Best Bromance achievement in Final Fantasy VII (Win 10)

Best Bromance

Go on a date with Barret in the Gold Saucer

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How to unlock the Best Bromance achievement

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    The date sequence plays on your second trip to the Gold Saucer, after obtained the Tiny Bronco when looking for the Keystone. Before we begin, if this is your first time playing Final Fantasy VII, I highly recommend doing this on a separate file with all cheats on, as there are some story bits and implications you could miss out on due to hunting this easter egg. With all cheats on, I was able to get to the scene at a total time of 4:30, whereas my normal playthrough was around 15-20 hours.

    The objective is to consistently reference Barret throughout the game while being rude to both Tifa and Aerith. This is influenced at several conversation points and party formations up to and including Cosmo Canyon. If a dialogue option isn't mentioned below, you can choose what you'd like.

    After escaping the reactor, you talk to the flower girl. Say "Nothing... hey...", then "Don't see many flowers around here", then buy a flower.

    After Jessie's explanation of the Midgar map terminal, talk to her again and say "Looking forward to it."

    After naming Tifa, she'll acknowledge the flower you bought. Choose "Give it to Marlene". Don't talk to Tifa before going into the basement. If you do, when offered a drink, say "I don't feel like it."

    When Tifa confronts you about leaving, say "...Sorry." When waking up the next morning, talk to Tifa before Barret, then say "Barret's snoring kept me up...".

    When the alarms go off on the train, make it to the final car without being caught.

    After the boss fight, say "Be strong".

    Equip some materia on Aerith as soon as you can. When protecting Aerith, tell her to hold on for each fight. In order, knock over the top right, bottom right, and bottom left barrels. None of these should hit the enemy attacking and she'll be forced to fight.

    When bringing Aerith back home, she asks if Tifa is your girlfriend. Say "Yeah, that's right."

    When you reach the playground, say "Take her home."

    Get chosen as Don Corneo's girl. This is a separate achievement.

    Final Fantasy VII (Win 10)Consummate Cross-dresserThe Consummate Cross-dresser achievement in Final Fantasy VII (Win 10) worth 35 pointsGet Don Corneo to choose Cloud over the two females

    When Don Corneo asks if you like him, say "Umm...", then "Yes, his name's Barret...".

    When dumped into the sewers, talk to Tifa first.

    When talking to Marlene in Aerith's home, say "I don't know."

    When rescuing Aerith, keep Barret in the party by saying "Tifa, I'm counting on you!"

    After the boss fight, the party splits up. Make sure your party is Barret and Red XIII.

    When captured, walk to the door and choose "I wonder how Barret is doing", followed by "I wonder how Red XIII is doing." Talk to Tifa and say "Kinda hard." Walk to the door and choose "I wonder how Aerith is doing."

    When escaping Shinra HQ and leaving Midgar, make sure your party is Barret and Red XIII.

    After the Nibelheim flashback, when Barret is about to storm out, say "Wait a sec", then "Beautiful, just beautiful!"

    After the flashback, make sure the party is Barret and Red XIII. Outside the inn, behind and to the right, there is a row of three houses. Go into the house on the left. A woman on the first floor say Mako is convenient. Say "You're full of it." Conversely, go upstairs and there's a person who thinks the old ways were better. Say "Yeah, maybe."

    When exiting the Mythril Mines, go south and you'll run into Fort Condor. Go inside and talk to the old man at the table. Say "I guess so", then "All right."

    If this is not your main file, stay out of the forest. If it is, this is your first opportunity to recruit Yuffie. However, make sure you answer correctly the first time around; each correct answer results in bonus points towards Yuffie, and this is a way to grind out points for her date scene, which does not have an achievement attached.

    Final Fantasy VII (Win 10)Shuriken Join UsThe Shuriken Join Us achievement in Final Fantasy VII (Win 10) worth 37 pointsHave Yuffie join your party

    On the first scene below deck, there's a blue soldier aimlessly wandering about. It's Aerith; say "I dunno..." If you recruited Yuffie, she'll be a white soldier hunched over to the right side blocking the path to materia. Do not give her a Tranquilizer.

    Above deck, there's a blue soldier twisting back and forth. It's Tifa; say "I don't know."

    When Barret leaves on his own, talk to Red XIII and bring him along. Similarly, when the party is decided for Corel Prison, take Red XIII.

    Despite being told to go here after Gold Saucer, Gongaga is optional. If this is not your main file, cross the river and head west to Cosmo Canyon. If it is, simply don't bring Tifa or Aerith along.

    Make sure Barret is in the party when entering Cosmo Canyon. When the party splits, follow them up the stairs, then go up more stairs past the item shop. Straight ahead is a storeroom; enter it to find Barret. Say "Go on" followed by "And then?"

    After getting the Keystone from the Battle Square, attempting to leave ends with the tram broken. After the scene in Ghost Square, Barret should knock on your door, starting the date sequence and unlocking the achievement once you're in Gold Saucer proper.
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    LorneIt should be noted that:

    When in prison and checking on Tifa, you can say “kinda hard” over and over and it will keep giving you -1 to her. I did it about 40 times to make 100% sure she was out of contention.

    When in Cosmo Canyon and you speak to Barret behind the weapons shop, you can say “go on”, followed by “whatever” and due to a scripting bug, you can repeat this step over and over to raise his affection by 3 every time. Only do this 3-4 times because the game will bug if you do it too much. In my case I accidentally gave Aeris a +10 earlier on so I needed to negate that.
    Posted by Lorne on 27 Sep 20 at 06:35
    xXxSANDSTROMxXxThe bug in cosmo canyon has been patched.
    Posted by xXxSANDSTROMxXx on 01 Oct 20 at 10:18
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