to the beginning. First cup is a nightmare I agree, the CatDog track is near impossible despite having full turbo, even though I finish 1st on the other tracks most of the time.
    Posted by Yinga Garten on 28 Feb at 13:41
    CidelionI tried so many times on hardest and it's near impossible. I don't know if it will help to get it coop. A tip for anyone who hasn't played this. There are 4 difficulties. To get the fourth you need to beat the 3rd
    Posted by Cidelion on 28 Feb at 20:12
    MarkyshizzleBest Combo - First place almost every time on insane
    Reptar - Ed & Bev, Merm and Barnacle Boy , Abner, Mean Bob, Slime, Slime
    Its all speed, boost and steering. Throw mad footballs and save ur Chief to pass the cheap ass AI
    Posted by Markyshizzle on 02 Mar at 01:42
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  • Glass HillsGlass Hills289,016
    11 Oct 2020 11 Oct 2020
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    This guide will only deal with completing the Fast and Insane difficulties.

    Others have commented that using builds focused on Boost or Protection has worked well for them. That wasn't the case for me, and here's why:

    Only the last 10 seconds of the race matter. Throughout the rest of the race, you will be passed even at max boost with max top speed, and you will be hit no matter the shields you're using. It is even possible to use the Dog chief skill (boost & protection) and yet still be passed and hit. For these reasons, I found the following build to be extremely useful:

    Monster Engine
    Log Wheels
    Mutagen Exhaust

    Chief: Ed & Bev Bighead
    Crew: Gary
    Crew: Really Really Big Man

    Gary is the best Crew member, in my opinion, as he ensures that you'll get your Chief skill faster no matter what you're doing.

    The Bigheads (Frogs) are necessary for the vital last 10 seconds of the race, and will single-handedly win you races. They pull back whoever is in front of you, and give you a boost to pass them. Use this skill throughout the race to make it go by faster, and then at the end of the last lap to ensure victory.

    Really Really Big Man will boost you forward when your skill becomes available, in case you need that extra boost to use the Frogs on whoever is in 1st.

    Basically just race normally, your competence literally does not matter, the race will proceed the same whether you're racing perfectly or purposely going slow. Then at the end, use your skills to overtake before the rubberbanding can screw you over again. And if you get Pig'd or Jellyfished at the end of the last lap of the last race, sorry, it happens to all of us.
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    Gutsy GoddessThe reason to write this guide was probably to make people stop getting this achievement. Except the chief choice everything else makes this achievement impossible
    Posted by Gutsy Goddess on 25 Oct 20 at 00:55
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